An introduction

An introduction

A Poem by The Poet of Black Wings

You know, maybe she should have spent some extra time on the thruster plating. or made sure that the life support wouldn't get clogged up . perhaps even checked the quality of that engine she found in the scrap heap.
That all harldy mattered right now though, at the moment, Argant needed to either find a place to land, or learn how to breath in the vacuum. And while the latter seemed like a much more "cool" way to survive this, she didn't have timeto figure out how to not die from the radiation, or the extreme cold and heat in space. so, for now, she'd have to touch ground. landing gear or no.

Lucky for her, the one thing she did make sure worked, was the star maps. all of which indicated that the ball of rock and dirt and sand below, was indeed not going to kill her with toxic air or acidic rain. Maybe the giant fauna would, but that was a problem for later.
Being her best option, she glided her makeshift ship toward planet eremus.

It was a great idea, with no problems involved. well, not till she came in contact with the atmosphere. 
Perhaps she should have made sure the heat shielding wouldn't peel away quite like that.

Im sure you can imagine, very well, the lights and noise and panic of a crash, so we'll skip to the difficult part.
The point where the girl pops out of the tiny craft, miraculously unharmed with nary a hair misplaced. the difficult description of the look on her face when she's confronted with a sandy expanse  and a half dozen, angry looking beasts of the wild. you know, that face. 

Needless to say, whatever happens next is sure to be a tale for the ages.

© 2020 The Poet of Black Wings

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Added on November 7, 2016
Last Updated on May 17, 2020


The Poet of Black Wings
The Poet of Black Wings

i hope my poems, among other writings, will speak for me. Edit - Full disclosure, if you ask me to read something, I will, and I'll be brutally honest about what I think about it. So, be ready for .. more..