A Story by forfila

A short view on some of my philosophies


This is an insight and preview to my life philosophies.

Jumping straight into the largest debate mankind has, lets start from the big bang. Hypothetically speaking, imagine you and I in uncomprehending circumstance, stood adjacent to, and witnessed the events that unfolded during the Big Bang. Then in amazement you looked to me and asked. “What caused that?

If my response was. “That was nothing” Or, my response was “That was the creator” The second of these answers to any logical mind must seem more feasible.

So in the argument of evolution verses Creationism, I am steadfast in the belief of both. I believe that “Gods” hand is the directing agent to genetic development or Evolution.

Having thought all this, I began asking myself. Why?

Why does life exist?

It is truly a wonder to appreciate nature in its full magnificences and beauty, to study the ecology and interactions between each creation.

In doing this I note the massive difference between every other living thing, and us, Human beings.

I have the thinking that; Earth and our beautiful mother nature are the house for the children of the creator.

Then I questioned. Why must the creator have his children?

Is it simply to marvel over, or is their higher purpose.

If you look back to the first testament of the Bible, you find the first words of God were “It feels good to be whole”

To me, the significance of this statement answers that ages old question of “Why?”

It is my philosophy that, nothing comes to understand its being until it is faced with a comparison.

For instance; To you and I a Blue Whale is thought to be huge by way of physical mass, yet compare that to the mass of our Sun and it becomes more than dwarfed.

Or, if you left a human in a room of confinement from birth to death, that person would grow to understand nothing of him or herself. Yet, in the social behavior of Humans, we have acquired a wide and vast knowledge of all that surrounds us through the science of Physics and the study of Mathematics.

So once more I restate “Comparison creates comprehension”

That is why we are here. SO the Universe has its needed comprehension.


Now I would like to talk about the age old subject of good and evil.

I am a believer in the ancient texts which inform us all that man has strayed from his path and purpose in ways.

For hear say; I don't believe that one entity is good and another is Evil. I think that Humans, as the pinnacle of evolutionary intelligence, have with in us two natures. Firstly the nature of our Mother Earth, which provides us with survival instincts and parental abilities and so fourth. The second nature is that of our purpose, given to us by the creator. This second nature also entails the freedom of choice, and in the bountiful world of our mother, our second nature has created conflict within ourselves, shifting our desires from understanding and truth, to thirst, and hunger for material objects.


The last thing I would like to talk about in my preview is; What do I think I would take to create a truly happy and content human.

Those of us not so far removed from our roots, can each appreciate the humble feeling enveloped within from simply a brisk walk in nature. I believe a huge emphasis must be placed on creating a school subject focusing on; sustainable horticulture, Ecology, and understanding of our world. This should be taught in the curriculum of all students, 5 to 18 and even beyond.

Secondly I think Meditation is a must for all. Using it to reach far and beyond the physical self to feel in harmony with all of creation.


I'm going to leave it there for now. I would love to know what you think.


Thank you for reading.


© 2009 forfila

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Just a first draft

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this is a very comprehensive view of your thoughts on this subject(s)...we have had a discussion on this before and i do agree with what you are saying here as you know. are you planning to expand on this? i would like to see where you are going to take this.

a good start here, Matthew.


Posted 14 Years Ago

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