Everybody knows

Everybody knows

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

I awoke pissed off today. Then my Poet of music Leonard Cohen set me off to describe my emotion.


                   (I borrow a few lines from Leonard Cohen.
                        Sometime we need to learn emotion and feelings
                        from people who lived a long life.)

                                    "Everybody knows"

Mr. President.

Did you see the gas prices?
Poor people making minimum wage won't be giving lunch money
to their kids.
Will be eating ramen noodles for lunch at work.
Must decide to fill gas tank or pay bills.

"Poor cities in the USA are getting the left over."
Do you give a s**t?
The bloody rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Gas companies made biggest profit the past year ever by sucking the last dollar and hope
from the people. The oil company sells us the oil they bought six months or more ago at highest price they can get and no-one cares..

Where are you Mr. President?

"Was the fight already fixed."
We have a rich man president?

Everybody knows.

House representatives. 435 men and woman.

I saw your budget.
1.1 billion for food and office.
2.3 million per representative to live on.

How many people have nothing in your states?
How many people are homeless?
Are the schools teaching the future of the USA properly?
Do you walk your streets and see the pain?

No equality in the USA yet.
Babies being born in the poor cities.
With one foot in the grave at the beginning.

Wars are being fought.
No-one  knows why we are fighting anymore?

Contractors got 465 billion dollars and cost of war over a trillion.
The rich man knows why.
Poor man born to serve at eighteen.
Hell of a world!
When going to war is better then to swim in the waste and s**t.


I won't waste words on them.
I hear "here or there of them."
A group of useless people serving their needs.

       I pray
I pray to the sky, the water and the earth.
Sent wisdom to the men in-charge.
Please insure all children have food in their belly.
Please lord of life and earth.
Insure all children have a warm bed to sleep in.
Please lord.
Give opportunity and strength to the people in need.
We need a miracle.
War and hate is controlling my world.
Please sent some Angels of love and peace to assist.
We could use them today.
                             Thank you 
I awoke with fear.
I fear for tomorrow.
What will our children have left?
What have we done?
I hated my father for doing nothing.
Now am I any better?
I believe I did less.
Will my children despise me for doing nothing.

It is time to yell.
Write to the leaders. All of them.
Demonstrate in the streets.
Gas prices will be $4.00 a gallon.
Poor man will pay for the greed of the rich man controlling the USA.

             Everybody knows.

Does anyone care?



© 2011 Coyote Poetry

Author's Note

Coyote Poetry
I borrow a few lines from Cohen. In the old days words could change the world. Today money and oil controlled the world. It is time we all give a shit about our world. What will you tell your children when they ask. Why are people homeless and the world so hard?

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Leonard is the soul of the human conscience~you couldn't have picked anyone better to open the wound from which your own pain flowed~
this is the world~ there are the few at the top of the madness perpetrating atrocious crimes against humanity~perhaps not on perceived grand levels of physical torture~ but one more insidious~ the wreckage of the human mind and the human soul~ they love to break the spine and create flexible consumers~ more and more are becoming aware of the manipulation and less and less are tolerating the injustices wrought by the greedy little control freaks~ sad to observe that here in this country we have elected them~believing/aching to believe every promise of hope and change when in the end "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"~ your poem is a call to becoming conscious HUMANE BEINGS again~ bravo~

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Your words are hard hitting and make a lasting impression! Our leaders are so caught up with trying to "fix" and promote their own agenda that they seem to have forgotten about us.

When one has greed as his/her idol, it is too frequently the poor who suffer the most. I do believe that man must be allowed to be "free" to make money, that the rich do give jobs, and have a place in society, but when the scales are tipped too far towards their priorities, then those who are struggling are hardest hit!

We need to develop programs that allow workers to receive due share for their efforts,....not a minimum wage salary, but enough money to support themselves and their families. Government has a much "too large" part in our society, and it seems as if we are leaning more and more on government programs, rather than those that enable people to be self sufficient.

Cohen has said it well, now let us strive to spread the message of helping one another without the government intervention! Hard work must be rewarded with equivalent opportunity for success with a positive upturn in spendable income!

Thank you for an eye opening message

Sheila.........with a heartbeat for those without!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Such powerful thoughts and tho from the UK, I fully recognise the anger in your words. There is such a wicked divide between those that have and those that wish to hell they had .. it's an unfair world we live in, friend ..

.. and yes, the price of gas is crazy, sky rocketing - and will get worse cos of the global situation.

Salaries for the powerful seems to be considered a human right whilst others aren't even given a penny in a tin cup.

You and others have reason to get pissed about what's happening and, I'm one of the others. More people should read this post of yours, it's courageous and honest.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Truths thrust in the face of America. A very compelling piece, I almost got out of my seat. But seeing as I have no idea thinking where I'm going in a towel, I stayed where I was. Next time... :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Hmmm. I will tell them that man is selfish; we want to do the right thing because being good makes us feel and look good, but many of us don't care enough about looking good as they do about having money.
I thought this was a well-thought out poem, and you expressed some very interesting views in it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Coyote Poetry
Coyote Poetry


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