Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

A Story by Invictus

Chapter one from a book a book I have yet to title.


“Legends state that the Harbinger can sense the presence of evil days away.”


        The slave, Petrus, awoke from his deep slumber early in the morning. When his family and master would be asleep he left for the field. It was midwinter now, and the snow covered the fields. He stared over the snow covered land, the sky bringing down more. Petrus did this sometimes, he would come out and relax, get fresh air and the cold would wake him up, so it would be easier to work. Of course this morning was different; he felt different this morning…he felt like his blood was boiling, like he was angry and he could feel a tension in the air, and it felt evil. Though nothing had happened that could cause that, maybe it was just his body reacting to the sudden shock of the cold from his warm house and bed.

        “Petrus!” he heard a familiar voice call his name, he turned to see Aeolus, his master and the baron. “Yes, milord, what is it you need?” he looked down to the Baron, not because the Baron was short…Aeolus was actually taller than the average man. But Petrus was six feet and two inches tall, just slightly taller than most of the barbarians to the north. “Oh, quit saying that, I hate when you do.” The Baron rolled his eyes. “Anyways, Petrus, do you…feel that on the air?” Aeolus raised his eyebrow along with the question. Petrus took a deep breath “I don’t like it, it feels evil…it makes my blood boil, and it makes me grind my teeth.” His voice was almost a growl, but he couldn’t help it. His anger was too much, and he couldn’t change his tone. “I don’t like it either, Petrus...” the Baron placed his hand on the giant right shoulder of Petrus, who was much heavier set than the Baron himself. “It feels like the eve before a battle.” The Baron commented, and Petrus nodded his head in agreement.

        The other slaves began to awaken, had it been that long he had been standing out here? Now he had noticed, the sun was barely visible over the horizon when he awoke…the sun was easily seen now. It had at least been three hours, though it had only felt like a few minutes. The large man had turned to go into the crowd of other slaves to begin working that day, but the Baron called his name once more. “No, no Petrus we have much more important things to do, come with me to the house.” Aeolus stood as he would when he was a knight in the king’s army. The slave nodded his head, following Aeolus to the large house for Gods knew why.

        Now he found out why…the baron had retrieved his great sword. A weapon that required the Baron to carry with two hands, he handed it to Petrus. It was already known to everyone, his family, the Baron, the other slaves, that Petrus was a man of incredible strength. But the Baron never would have thought a mortal man could carry a great sword that large with only one hand, and have no trouble doing so.  

      “I know it may seem a little strange, but I have a request for you, Petrus.” Aeolus crossed his arms over his chest. “Yes, milord?” Petrus asked, still looking at the sword in his hand. The beautiful steel blade and the heavy golden hilt covered in shining jewels, all of which were rubies and sapphires as well as a diamond at the base of the hilt. “I wish for you to become my personal guard, I will fit you with the greatest armor this land’s smiths can create…I can feel something big coming, the other Barons and even the king are worried that war may be coming to our lands…and I want someone I can trust to protect me.” The Baron sighed, worry in his voice. “I accept.” Petrus stated, quite dryly and with not emotion. “Good” The Baron smiled “Now let’s get to teaching you how to use that blade.” 

© 2013 Invictus

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Added on January 12, 2013
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