My Pony

My Pony

A Story by c.m.

Don't read this to tell me how I shouldn't write such vulgar things.

Oh yes, she saw him. Who could miss him? He was very...obvious. Not fat persay, just big in general. He had the biggest, sexiest legs you'd ever seen, and it seemed he never wore pants. Always shorts so you could stare right at them and imagine your hands running up his thighs, maybe even your tongue...
He was hard to miss, especially always floating around her, watching her and confusing her as to why. His nearly black eyes never had much of an expression, not to her. She really did try. Every time he came near, near enough to see his black eyes, she tried to find a meaning. Or in his huge, shaking hands. All the while singing My Pony by Ginuwine in her head because she wanted him so badly.
There were always hints, yeah. But with how popular he was, everybody and their brother knows he would never pick HER. No; that is almost laughable. EVERYBODY knew his name. If you said it on the street, people would say it sounded familiar. He was a god. But this god always hinted interest that she laughed off, nothing more than her brain working over time to keep the fantasy factory going for the hunger. He barely touched her, but there was never any apology. There were innuendos. There were looks, confusing ones. There was nervous laughter. Oh, she knew on some level.
But the day he asked for her number was still a surprise. She was excited, confused, nervous, and definitely wet...he had such an effect. She gave it to him with no hesitation, and he called. Again, with no hesitation. His voice had a husky sensation to it, like he knew exactly what she was thinking and was feeding her hunger for him. Then he started it. He asked her what was on her mind, and the quiver in her voice revealed that her answer of "nothing" was a lie.
"I know better," he said with an audible grin."
"No you don't," she said, "I could be thinking about fluffy kittens and starving African children."
He chuckled. "'re not."
"No, I'm not," she sighed.
He sat in silence for a moment, and she contemplated whether or not she should have admitted that right off the bat. But then the miracle she always wanted to happen, happened. 
"Do you not realize that I have always found you attractive, and wanted to grab you and ravage you every time you looked into my eyes or bent over?" he asked, stunning her into silence. 
Again, he chuckled. "Yes, always have. Parts of me get too excited even thinking about it."
She could hardly breathe but she admitted that the attraction and feeling was mutual, and revealed just how wet she was. And he most certainly jumped at that.
He sent her a picture, and boy was he HUGE. Just like she'd heard, of course. Then he began talking to her once more, saying things she never knew he thought about her, driving her wild. She touched herself as he did, too, and talked right back. They were getting off on each other so easily, like it was something set in stone, supposed to happen. He got her off better than she ever had, and he returned the favor not a moment too soon. It had begun. Her fantasy was coming to life right before her eyes.
He asked her if she would truly want to have sex with him, and she couldn't help but say yes. So they plotted, and it was fool proof. He met her the next night by the lake after she had gotten off work, hungry eyes and shaking hands buried in his pockets. She got out of her car and almost too readily accepted the invite to his bedroom. 
He threw her onto the bed, quickly getting on top of her and letting his hands begin to travel up and down her body, teeth having their way with her lip. And she moaned for him at involuntary levels of volume, making him go even further. He ripped her shirt open, pulling at her bra to expose her breasts to his tongue and mouth as her hands found their way to unbutton and enter his jeans. She touched him as he grew and grew, exciting her more as his hands drifted south to pull down her pants. 
His fingers touched her ever so slightly driving her crazier still. She wanted him inside of her, and she wanted it now. Some part of him needed to please her before she took over, and he realized that as his tongue found her c**t while his fingers slid into her. She let out a moan almost animal like moan as he sucked and licked her, sending her to heaven. Her thighs shook for him as his eyes grinned up at her knowing how much he was pleasing her to the point that she couldn't take it. 
She pushed him away bending down to take him inside her mouth as payback, and she most certainly got it. He was shaking like she'd never seen, eyes closed and mouth open, pleased to the point of no sound leaving his lips. Her hands caressed his large thighs, making their way up and down as she pleased and pleased him, almost to the point of climax. But he wouldn't have that.
He picked her up and laid her on her belly, positioning her legs exactly how he wanted them, a*s in the air. He inched closer to her, breathing heavily in her ear as he rubbed his large c**k up and down her to tease. And then he grabbed her hair and shoved it inside, making her yell.
He held onto her hair, moving faster and faster while he slapped her bare a*s bouncing against his thighs. She was a big fan of rough sex, and couldn't have been happier that he was, too. He pushed and moved and fucked her as hard as he possibly could evoking animalistic shouts from her open mouth. She climaxed again and again, yelling his name at the top of her lungs. He was as good as she had heard, maybe better. But this wasn't over.
She climbed on top of him and sat on his throbbing c**k, showing her how big girls did it. She rode him harder and harder, watching the looks on his face as he bit his lip and moaned for her. She knew he was getting close to climax, and she slowed down until he burst like a cannon deep inside her. The biggest grin spread across her face as she looked down at his heaving chest. A job well done.

© 2012 c.m.

Author's Note

Let me know what you think. I would like constructive criticism, not just hatred. First piece I have ever done like this. Thanks.

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like this because of the absolute passion.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I kgjhdgk-ing love this. Your imagery is perfect, and I can honestly see this entire scene in my mind's eye. Sexy, well-written, easy to relate to, and above all, it sets the imagination off, which I adore. You always seem to evoke my thoughts, great job, dearie. Although, I must say, it gives me a strange urge to write something along the same lines... Hmm.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is your first one? Very well done! I am impressed at how intense and wild this was. A lucky man indeed...

Posted 8 Years Ago

I have always believe. Woman have the power. Men may want sex. Woman decide if they can. I like the story. People are drawn together. When two people with the same desire. Could be a happy ending. No weakness in the story. Direct thoughts and emotion leading to a good ending. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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