A Poem by ChinAllen

It is wondering to watch
Something so small, so calm
Fill my heart with the abyss of fear.

To catch every rise of the chest
Every hitch of his breath
Wondering, fearing,
Has it stopped?

Looking in his deep-sea eyes
Seeing all my dreams swim
I look outward, at everything
And fear they are gasping.

Such tender skin, playful fingers
Such power they holds, though
He not aware, over me.

Though excitement I feel
With wonder on the surface
And a smile tickles my cheek

It will never lift from my heart,
That abysmal black.

For the world seems darker,
Feels desolate in greed, hate.
No where, that black won't touch
For the Idiot-Box Prophet has said.

I fear for him
For if that hateful claw reaches,
Clasps his heart
It would surely consume mine

It is but inevitable.

I can only watch in horror
As it creeps into his life
As it crawls under is skin

As it sits in his deep-sea eyes
And grows into The White Whale
And gobbles up my dreams
His dreams.

What can I do?

I can show him speech
I can teach him compassion
I can give him love.

I can watch him grow.
And hope.

Yet I fear...

© 2015 ChinAllen

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I love it! You have chosen words to use so well, I really like the style this is written with.
I have no experience ad a parent, but still this is so clear to me, to describe what it feels like and what a parent goes trough. I can sense the love, and the fear both, that a parent has on the child.
At first I thought it's a little long as a poem, but once I read it again, I saw that it was just the right length.
Really well written, good job. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you! We just had our first child a few months ago and it really changes how you look at the wo.. read more
Strawberry Evil

5 Years Ago

Aww, congrats in that case too! :)

5 Years Ago

Thank you!

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A Story by ChinAllen