1 mistake

1 mistake

A Poem by Chrissy BC

They're all here watching me 
Watching me fall to my knee begging for help 
But all they do is stand there 
Their eye are like knives stabbing me 
Now I'm bleed ask for someone to help me but they don't 
They use to see me as an angel but I made one small mistake 
Now all they can is the mistake I had 
How is that they said they will be here for me but now they threw me aside
Why do they let that one mistake define me 
How come all the good I've done mean nothing now
Must I be a robot to fit into their high expectation of me 
The expectation that I have to be good at everything 
If you make one mistake there must be something wrong with you now explain to me how that makes sense
How am I not suppose to make mistakes I'm human after all 
A human that will break if you put some much pressure on 
I some time to be perfect but I know that I can't be perfect 
I'm human I will make mistakes 
So please help when I make them instead of pushing me down
The more you push me down the more I fall the more mistake I will make 
That angel you saw before will never rise again  
Who will take the blame, will you
Or will it be forever the angel's fault  

© 2020 Chrissy BC

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 28, 2020


Chrissy BC
Chrissy BC

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