Book Overview (spoiler alert for WIP book)

Book Overview (spoiler alert for WIP book)

A Story by Clarissa

This is an overview for an in-the-works fanfiction about Team Crafted. Knowing who they are well help you understand the plot, but it isn't completely necessary to be able to grasp the key points.

The two Adams are launched into opposite worlds with no explanation whatsoever on their friends' peculiar behaviours. They take refuge in the supposed new worlds. One starts to get the Team to trust him only to find that the longer he stays in this world, the more like his doppelganger he becomes. It seemed controllable until he is forced to fight for control, powerless and alone, for the chance to save the Team.

Meanwhile, the other tries to regain a reign of terror over the Team. When he realizes it isn't possible, he retreats to the library, struggling to find a way home, because getting home mean regaining power. When he realizes that he can't find a way home, he begins to open up to the Team, telling them the truth about what really happened. His stories shock the Team, making them put forth an effort to send him back home. However, they soon realize this isn't possible.

Just before they resign to a new life with someone lost between worlds, they discover the old oil panting. In a last ditch attempt to get home, Adam blows off a layer of dust and sets it out in the sun. Across dimesions, the other Adam does the same thing, Allowing them to be sent back home, where things have changed for the better.

© 2015 Clarissa

Author's Note

I need advice on the storyline in general. Ignore any grammar mistakes, as this is just an overview.

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Seems like you have a really good baseline. I'm just confused about a few things. Who are the two Adams? Are they different halves of the same person? Who is "The Team"? Is it a sports team, or a secret organization? What has changed back home and where exactly is back home? Are they in alternate versions of "home" or in a new place entirely? Maybe I'm missing something but I'm just not seeing the details that hold the story together.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 10, 2015
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