Living on Adrenaline

Living on Adrenaline

A Poem by Clyde du Coeur

Love makes people do crazy things. Some can take a step back and look at it from the outside. This poem sums it up! (February 2012)



Sometimes confusion floods the mind,

So much that the right path is hard to find...


nearly convinced self

living on adrenaline

it was 'the right thing'


"to pull a few strings

hot-foot it to paradise"

pull'd back on the reins...


don't think I could live

with the sadness i might bring

to you when off-guard

the pain that would drag

could not survive with my heart

so broken and hurt

could not survive

being stranded high and dry

lost in a nightmare

what was i thinking

can't pick up where we left off

what good would it do


The path is there - shining through;

Deep down, I know it leads to you.


if i came to you

in parallel universe

.... let's not be silly!


hey you, wake up, breathe

don't waste your time in a dream


this ain't a movie

you'd only fall on your feet

stay home, breathe in, exhale

you'll both work it out

all in good time, there's no rush

"que sera, sera"

© 2014 Clyde du Coeur

Author's Note

Clyde du Coeur
A few rhyming couplets/the heart's confession [emotional, interfering, make-believe] + extended haiku/the brain's map [analytical, logical, reasonable]. In parts, the brain is briefly swayed by the heart [depicted in italics] but sees the light and shakes it off.
Wrote this on adrenaline, therefore it ain't broke and don't need fixing.

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Added on April 15, 2012
Last Updated on November 16, 2014


Clyde du Coeur
Clyde du Coeur

United Kingdom

I love writing poetry, songs and stories. I like living life because events invite me to review them in a poetic way. I've always loved creative subjects like music, creative writing, photography, dra.. more..