Simply and endearingly Gabriella

Simply and endearingly Gabriella





By Stanley Collymore


Most people obligatorily endeavour to properly show

some kind of common courtesy to the string of

customers whom customarily in the course

of their working day they’re routinely

serving, and this irrespective of the

business environment in which they’re either

enjoyably or otherwise personally involved in. Always

doing so from a strictly financial and self-servingly

induced incentive or just as equally likewise a

simply bored out of their discernibly tiny

and non-creative minds a stagnant arrogance

of deeply ingrained public disinterest that

has accumulatively enveloped them;

and all this engaged in as is often

the case, from the widespread

outcome of the compulsory

requests of those who’re

actually in charge of these businesses,

and accordingly derived from the

peculiar interests, misshapen

analysis and the dullard’s

supposition that such

actions supposedly

make satisfactory

economic sense.


However, with you Gabriella there’s transparently not

a scintilla of any such selfishness in the approach to

whatever it is that you’re cheerfully doing. And

consequently to the myriad of well-satisfied

customers and chance onlookers alike who affably discern

your impeccable service this is a most impressive and

thoroughly refreshing sight to see. And that rather

personally and unsurprisingly for me, in your

recognized situation, stems significantly,

undeniably and overtly self-evidently

Gabriella from the fact that you’re

a genuinely outstanding, visibly

caring and a truly remarkable

individual and human being


© Stanley V. Collymore

16 September 2019.



Author’s Remarks:

Liking someone is never an involuntary act, because human nature is such that it’s virtually impossible to do so compulsorily however much one might self-interestedly or otherwise attempt or wish to do so.


However, instinctively and truthfully liking someone or else naturally induced to do so because of that person’s intrinsically appealing behaviour and inspirationally attractive bodily chemistry is a wholly different as well as a highly personalized and informative matter altogether.


And, therefore, thankfully for all those who either in the course of their average day or else socially and fortunately come across you Gabriella, I’m absolutely positive, judging from my own congenial recollections, that it’s also a particularly wonderful experience for them to both savour and permanently treasure.


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Added on September 17, 2019
Last Updated on September 17, 2019
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