Spare me your bullshit! I’m immune to predatory, sexual narcissists.

Spare me your bullshit! I’m immune to predatory, sexual narcissists.





By Stanley Collymore


Your body language unmistakably betrays the glaring fact

that you evidently and expeditiously want to bed me,

and therefore in this process of hopefully and

excitedly successfully accomplishing your

sexual wish you additionally and

somewhat arrogantly expect to convincingly con me

into either naively or gullibly believing that this

distinctly calculated and personally amorous

objective of yours is quite honourable in

its concept; is impeccably based on

the strictest ethical mores and,

most crucially as well, is

passionately generated

by your enthusiastic

adoration for me


Really? Well try spinning me another of your make-

believe yarns. For to put it bluntly I don’t, or was

I ever likely to be convinced by this particular

one. I’m no fool. Nor was I born yesterday!

And consequently can safely say that your well-

rehearsed, word perfect and female, sexual

objectification of me, craftily couched

in your oratorical chicanery, cuts

no ice with me bro, and from

the very start was always

very unlikely to do so.


For I’ll have you know that although I’m definitely

no prude, and heaven forbid I’ll ever become

one, this woman that you are clumsily

trying to seduce sensibly prefers

men who’re not at all dissembling in their sexual

overtures towards her, but, in my utilizing the

vernacular to emphasize my point, know

what they want, honestly express their

wish, and mutually in compliance

with my needs and the choices

I appealingly present them

with, basically and with

uncommon élan carry

on unassisted with

the task in hand.


© Stanley V. Collymore

9 October 2019.



Author’s Remarks:

There’s a marked difference between dispensing genuine and well-earned compliments to someone whom you honestly think is fully deserving of them and deceitfully, disingenuously, quite dishonourably and self-servingly employing gratuitous flattery to achieve one’s own selfish and disreputable ends.


And if as a supposedly compos mentis and adult human being you’re either totally unaware of or simply can’t or are obdurately unwilling to grasp and sensibly differentiate between these two contrasting aspects of human nature, then you’re most certainly, in my honest opinion, not as culturally sophisticated a member of Homo sapiens as you erroneously like to delude yourself that you are.


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Added on October 10, 2019
Last Updated on October 10, 2019
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