Nice one Meghan Markle and Harry Spencer! I like both your honesty and style!

Nice one Meghan Markle and Harry Spencer! I like both your honesty and style!





By Stanley Collymore


Britain built an empire and ruled the world benignly its imperialists and apologists like to claim, conveniently and purposely, or in their customary and delusional state of denial fervently and repulsively overlooking the continuous then, and still in the 21st century ongoing, devastating barbarity, murderously engaged in genocidal policies-cum-activities, the rampant exploitation of global indigenous peoples whose very existence, well-established cultures and entrenched civilizations: vastly and for literally hundreds and even thousands of millennia years, supremely preceded everything that in Britain and the rest of Europe’s Johnny-come-lately fashion these latter entities realistically then either couldn’t and still to this day can’t independently or indigenously call their own.


And which quite barbarously and in the most rampantly explicit and genocidal terms: either through the ruthless and col-blooded use of arms, or just as egregiously your incessant white Caucasian diseases that rather self-servingly you’ve persistently used to selfishly feather nests of your own. While, at the same time, shamelessly and malignantly employing these associated tactics and inured practices to callously, uncompromisingly, as well as brutally subvert the humane characteristics, undeniably inalienable humanity and the consummate dignity of a worldwide population.


That most ludicrously in your idiotic, unfathomably lowlife and cretinously scum assumptions during your evil days of empire, attendant with its savage and sister agents of pernicious imperialism and cancerous colonialism, you incessantly carried on believing in and incredibly in the second decade of the 21st Century still inconceivably do; that being purportedly “British” - in a country where thirty percent of the white population doesn’t honestly know who their biological fathers are nor for that matter do their mothers who conceived them -and being distinctly pink-pigmented, Albino-Caucasians set you apart superiorily from everyone else, and most especially so those who have darker hue complexions!


Much respect then to my fellow mentally liberated Black brother Stormzy for his likewise strong, clear-cut and committed support for Meghan and Harry. Also Hugh Grant the British actor; Frea Lockley in her Canary.UK article: “The real crisis isn’t Meghan and her husband ditching the royals, it’s our racist media”; Buzzfeed.News for their excellent journalistic article by Ellie Hall:  “here are 20 headlines comparing Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton that show why she and Prince Harry are cutting off royal reporters.”


Ellie Hall goes on to say, as well as succinctly points out the hypocrisy, trenchant double standards and the insidious racism directed at Meghan Markle when Ellie Hall herself pointedly states: “Over the years, Meghan has been shamed for the same things for which her sister-in-law Kate, has been praised. Diligently outlining examples of this. An identical approach that boredpanda has astutely as well taken in its article: “15 Headlines show how differently the British Press treat Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton.”


Then we have the asinine and ludicrous remarks by curry-swilling Priti Patel and Sajid Javid: two Useful Idiot senior cabinet ministers in Turkish ancestry and USA born, immigrant Boris Keymal’s - aka Johnson - fascist UK regime, who, and I’m referring to these curry-swillers, incomprehensibly claim that there’s specifically no racism whatsoever in Britain and consequently none directed at Meghan Markle.


And furthermore that Britain is the greatest country on earth  -they would say that wouldn’t they? Useful Idiots know how to keep their white masters happy - where people of all races, colours, ethnic and national origins as well as social backgrounds can be, and always are, successful as a consequence of the instinctive and warm welcome, without exception, that everyone who comes to Britain or is born there is always impartially accorded by the consummately welcoming British public - take that to mean white Britons and Useful Idiots like Priti Patel and Sajid Javid themselves. All convivial mood music, of course, to the ears of the endemic and constantly in denial white racists.


And significantly too in all of this is an historical equation. Ever since Marco Polo’s exclusive European army successfully invaded the Indian sub-continent several centuries before the British even knew where the bloody place was let alone set foot there, and sexually debauched significant numbers of the indigenous women there, and whose descendants in the 21st Century still carry with a deluded pride the white man’s DNA, these discernible acts of barbarity by Marco Polo’s men have instead of engendering condemnatory and widespread disgust for what happened to these Asian women have, instead, created an “elite” culture on the Indian sub-continent where a sickening and utterly repulsive caste system not indistinct from the systemic racism commonplace in the white west, where light-skinned pigmentation is highly valued and every endeavour is made by these Asian prats to ensure the consistent and incestuous inbreeding commonplace among these Asian-half breeds to stalwartly and as unfailingly as they can guarantee, as best they can in their twisted and demented minds the definitive preciousness of this “white pigmentation” that they either have themselves or else desperately want for their offspring to.


It's called breeding out one’s indigenous pigmentation and physical racial characteristics. And Priti Patel and Sajid Javid - just check out who they married - are very much a part of this sick “culture”. Unsurprisingly then that these two inured Asian burkes aren’t only an enthusiastic part of a fascist British regime but similar to the likeminded fascist BJP regime currently in power in India and who Priti Patel and Sajid Javid both closely empathize with, the both well know that during the Second World War when the parents and grandparents of those whom they now sickeningly and racially despise - how bloody ironic on their twisted part - were voluntarily fighting and dying on  Britain’s behalf, the BJP was a belligerent Nazi entity that both openly and materialistically supported Nazi Germany. But then so too did the Daily Mail a key proponent in its persistent dog-whistle and even overt racism to the lowlife, dumbed-down and clearly intellectually challenged trash, transparently incapable of thinking for themselves even if doing so meant saving their lives, and who are appropriate fodder to be regularly and callously used in class ridden Britain by these classic idiots perceived masters.


But the Daily Mail wasn’t and still isn’t the only agent of this endemic racism within Britain, as there are many others involved, as well as the descendants of those who’ve passed on and who can be found lodged in the upper echelons of British society, if there’s such a thing, as there’s no authentic or genuine cohesion to what is unintelligently called “British Culture”. As frankly it’s categorically controlled by a repulsive system where outmoded a******s who have barbarically been in charge for yonks control equally nauseating pillocks who as in the past still do what they’re told. A kind of pathologically sick symbiosis not in the least based on any equality and never ever likely to be as long as it exists.


However, still with the same fascist and Nazi views as yesteryear now back in vogue all this is expressively, subjectively and conveniently, and expressly for financial purposes, scrupulously as well as cynically overlooked, temporarily forgotten, or viciously denied when the likes of such odious scum are either outed or challenged; but with never any substantive or convincing arguments to support their intrinsically lying case. Because, frankly, there are none.


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Added on January 16, 2020
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