We are Whites: vastly superior to all N*****s and naturally infallible!

We are Whites: vastly superior to all N*****s and naturally infallible!





By Stanley Collymore


Someone needs to carry on the dysfunctional traditions of the British royal family, as it has taken generations to get to this point. And with din witted and obnoxious Andrew doing his best to assist in that regard with his alleged abnormal sexual inclinations; an effete and vapid Kate Middleton, likewise, as is loyally expected of her, quite intently in typical Transatlantic Slavery Trade plantation white woman ensconced fashion, diligently raised and scrupulously cautioned not to mention, far less so question what her husband, suitably chosen for her and utilizing his privileged white position, was sexually coercively and, more frequently than not, criminally indulging in. Tasks that reliably go on!


Turns out, as it happens, the one that Kate’s mother Caroline ensnared for her is an heir to the British throne with the similarly purported bed-hopping penchant as has all of his own royal predecessors; although it’s unquestionably sae to say that Kate’s entrapped husband William, boring as dishwater or watching paint drying, is supposedly employing the same entrenched privileged white man’s notions to do exactly the same things!


All this, as was previously the situation and is still now in the 21st Century opportunistically and pretentiously avidly endorsed and fully supported through the toxic and racist network that permanently exists, and which is itself principally based on rampant nepotism, Queerism and Dykeism interlaced with sickening paedophilia dispositions. Aspects of an actual debased lifestyle that in the past and still unchangeably today in the 21st Century rabidly permeate the royal palaces, residences and closely affiliated government ministries and their departments, like the Home office, in every conceivable way!


Royal courtiers and advisers they vaingloriously call themselves and pompously like to be both publicly as well as privately referred to as, when in reality they’re actually verminous, malignant, self-righteous, unintelligent and sycophantic pillocks whose speciality is kissing “elite” asses when they’re not having their own asses, that is, fucked by those same persons.


Friends rather obviously of the right-wing, fascist, Nazi and class-fixated, mainstream media barons; their employed and toadying minions; and likewise beloved by the lowlife and clearly cerebrally challenged, class-besotted plebeians that had Winston Churchill had his eugenicist way would most certainly never have been conceived let alone born. Since their grandparents and even their parents: the white British Untermenschen subjects of Winston Churchill’s very pervasive and compulsory sterilization programme, would most audaciously and propitiously by him have guaranteed that that aforementioned lot couldn’t ever have conceived or actually borne children. And consequently these toxic, white lowlifes that in Britain today regrettably abound most definitely wouldn’t now be around!


On the 22 September 2018 Ivar Mountbatten married his same sex male partner James Coyle. His wife Penelope, who he had earlier divorced, gave him away at the wedding ceremony. As a couple Ivar and Penny have three daughters: Ella, Louise and Alexandra. Interestingly in all of this Ivar Mountbatten is related to Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, monarch of the UK, as well as her husband Philip.


Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor is also the secular head of the official English Church, which was created after Henry VIII severed the English Roman Catholic Church from Rome, and in turn established in its place what has become the Church of England. Do so because the then Pope in Rome refused to sanction the murderous disposal of Henry’s previous several wives so that he, Henry VIII could again get his leg over another piece of crumpet that he fancied, wanted to marry and again make this one his queen.


Nothing therefore unique in scandalous terms as far as the British royal family is concerned. Edward II was a seasoned homosexual and had two well-known lovers: Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser who he lavished titles and gifts of land on respectively. Incidentally, Edward was just 11 years old when his very first homosexual affair began, an age, which even in that era did raise several eyebrows.  James VI of Scotland, also known as James I of England, was also a Queer with several male lovers. But among the British royal family sexual abnormality wasn’t just restricted to its kings or male members. Queen Anne was a seasoned lesbian with a number of intense Dyke affairs, even though she incredibly, in the process, also had several miscarriages as well! Evidently from heterosexual relationships!


So Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor’s purported sexual problems that selectively and modestly have been reported in the British MSM, as well as William’s alleged bed-hopping also treated with kid’s gloves, and with William himself aided and abetted by palace advisors threatening to sue anyone who draws attention to this - well be my guest William, go ahead and sue me - and these same advisers: vile, moronic, class-fixated and obsequious pillocks, all sickeningly, selectively and hypocritically clamping down on this matter of genuine public interest. Not in the least surprising, since the vast majority of them have their own toxic and repellent Queer, Dyke and Paedophilia lifestyles, to conceal from public gaze, and that would make the most stinking sewer in marked comparison seem as a beauty spa!


Yet these are the same loathsome and racist pillocks that unwarrantedly and pathetically quite sanctimoniously, and bearing in mind what odious scum they actually are, that unsurprisingly with their deeply ingrained white superiority notions and racist delusions posited their “stark” abhorrence and downright contempt for Meghan Markle, with the full support of her husband Harry, uploading to their Instagram page a perfectly innocent and mirthful video that Meghan made with the Black UK Editor of Vogue Magazine, Edward Ennniful and some of Vogue’s backroom staff when Meghan guest edited that magazine, which was a massive success!


For according to these sycophantic, nepotistic, vile and sexually depraved palace pillocks that previously had blocked the same video from appearing when they could, as both Meghan and Harry were then living in the UK, but couldn’t now because they aren’t, Meghan’s video they claim is “cringe-worthy” and a gross embarrassment to the queen and the British royal family that obviously includes Andrew and William. A venomous theme which the Daily Mail, other right-wing rags and their plethora of manipulated plebeian dimwits readily seized on to what has become customary to them now as their belligerent, vitriolic and the thoroughly asinine castigation of Meghan Markle for being Black and having in their sick minds the audacity to marry Harry, a member of the “all-white”  - never mind the racial DNA of Queen Charlotte the indisputably beloved wife of George III, both of them the direct ancestors of the 93 year old nonagenarian Elizabeth, now monarch of the UK herself and, of course, Prince Harry and his and Meghan Markle’s son Archie!


But there’s no lack of stupidity when dealing with morons such as those entrenched racists who consistently deny their racism and quite laughably to any sane and rational person quite delusionally claim that they’re the most welcoming people in the world. “Dream on suckers!”


The sickening thing about all this palaver is that this distinctly innocent and jovial video of Meghan’s is the type of fun thing that on any day of the week could easily be happening at private family occasions, office parties to celebrate a staff member’s promotion, engagement, the birth of a baby etc.; and the list goes on! And by no means whatsoever, even remotely, the sort of disgustingly salacious affairs that Damian Green and Michael Fallon, two senior UK cabinet ministers of H.M Government were quite justifiably sacked for!


But guess what? These patently sick mother-fuckers ensconced at Buckingham Palace who’re now blatantly and vitriolically castigating Meghan had bugger all to say about Damian Green and Michael Fallon or how their odious conduct embarrassed the queen as head of state of the United Kingdom and whose government they were in effect prominent members of. But like these two pillocks Damian Green and Michael Fallon their palace counterparts are also sexual abusers and very seasoned perverts, so consequently what the former did was absolute fine in the latter’s deranged minds! “A pity they had to resign, though!” these palace morons sighed. Meghan Markle, however, in their sick and racist minds is an uppity female N****r, who self-evidently to them, doesn’t know her place and therefore deserves all she venomously gets and much more!


And how about this also? Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing Sun rag on positively reporting how Kate Middleton and William love spending their Christmases with the Middleton family - having categorically done so on three separate occasions with their newly born babies and choosing not to go to Sandringham; decisions enthusiastically welcomed and to the approval generally of the British MSM that in marked contrast to their cynical, nasty and vituperative response to Meghan Markle and Harry spending just the ONE Christmas with their baby son Archie on the other side of the Atlantic where his grandmother, Doria Ragland does live in the USA, unlike Kate’s mum Caroline who actually lives in Berkshire England, and so for obvious reasons of distance can’t see her first and only grandchild regularly, a matter which Caroline Middleton who sees her own grandchildren regularly doesn’t have to contend with - profusely and ostentatiously declared that parties at the Middletons’ home and especially at Christmas time are “riotous affairs”! Should one then rationally deduce from the Sun rag’s remark that Kate and William saw Christmas engagements at Sandringham to be boring as hell, and hence their preference for the Middletons’ home?


That particular faux pas by the Sun aside, I’m an English specialist who has both lectured in, as well as taught English at every conceivable official, educational level in addition to doing so in extra-curricular terms both in the UK and abroad, including Germany, Scandinavia and Barbados; all of the latter being countries that are highly rated by UNESCO and whose own educational standards massively excel those that normally pertain in intellectually challenged and distinctively dumbed-down Britain, and frankly accounted for why I voluntarily quit the UK in order to sanely pursue an intelligent, positive, constructive, progressive and a genuine professional teaching career outside of Britain!


So to put it bluntly, what I do not know about the English language in all of its aspects quite frankly isn’t worth knowing about! And is far more extensive than any cognizant knowledge, appreciation or usage of it that you racist and dim-witted prats out there who like ANDREW SABISKY and his ilk could or would ever grasp! And, therefore, I will earnestly suggest that all you purblind, dim-witted and racist prats who in discernible dog whistle fashion and also attendantly so like Pavlov’s dogs - that I’m quite sure you idiotic a******s haven’t a clue of what I’m referring to or talking about - are manipulatively responding to these vicious and concentrated, racist attacks on Meghan Markle by self-serving MSM barons and their rather obsequious and moronic minions, please go and check out the etymological meaning as well as the appropriate usages of the word “riotous”.


Then, on doing so, logically and impartially compare and contrast Meghan Markle’s actions conjoined with those of the Vogue Magazine’s ebullient staffers that she worked with when she guest-edited that magazine when set beside with the individual activities of William and Kate “riotously” combined with those of the Middleton family, as reported encouragingly by the Sun rag!  One of the chief sources of information when it comes to you rampant lowlifes.


So why then are Kate and William’s “riotous” activities gleefully and encouragingly reported by the Sun and other British right-wing rags no embarrassment whatsoever to the 93 year old nonagenarian UK monarch, Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Britain’s overwhelmingly white population for that matter, or  come to that the whole world? Yet Meghan Markle’s innocent and jovial video somehow is? And what’s more is venomously described by a bunch of quite seasoned palace Queers, Dykes, sexual abusers and inured paedophiles and perverts together with their companionable equivalent in the MSM as “cringe worthy” and a gross humiliation for the queen, the British royal family et al! Give me a break! Are you demented c***s having a laugh or what?


I’ll tell you what! Go get treatment for your deeply-ingrained and multifaceted ailments, you f*****g sick psychopaths! Something I know a great deal about, as I’m a qualified psychiatric nurse, among my other professional careers, and previously worked in the treatment of many of your sort. That’s before another deep-seated psychopath Margaret Thatcher disposed of the overwhelming majority of such vital institutions, logically essential in a habitually white-run, cesspit United Kingdom!


Both Doria Ragland and her daughter Meghan who are individually and jointly highly intelligent and well educated women with their own university degrees are fully aware from their own personal experiences of the venom of racism and the stark realities attendant with it. That, it wasn’t until 1995 that the state of Mississippi, for example, abolished slavery, having reluctantly ratified the 13 Amendment of the US Constitution that was legally enacted in 1865. So in reality had either Doria or Meghan gone to live in that state they could quite legally have been made slaves. And this virtually at the turn of the 21st Century!


So while slavery and racism are at best footnotes in revisionist British history books and seldom if ever taught in British schools, colleges or even universities - something that Michael Gove the b*****d son of a Scottish trollop who dumped him shortly after she gave birth to him, who doesn’t know her or his own biological father, assuming of course that his mother even did, quite commonplace these days among British whites and explains why eugenicist advocates Winston Churchill during his time and now Andrew Sabisky in 2020: Boris Keymal/Johnson’s special adviser, earnestly want to get rid of them and whom both men regard as the underclass; despite his own origins, Michael Gove I’m referring to, whose real name is Graeme Andrew Logan and the Gove bit comes from the people who adopted and raised him.


This egotistical prat Graeme Andrew Logan (alias Michael Gove) with his delusional “upper class” airs and graces who went around telling anyone who cared to listen to him that his w***e of a biological mother was a brilliant Scottish university student who was forced through her very important studies - what were these Graeme: prostitution? - to reluctantly give him up, when in point of fact she was no such thing and his fantasy notions about this s**t couldn’t be any further from the truth, as she was an odious Scottish slapper, nevertheless in his assumed and asinine privileged white boy mode, thanks to his adopted parents, is diametrically opposed to any sort of history relating to Blacks and even British ones like Mary Seacole: the instigator of modern nursing and whose innovative and characteristically unique ideas and practices in this worthy profession were loathsomely plagiarized by privileged white and entitled Florence Nightingale who didn’t have a f*****g original idea in her head or for that matter her markedly effete and most vapid “personality”; but she was white, had the right connections and that was all that mattered!


Yet here we have this Scottish moron, ignorant of real British history just as he is of his very own biological one diametrically opposed to any history about Blacks being taught in British instructive institutions or being part of the UK’s educational curriculum. And it was only after a concerted outcry in relation to his racist agenda that Graeme Andrew Logan - and I prefer to call a sullied pig by what it actually is and that’s his real name - the UK’s regime minister for so-called education was forced to back down.


Unsurprisingly this prized moron Graeme Andrew Logan is married to an equally imbecilic and racist prat Sarah Vine who, sickeningly playing on her beloved word “N****r”, outlined to her Daily Mail and equally racist followers that Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle left her with decidedly “niggling” doubts about Harry and Meghan’s relationship. A sick and very twisted parody by Sarah Vine of the word “N****r”. But as I will reveal in an article I’m writing on Sarah Vine she is a fine one to talk. Since she has managed to cover up so far a great deal about her own personal and loathsome “familial” relationships and a lot more. But as they say the truth will eventually come out, and in your absolutely sick and demented twisted case Sarah I’ll ensure that it does! And that’s a definite promise. So enjoy the ride, you loathsome b***h!


Furthermore, Meghan and her Mum have both quite independently had to work for their own living and do so against the backdrop of the gross racist disadvantages that institutionalized racism and its discriminatory practices routinely impose on Blacks and other people of colour in the United States and naturally countries like Britain and Australia. The Oxford History of the USA shows that between 250 and 400 Blacks were lynched every year between 1890 and 1899 alone in the USA; and lynching was industriously carried out well into the 20th Century.


And in my ancestral homeland of Barbados where the Transatlantic Slave Trade started and a country that throughout the 20th century and right into the 21st Century has the largest number of live centenarians, all of them still active and compos mentis, in the world, there are numerous individuals like myself whose biological grandparents - in Barbados we fundamentally know who our real biological families are unlike many of these privileged white pilocks in Britain that are either b*****d born or else the products of cuckolding - personally knew and had the same close relationships with their own grandparents as they do with us, with the principal and stark difference that their grandparents were born in British run slavery and were actually then slaves until the Act of Emancipation came into force effectively and several years after it was passed into law  in the British House of Commons. A mechanism not essentially to safeguard the welfare of the slaves but exclusively that and the financial interests of the white plantocracy and the slave owners; fearing that if positively “freed” the slaves would all down town, refuse their labour and leave these odious but privileged whites in the lurch!


Never mind that the plantocracy and slave owners were enormously compensated in financial terms that in today’s money would amount to several billions of Pounds Sterling, while at the same time not a single penny was paid in compensation to the eventually “freed” slaves who still had to work in the same slave conditions for upwards of 8 years after they were technically supposed to be freed persons. A most barbaric stratagem by the British to enable the likewise sickening mechanism of colonialism to be established; which it was. No compensation then for the freed slaves and none certainly for their descendants.


However most ironically and sadistically as well - but hey they were British and still are, aren’t they? - the descendants of these slave owners and privileged members of the plantocracy that during slavery had systematically abused our Black race, routinely raped our women, girls and underage children and just carried on as usual during colonialism, barbarically injecting in their sadism their white male Y chromosome into our collective Black DNA system and which every Afro-Caribbean person to this day in 2020 still carries - were likewise handsomely rewarded financially. How come? Because it was made lawful from the outset that after the death of their slave ancestors their descendants would be lawfully entitled to carry on receiving these massive sums of money for the “loss” of their ancestor’s “chattels” or property, as my Black ancestors and those of other Blacks were deemed to be.


Consequently privileged morons like David Cameron, the former UK prime minister and also his wife Samantha, in their own individual right as the descendants of slave owning ancestors in the Caribbean, received, and still do, millions of Pounds Sterling as a result for the terrible loss of their ancestors “chattels”.  Yet the same David Cameron is diametrically opposed to the actual descendants of these slaves receiving any kind of reparation for Slavery claiming that it, meaning slavery happened a long time ago and no one present in Britain today was responsible for it. A mantra also proselytized and propagandized by the right wing British MSM and the white plebeian a******s that are manipulated by them. However, none of them see anything at all wrong with David Cameron, wife Samantha and others of their ilk getting these obscenely large sums of money as a consequence of the same Transatlantic Slave Trade and its outcomes.


Just as they think it’s perfect alright for Yids to receive compensation for Europe’s holocaust and only them exclusively. No Romany people who were exterminated in far greater numbers than these Yids; no descendants of the Rhineland N*****s or any of the several others that were also abominably treated by Germany and Europe’s Nazis and fascists during Europe’s Second Internecine War between 1939 (in effect 1933) and 1945. But these people were entitled we’re told for what happened to them - not many of them now living - or their relatives during this European conflict propagandized as a World War; when it was whites in Europe and their kith and kin globally quite barbarically doing what whites are exceptionally good at doing; genocide and other sadistic forms of mass murder! And nothing has really changed in the 21st Century! But then do leopards ever change their spots?


And what the overwhelming majority of you whites don’t actually know is that it was Jews that engineered the Transatlantic Slave Trade in my ancestral homeland of Barbados. Go check it out! They were Sephardic Jews, taken into Barbados when they were kicked out of Brazil and no other country in the region would have them, except Barbados that gave them refuge. The very oldest synagogue in the Americas and the Caribbean is located in Bridgetown the capital of Barbados and it’s not only a National Barbados Monument but also a World Heritage Site.


So I guess that in agreeing to reparations for the descendants of Black slaves it would be a very poignant recognition of the characteristically foremost and often the specifically exclusive role that white European Jews played in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the barbarous treatment of my Black race; so their loathsome and ongoing treatment of the Palestinians now is nothing new for their sort! And David Cameron is one of them, as were many of his slave ancestors! And the bloody cheek of this man. While with Samantha Cameron money-grabbing their slave compensation packages, and like I said earlier diametrically opposed to slavery reparations for Blacks but all the same having no compunction whatsoever about Germany ad infinitum paying compensation to his Yid lot, though they were never affected by World War II but then neither was David Cameron by slavery, and with that war having ended some 75 years ago, David in an address in Jamaica during a visit there made his views quite clear in a manner he could never have done or would have been allowed to do in Barbados, and accounts for why he eschewed going to Barbados during his Caribbean visit as PM. Barbadians customarily don’t like killing Heads of State or idiotic prime ministers for that matter, but I categorically know for sure that an exception would have been made in David Cameron’s case!


And why? Not so much because of David Cameron’s odious views on reparations but because while unequivocally stating that Britain wouldn’t ever pay any reparations if he had anything to do with it, in Jamaica however where he condescendingly made his speech in the presence of a revoltingly obsequious House N****r, the then Jamaican prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller, who distinctly reminds me of her toadying Paki equivalent British Home Secretary Priti Patel, currently serving in Boris Keymal/Johnson’s - another Yid - regime, David Cameron expressly announced that Britain and his regime in particular would pay millions of Pounds to Jamaica for the rapid construction of a number of prisons for the lasting incarceration of Black Jamaican British citizens forcibly deported from the United Kingdom under the British Home Office’s hostile environment immigration policy towards Blacks exclusively used then and still is employed to this very day in February 2020.


So racism doesn’t exist in Britain then. And that’s official! And accounts for why odious and social-climbing nonentities like Annabel Croft, conveniently and as highly expectedly married to an international banker who we all know that globally, and not just in Britain, are the essence of rectitude and the pillars of society - and if you truthfully believe that then you quite seriously need to see a reputable psychiatrist as a matter of urgency - “working” now, is Annabel Croft, through the due processes of a deeply ingrained system of British nepotism coupled with the customary and familiar features of the deeply entrenched, proverbial casting couch requirement as a supposed “broadcaster” for both Sky and the BBC, with her own obvious personal baggage having the blasted audacity coupled with the purblind, asinine dim-wittedness to unwarrantedly but all the same spitefully and noxiously verbally lay into Meghan Markle who isn’t, never was and has never sought to be a sportswoman of any kind, and this acrimonious rancour of Annabel  Croft being aired by a supposedly sports broadcaster, prompts the obvious question as to what Annabel’s agenda is if it isn’t racist!


Since she claims that Harry who is a grown adult, is married of his own volition and has a son similarly brought into this world and who previously in Annabel Croft’s sick mind was clearly a “normal” person, has somehow “voodoo” style been ensnared by Meghan Markle and is now transformed into a wholly unrecognizable person who has been remorselessly beguiled by this Black witch Meghan - take note of the customary white racial stereotypes here - into giving up his worthy “royal family” lifestyle with its plethora of splendid titles and other superlative designations like “His Royal Highness!” What f*****g planet are you living on Annabel Croft with you pitiable notions, doubtlessly stirred by your own pathetic social climbing aspirations?


This is the 21st Century in case you haven’t noticed Annabel Croft, and although meritocracy isn’t a characteristic of present day Britain, I don’t think that there are any sane persons around who give a monkey’s as about themselves or someone else, unless they’re habituated, feckless and dim-witted lowlifes like yourself desperately trying in their menopausal years to asininely, and largely unsuccessfully, make themselves relevant! But hey, Annabel Croft, if you’re that keen on meaningless titles and all that royal highness s**t that you’re bemoaning Harry giving up at the “sinister” instigation of Meghan Markle, while at the same time you’re solidly mute about as regards any criticisms, including none coming from you in relation to Andrew who in the minds of all intelligently sane persons is more of an infernal mortification to your precious and antiquated royal family than Meghan Markle ever could, even if she were to try and so far she’s done nothing at all which can even been remotely classed in the same disgusting category as what Andrew is widely alleged to have been up to.


Since Andrew is legally no longer married, even though Fergie still hangs around; still has his title as Duke of York, the HRH that goes with it, and is evidently the darling little mummy’s boy of a hopelessly out of touch 93 year old nonagenarian mother who has to post a picture of him with her own racist, late mother because she probably couldn’t find one involving herself as she was and still is very much a lousy mother by any true definition of that word that had no quality time for her children as Charles once admitted - and with you, Annabel Croft so clearly enamoured with titles, HRH designations and the rest of it, why not divorce your investment banker sugar daddy and with your rather “admirable” - I’m being facetious here -credentials as a thoroughly well-established social climber and mercenary sycophant, get the HRH Duke of York to appropriately marry you? Frankly, I can’t think of a more fitting match!


Of course as an actual or approaching menopausal woman, Anabel Croft you wouldn’t be able any longer to actually breed biological children of your own to commendably in your sick mind and twisted assumptions meet the royal and hereditary requirements you imagine are requisite in relation to your much coveted role as an apt member of one of the world’s most dysfunctional families, as all sane persons see them but you as the obsequious social climber that you clearly are significantly don’t.  However, you do have three children of your own already and I’m sure that with your readily approved effete and vapid consent Andrew would be more than willing, on past form it seems, to personally look after them!  Then you will be able to enthusiastically do all that very onerous but highly commendable work of cutting ribbons, smiling gratuitously like a demented Cheshire cat for the necessary photo ops, and shake as many of the dim-witted and mawkish admirers of the British royal family hands as you are permitted to do. While, at the same time, keep up and maintain, as demanded by the Firm, your concertedly counterfeit but fundamentally fabricated public profile! So go for it Annabel Croft! As it will suit you right down to the ground!


Normally it’s neither my concern nor general interest what Dykes do with themselves or their time but when an abhorrent, irrelevant and a clapped out one like Germaine Greer rather self-servingly takes to the airwaves to “enhance” her financial situation as well as scrape the bottom of the barrel for some scrap of “relevance” to her squalid, repugnant and Dyke infested lifestyle, and in doing so gratuitously takes to attacking Meghan Markle who is light years ahead of her in every moral aspect that one can conceivably imagine, then without hesitation I will, as I’m now doing, respond with all guns figuratively blazing! As Germaine Greer’s actions were overt racism in overdrive!


Germaine Greer: viciously, implausibly and unsurprisingly, bearing in mind that her venomous tirade against Meghan Markle came from someone who is a clear product of convict-infested, imperialistic-minded, colonialist, genocidal aficionado, profoundly embedded and instinctively misogynistic in the most loathsome manner Australia  - where even their booze advertisements laud their misogyny, is herself likewise a female variant of that revolting philosophy!


And to claim without a shred of evidence proffered to substantiate her crass and racist assertion that Meghan’s marriage to Harry is an unconcealed fraud, that all those “celebrities - take that to mean N*****s - being at her wedding was a disgrace, and then goes on to postulate on how many “fake orgasms” Meghan is having with Harry until she attains what’s she after and will then dump him, are nothing more than the fantasies of a demented, washed up, so-called writer and a loathsome cold-blooded Dyke who did marry, grotesquely exploiting the charlatan cover of marriage to conceal her rampant and entrenched Dykeism. Then expediently dumped him when it was appropriate to do so. So in asininely, vituperatively and falsely attacking Meghan Markle, Germaine Greer, in standard self-critical fashion used by all such lowlifes, is actually recounting her own personal experiences.


Barbara Ellen in response to Germaine’s acerbic, lying and demented comments pertaining to Meghan Markle wrote a brilliant opinion piece in the Guardian Newspaper entitled: “Germaine Greer’s attack on Meghan Markle  - so predictable, so old hat, so wrong!” - I recommend that you read it - echoing my views entirely; with one major exception. Turning Germaine Greer’s fake orgasms in relation to Meghan Markle on their head Barbara Ellen emphatically questions how many orgasms the totally irrelevant and self-serving Germaine Greer got from having her views, only because they were about Meghan Markle who is at the moment the media’s beloved person to bash, globally aired!


If you want my honest opinion, this discernibly clapped out octogenarian and hard-core Dyke may have tried, but like the dried up river bed that she clearly is I don’t think she could even manage one; and with a demented and fast deteriorating mind like hers, Germane Greer’s only option is to fake hers. Disgustingly contemptible Dyke that she is and has always been!


A well-known US cleric and civil rights leader that I know and thoroughly respect categorically stated on one occasion that he knew racism and a lynching when he saw the. And so do Blacks, whether they’re African-American or Afro-Caribbean. And this incontrovertibly applies to our Meghan Markle, never mind that she has a white father. So born and raised in a country where rabid racism, at all levels of life, was and still is perniciously overt and let’s not forget how, as a few examples I’m going to outline here will clearly show.


In the US in the Dread Scott case, the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roger Taney ruled that: “Constitutionally, Black people were a subordinate and inferior class of beings with no rights that a white man (or woman) were bound to respect!” The US state of Mississippi, as I reported earlier didn’t abolish slavery until 1995! And another US Supreme Court ruling also emphatically stated that: “If Black people come to the conclusion that their race is treated with a badge of inferiority, this is not the fault of or because of any action by whites, but exclusively because the Black race chooses to put that construction upon it”.


A US Supreme Court ruling that caused Charles Black: a Yale University Professor to write in response: “The curves of callousness and stupidity (here) intersect at their respective maxima!” Since everyone knew that the US Supreme Court’s assumption was false; just as it was absurd to claim that the “badge of inferiority” was peculiarly a Black person’s construction.


A situation not dissimilar from the deluded notion in Britain, still maintained in the 21st Century that racism doesn’t exist in the UK - a view solidly held by several members of the so-called British royal family, including its 93 year old nonagenarian, hereditary head, and accounts for why she’s not publicly given Meghan any support  which is in marked contrast to all the stops she’s pulling out for her rogue and odious son Andrew - and is either Blacks having a chip on their sub-standard shoulders; playing the race card; or is an unambiguous case of their “leftist” white friends like Jeremy Corbin  attempting to be politically correct! And therefore Meghan Markle should be eternally grateful that she was even allowed to marry into this incestuously inbred, completely incompetent for the most part, and a massively dysfunctional family by any impartial analysis - those are my straightforward and unapologetic assessments not those of the white plebeian, lowlife, dim-witted scum and their narrow-minded, social climbing equivalent racists like Annabel Croft, Eamonn Holmes - who fervently venerate them and therefore regard Meghan Markle as an Uppity N****r that Harry, while they would be contented for him to have her as a mistress, were on the other hand diametrically opposed to him marrying her. Something that Harry not only voluntarily and enthusiastically but also mutually and lovingly did. And that in a nutshell is what pisses all these racists inside and out of the royal family off! And that is why they’re all of them - including the 93 year old nonagenarian Elizabeth - so fixated in their sick minds with Harry and Meghan having an imminent divorce and Harry again entering the royal fold! Dream on, I say!


Which prompts the obvious question: Who’re responsible for these genuine upcoming royal divorces, certainly not Harry and Meghan? And something must have been pretty dreadful in this Augean Stables that passes for the British royal family that others who are stereotypically white are themselves after several years of confinement summing up the courage to break out. But I don’t expect white dimwits to have the common sense or the logic to work that one out!


So why on earth then should a successful Black American woman that Meghan Markle in all reality is and who has actually earned a living for herself in marked contrast to what effete and vapid Kate Middleton has ever done or would realistically know anything at all about dealing with never having done an honest day’s work in her life; having in the case of Meghan Markle effectively challenged racism in her birth country the United States, then to logically, willingly let alone intelligently opt to put up with it in white majority and racist, delusional Britain?


To tell you girl, to use an affectionate and respectful term we employ for all our proud Black people in Barbados, and most particularly so our Black women who courageously and rather commendably kept our Black race together during slavery and colonialism when our menfolk were systematically emasculated as human beings; we Blacks are tremendously proud of you Meghan Markle as well as your undaunted and reciprocally loving husband Harry. Put bluntly you Meghan and Harry are well out of that British Augean Stable! And as for titles and the rest of it, tell that 93 year old nonagenarian living in her fantasy world to stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine! Who the f**k but idiots need HRH’s in the 21st Century? Like making or wanting to, an odious and purportedly 60 year old paedophiliac prat “Admiral” of the British Fleet only because he’s your love child. Get where I’m coming from? And don’t worry about the future Harry and Meghan, sensible and intelligent people globally know why you and Meghan quitted and we wholeheartedly salute and commend you for doing so!


Long live Harry and Meghan!


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Added on February 21, 2020
Last Updated on February 21, 2020
Tags: Racism



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