The internalized patriarchal, white female scum in dire need of re-education!

The internalized patriarchal, white female scum in dire need of re-education!





By Stanley Collymore


They delusionally see and not infrequently publicly

portray themselves as perfectly liberated, very

intelligent and highly competent women,

when essentially and quite laughably

to any truly insightful and well-informed person

they judiciously come across, and put rather

bluntly, as fundamentally inept morons:

the salient products and beneficial

recipients of severe and deeply

historic, insistent nepotism

with its subsequent and

zealous follow-up of

fawning cronyism

and the reputed

casting couch recipients

of whatsoever fitting

jobs they are that

relevantly, are

next going!


Bullying and appallingly hideous cretins, who most

contradictorily as well in their cases: subsumed

in their private Electra complex and deeply

fixated positioning that subsequently as

the years roll on, rapidly morph on their upcoming

menopause, or soon after it, into Dyke-infested

clowns; and single-mindedly doing so in a

professedly logical and normal United

Kingdom, which if it were truly as

sane a country as its supporters

claim it to be, such mindless

and female morons would

have long, unfalteringly,

energetically and very

unavoidably for the

appropriate good

of society, and

the pragmatic elucidation of the

entirety of the British nation

be right away dispatched

to instruction camps

for much needed




The likes of Sarah Vine, Joanna Williams, Tiffany Jenkins,

Rachel Kemal/Johnson, Angela Levin, Annabel Croft,

Victoria Mather and the plethora of other white

“female” trash-scum who quite evidently

see absolutely nothing wrong in their own behavioural

patterns: for instance Sarah Vine’s hardnosed and

self-absorbed, controlling of her infamously

delusional Scottish and properly termed,

b*****d husband, Graeme Andrew

Logan; no “niggling” doubts

involved there eh Sarah,

in your sick, twisted

and emblematic

Electra complex mind about Graeme’s

marked and discernibly shadowy

shortage, praised by yourself

in the Daily Mail, where

else, of his absence of

any acknowledged

biological, and





Yet you uncontrollably go into spasms of

vexation, derision and vile obsession

Sarah Vine over Meghan Markle’s

indisputably on public record and the result

of a planned conception within a duly

constituted and lawful marriage

by her known and publicly

acknowledged parents:

Thomas Markle Snr:

her biological although

useless father, and

Doria Ragland

her lovable



But all this is nevertheless for you Sarah Vine

an extremely troubling and even in coded

racist terms a gloomy and “niggling”

problem! But then it would be,

wouldn’t it Sarah? Like the

hidden Electra complex fixation by you

that equally familially enforced and

eventually itself compelled you

at the implausible age of 16

to leave Italy post-haste

and urgently pursue

vital escapism in

the “protected”


of London



And having diligently kept you rather repugnant

past most disingenuously and hypocritically,

while incredibly attacking others, under

lock and key and very much away

from obvious scrutiny, while you most deceitfully

keep having your racist go at Meghan Markle

who on every level: morally, intellectually

and in terms of doing a job that she did

attain through her own indisputable

endeavours, and not the casting

couch, nepotism or cronyism

will you therefore, apprise

your readers about that

Sarah Vine or must I

disclose more fully

your closely held

secret to all and

sundry openly?


Then there’s the expediently narrow-minded Rachel

Kemal/Johnson who sees nothing at all amiss in

the unquestionably lascivious, importunately

adulterous, compulsively cheating and the

depraved, pathologically lying character of her elder

brother Boris; or come to that the akin conduct

of the tart who he’s now shacked up with

in No.10; and also unsurprisingly got

pregnant; quite indifferent to the

the serious cancerous state of

his wife’s health when he

unfeelingly abandoned

her to literally shack

up with this latest

one, who was officially dismissed

from Tory Party HQ not simply

for falsifying her expenses:

that’s embezzling to any

reasonable person, but

likewie her penchant

for overt bullying!


All this against the abhorrent background of you, Rachel

idiotically referring to what you labelled as Meghan

Markle’s “exotic DNA”! This emerging from a

woman, yourself in essence Rachel Kemal/

Johnson, with characterizing Turkish, Eastern European,

Russian, and God alone knows what other admixture

strains of non-British DNA there are liberally

coursing through not only your own but

also your immediate familial veins.

And what number of offspring,

illegitimate or else, has your

brother Boris sired?  So

will you honestly tell

us about them and

their exotic DNA as you were

so impatient and willing to

unasked for, inform us

all in you sick rather

twisted and racist





So go take a long and exceedingly hard look in the

mirror Rachel Kemal/Johnson before you ever

again think to, let alone dare again with

your internalized patriarchal, white

privileged, endemically racist

and fake British bile insult this consummate

Black lady - someone in character that

your white trash, lowlife sort can

never become, Rachel Kemal

Johnson, no matter how

many airs that you

might put on - and that folk like

me because she’s so innately

accomplished, smart and

of such a mesmerizing

personality, greatly

adore; and with

true affection

identify as



© Stanley V. Collymore

13 March 2020.




Author’s Comments:

Danielle Ryan in an article for RT entitled “Temples to Colonial Theft” took Tiffany Jenkins, who I’ve mentioned in this poem and article, to task for her consummate idiocy. Since this same Tiffany Jenkins seriously and passionately thinks that the in excess of 90% of Africa’s cultural heritage stolen and kept in British and other European museums should never be returned to their rightful owners.  And amongst Tiffany Jenkins prized racist gems are the following.


When the first wave of Benin bronzes (stacked away in the British Museum) were created she opines Benin was an Empire and the objects were crafted on the back of what she terms as a slave trade. Adding that perhaps the descendants of the Benin king should apologize for their African slavery before they are approved as morally worthy owners of the artefacts that were taken from them. Take that literally to mean barbarically and in the vilest racist terms stolen from them by the British.


Irony, of course, completely lost on this white female prat who is nevertheless absolutely and unwaveringly against Britain or any other European colonialist entity then, ever apologizing let alone making reparations for their principal roles and the attendant barbarity and inhuman behaviour caused to African people generally as a direct consequence of the Transatlantic Slave Trade that was very much spearheaded by England and carried on quite productively for this off-shore European island that subsequently became the United Kingdom. For how can one possibly “loan” something back to the person or the place that it was actually stolen from? And straightforwardly put it is not any British or European museum’s right to withhold plundered treasure from other countries while they hypocritically and conceitedly self-righteously decide who is “morally worthy” of possessing them!


A suggestion on the part of Tiffany Jenkins that literally reeks of colonial arrogance. For in this article of hers published in the British Guardian newspaper she actually goes on to say that all these African and other stolen artefacts in British and other European museums do enlighten us about the world and, as such, that is the primary job of our (British) museums. Drawing this damning remark from Danielle Ryan: “How lovely! Stolen cultural heritage enlightens us deserving (white) westerners, so, of course, they have fulfilled their one true purpose!”


Victoria Mather meanwhile, with the same ingrained racist concept as Tiffany Jenkins, thinks that Meghan Markle is just a few clicks above “trailer trash.” How revealing about this rather pathetically sad, menopausal tart of an old cow who obviously having perfunctorily glanced into the mirror and saw a reflection of herself didn’t like what she saw and quite unbearably unwilling to countenance her own revolting reflection, in a typical reaction characteristic of the endemic lowlife and verminous scum that her white sort are could only respond by her off-loading her innate inabilities onto someone or persons whom poorly informed or very probably distinctly intellectually challenged as Victoria Mather undoubtedly is or both, she thus felt utterly compelled to unwarrantedly, but also gain her five minutes of MSM attention seeking, by jumping on the prodigious bandwagon of vile Meghan Markle baiting.


In other words have a go at someone she asininely considers to be grossly inferior to herself. Which really is a long stretch of puerile imagining! For in a word Victoria Mather is vermin! No different in character from the deleteriously noxious kind one would customarily find in any public works sewer!


Which brings me vitally to a piece of correspondence recently sent to me. And it reads thus: “It’s not only Harry and Meghan questioning why they’re treated more harshly for the trivial transgression of wishing to live in another country than Andrew is for, at best, in consorting with a convicted paedophile!”


Afro-Caribbeans, particularly at home in the West Indies have publicly been very quiet on the way Meghan and Harry have been treated but privately the feelings run high because they all know why Meghan is being treated so appallingly. And the word is out they will do something about it in their own way and their own time. And I’ve been asked to pass the message on that it would be most advisable for those who’re named in this poem and article that they don’t set foot anywhere in the Caribbean in the near future. For instead of receiving the customary and effusive Caribbean welcome, there’s more likely to be a machete-necklace embrace waiting to greet them.


As the messenger in all of this I can both honestly, categorically and unapologetically say that you’re all of you perfectly at liberty to take your presumptuously perceived Black insulting arrogance of your presumed inviolable white sensibilities with their attendant angry and quite insufferable for you, bearing in mind who they’re inferiorily being generated by, complaints to the institutionalized racist Metropolitan Police or any other likeminded British police force you may choose to. But unfortunately for you, and also despairingly too I would imagine, you’ll not only be rudely apprised of the harsh fact that this is not only the 21st Century and not some bygone era that most of the world’s population, if asininely not yourselves, are actually living in; but correspondingly as well the Metropolitan Police, other UK police forces, their dutifully complicit law enforcement agencies or, for that matter, Britain itself no longer, and thankfully and good riddance so, have any jurisdiction within the Caribbean whose several countries are now independent, and in their own right, sovereign nations! So do put away your sickening and utterly distasteful, white-superiority, colonial nostalgia, whose shelf-date has long expired!


For Caribbean people who are distinctly of African descent as Meghan Markle undoubtedly is, who don’t live in Britain, have no desire of ever doing so; or if they’ve previously done so as British subjects who were either here to altruistically fight your bloody and barbaric European, internecine wars for you or else expressly invited by UK regimes on having returned home to literally come back and help rebuild Britain, only after the said UK was back on its feet to be ungraciously find themselves turned upon by the very white scum like Enoch Powel who went to the Caribbean to implore them to do just that, or as the disquieted world has most shockingly witnessed with the Windrush Generation whose members are routinely subjected to barbarous acts of intimidation as well as unjust and illegal acts of deportation and systematically done so purely on racist grounds; we Afro-Caribbeans irrespective of whether we’re essentially at home in the Caribbean, in Britain or elsewhere don’t need any elucidation, and correspondingly based on our own experiences, why Meghan Markle has been and still is being treated in the ghastly manner that she is, as for all of us, in one way or the other, it’s our own experience at the hands of delusional white-supremacist, racist scum like yourselves. So obviously and wholeheartedly our unreserved solidarity is with Meghan Markle, who has done absolutely nothing wrong other than being biologically born a mixed-race Black woman and who additionally has had the sheer audacity and rank impudence to reciprocally fall in love with, marry and have a legitimate son, Archie by a white Caucasian Prince called Harry from the United Kingdom and who belongs to some allegedly divine but self-evidently delusional and absolutely dysfunctional ostensibly, British royal family.


So for your own safety and in the best interests of all Afro-Caribbean people I was asked to tell you white, racist scum, to categorically stay away from the Caribbean along with your families. As we can all of us as Afro-Caribbeans immediately pick out with consummate ease an inured racist when we spot one! And Meghan and Harry’s abominable treatment WILL be avenged!


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