Living a Dark Ages' lifestyle in the 21st Century!

Living a Dark Ages' lifestyle in the 21st Century!



By Stanley Collymore  

What in Hell's name is a royal highness? 
In fact, come to that, what the bloody 
hell too is a royal? Discernibly to 
me they're utterly meaningless 
twaddle more fitting to, and 
distinctly in keeping with 
the unenlightened ethos of the Middle 
Ages and, accordingly, realistically 
have no meaningful relevance to 
or bearing in the 21st Century - 
yet, for all that, still continue 
relentlessly as self-serving, 
insolently nepotistic and 
outworn titles awarded 
by and also to archaic
and patently useless 
people; who adore 
nowt that's better 

as the very abounding and public 
showering of themselves with 
fancy, pretentious honours 
to appear superior. Quite 
unaware in their skewed analysis, 
however, that those possessed 
of working brains, and who 
are unafraid to use them, 
know full well there's 
nowt extraordinary 
special about any 
of these useless 
titles and even 
far less so the 
ignoramuses at all 
hereditary levels 
with them. 

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
18 May 2020.  

Author's Remarks:
Among the very first words: customarily and also rather surprisingly for the most part misspelt to come off the keyboards of these Daily Mail type, utterly dim-witted and trolling keyboard warriors where Meghan Markle is concerned, and irrespective of whether or not the article that they like Pavlov-trained dogs are instinctively and in customary manipulated fashion responding to relates to Meghan Markle or not, is that Meghan must immediately and contemptuously be stripped of her clearly unasked for and, I'm not afraid to add, utterly useless and meaningless British titles. 

I'm equally cognizant that all you white, stuck in your deranged and delusional, imperialistic, little Englander and so Empire Mark II mode and very much so in tandem with your other western and likeminded Useful Idiots, and as the categorical brownnosers that you conspicuously are, can't understand, far less so appreciate that not everyone, and that specifically includes Meghan Markle as well as people like myself, are not like you, don't ever want to be and quite unquestionably prefer to live in the 21st Century to which we belong - this after all is 2020 - and not the Middle Ages that we weren't born into. 

Most categorically and emphatically Meghan Markle is undeniably the epitome of a modern, 21st Century, self-empowering and empowered, independent-thinking and the consummate, enterprisingly work knowledgeable lady, who entirely supported herself previously to her marriage to Harry when, thereafter, the much and falsely lauded and publicly pretentious but essentially workshy protocol and grasping intrigues of the female nonagenarian led, Mafioso family enterprise that Harry comes from involuntarily forced Meghan to effectively cease being the highly productive person financially, socially, culturally and independently that she has always been, deeply cared to remain, still very much is and, as well, both committedly and understandably is quite desirous of continuing to be. 

In marked contrast, though, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton is distinctly, discernibly and quite obviously a workshy - very much like her husband William: not the sharpest knife in the box - prat, and in the conjunction that characterizes them both Kate has clearly shown herself to be an enthusiastically effete and vapid broodmare, that having intentionally chased William - she did after all switch her university selection to St. Andrew's in Scotland where William was enrolled and so she could be near him, rather self-serving as regards this English born pair with no shortage of English universities to choose from and also taking into consideration that both of them were educated at private schools in England; but then unlike the rest of Britain tertiary education is Scotland is entirely free even for the over-privileged, wealthy and purported English elites - Kate Middleton subsequent to her graduation purposely, and for 8 years thereafter, while William systematically and copiously embarked on his undignified bed-hopping, rather shamelessly and pathetically voluntarily stayed idle in her parents' home and didn't even search for a job during that time notwithstanding her university degree, albeit comprising a history of modern art, in the earnest hope that William would finally return to her and offer her a wedding proposal. Some dignity! Some self-respect, eh? Seems more like desperation to me! 

Well William did do that because even he realized then and still does to this day that Kate: the typical Stepford moulded type wife was in essence every bit like all the women in his hereditary family, from its nonagenarian leader and his grandmother right down that publicly pretentious but in reality blighted, massively dysfunctional and poisonous tree, and would according and uncomplainingly - would Kate - accept her prescribed role and destiny, which Kate has avidly done! Harry and Meghan, however, are completely different. They both married for love and are conspicuously still very much in love; and, furthermore, from the very outset of their relationship together and throughout their marriage have had no qualms whatsoever about tangibly showing their love  for each other naturally and publicly; and instinctively doing so as the tactile human beings that they clearly are. Something that the overwhelming majority of the Mafioso weirdos they're biologically in Harry's case and martially as in Meghan's connected to, and very much stuck in the Middle Ages can't ever be accused of either being or doing!  Since this Mafioso and weirdo lot don't usually marry for love but instead principally do so for financial convenience and purported "elite" social status establishment, while behind closed doors, and after the marriage with all its public fanfare to enthral their legion of fawning plebeians has been contracted and implemented, living mutually or enforced separate, highly unsavoury and even debauched lives. 

But what do they care when, in effect, they have so many gullible and fawning prats like you to gloriously sing and defend their publicly PR proselytized praises, as well as keep them in the affluent standard and ostentatious kind of living they instinctively think and actually believe is theirs by divine commission. How ironic, since for all their pious pretentions none of them can even remotely be classified as genuinely religious. Not even Andrew who turned up for church with his mum, so the pair of them could hopefully deflect attention away from his alleged paedophile activities. How cynical can any two people be, eh? Especially when one of them is supposed to be the head of the Christian Church of England! 

Meghan Markle, in discernible  and distinguishable contrast, is in the immortalized words of the legendary and globally iconic, Afro-Caribbean Jamaican, Bob Marley a mentally liberated Black woman - African American to be precise - but who proudly follows in the commendable footsteps of the likes of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, Angela Davis, Phillis Wheatley, Maya Angelou and Mary Seacole among many others. Far too numerous to mention here but who are no strangers to Meghan Markle, and like her all other mentally liberated Black persons globally. 

All of them unmistakably and proudly like Meghan is, woman of colour and who resolutely refused to let the barbarous and endemic racism and its attendant white superiority delusions of white Caucasians and their co-opted non-white Useful Idiots deflect them from the noble path they'd taken in life and the commendable inspiration they individually as well as collectively will eternally represent to our Black race. And I assure all you desperate and mentally sick, thoroughly and dementedly twisted and comprehensively and accursedly inured racists - that our Meghan will most definitely never ever succumb to the likes of dim-witted, transparently intellectually challenged, infernally obsessed, clearly envious and manifestly workshy lowlifes like yourselves. 

Finally, as for your clearly obsessed with so-called royal titles - let me tell you a little story, which I'm sure the likes of you for all your alleged superior intelligence and knowledge don't know. The company which had the English and after the unification with Scotland the British monopoly for all the Transatlantic Slave Trade which dehumanized my African ancestors as well as Meghan's for almost 500 years, was named: The Royal African Company. No requirement then to actually question who were principally involved in and profiting immensely throughout from this massive savagery towards our Black people. So from me, and as Meghan has previously done; you all do know, I'm sure, what you can do with your HRH signatures, in tandem with their associated and thoroughly meaningless, to those like Meghan Markle and me, titles, which we care for like we would having bullets in our heads. So don't waste your breath or time on that one. Cognizant all the same - myself and similarly Meghan - as we undoubtedly are, that nonentities like yourselves and likewise your likeminded Useful Idiots obviously and very desperately do need these spurious honours, either for yourselves or those whom you sycophantically and hereditarily hero worship. However, and collectively so, mentally liberated Black men and Black women - and among whose ranks Meghan Markle proudly and praiseworthily stands - don't require them, don't now, and never did!


Author's Note

who were principally

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Added on May 21, 2020
Last Updated on May 21, 2020
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