Dementia starts when you decide to read and believe the Daily Mail!

Dementia starts when you decide to read and believe the Daily Mail!



By Stanley Collymore

Rolf Harris’ wife Alwen as well
as his daughter Bindi surely
must have known of, as
well as encouraged and also enabled
this odiously vile paedophile’s, sexual
proclivities. As such, they’re distinctly
thoroughly undeniably repugnant! No
obviously different situations then, to
certainly and specifically so: either in
character coupled with the attendant
vile and evil immorality discernibly in
Alwen’s case basically from those of
Rosemary West and surely Primrose
Shipman who distinctly encouraged,
thoroughly facilitated and immorally
patently easily, and additionally also
crucially covered up for their simply
equally odious, repulsive husbands!

And actually, no amount of British
and over the top, generally white
compassionate understanding
for this rather perverse, paedophile ogre
Rolf Harris, because he’s actually one of
them will ever convince me or any other
moral person, possessed with a natural
comprehension of what’s crucially right
and what is unquestionably, undeniably
wrong; that stupidly, turning a blind eye
at best to such deliberately malevolent
pernicious and maliciously egregiously
conduct by Rolf’s wife Alwen; daughter
Bindi and his several friends that knew
perfectly well what Rolf was obviously
doing actually constitutes love, on the
part of his family members, or literally
genuine friendship, by his supporters;
is essentially nothing of the kind! And
unquestionably will generally be quite
au fait with everyone who is distinctly
in obvious possession, of a genuinely
conscionable mind and similarly very
genuine moral understanding, clearly
that it was nowt other, than enabling!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
27 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Dementia on Alwen's part, Daily Mail? Sounds more like a callous PR stunt to actually stop her husband Rolf's victims from making appropriate claims. Basically Rolf Harris was very much a product of the Establishment in the exact same way that his very close friend Jimmy Savile patently was; and despite the obvious exposure of these two this sort of behaviour still goes on rampantly and distinctly too unchecked within the principal echelons of the British Establishment and as well its monarchical equivalent; and what’s more it's essentially and intentionally protected.

And it’s quite abundantly clear to anyone but the brain dead that the vast majority of you mother-F idiots are taken in by the Rolf Harris and Establishment protective right-wing media PR, and their lame excuses for what this discernibly quite repugnant man did happily surrounded by his monarchical and aristocratic friends and equally too his many celebrity supporters and you as well his surfeit of fans who even after he was exposed, convicted and jailed still refused as you still do now to accept reality, simply because of who he was and the very high powered friends he had. And accounts for why he’s being treated so leniently by all of you!

Wilfully throwing a spanner into the works; just imagine what your reaction and evilly vile comments would be if instead of this man's name being Rolf Harris and with all of his monarchical, hereditary and "posh" celebrity friends as his comfort zone, it was JEREMY CORBYN! You sick b******s and b*****s! As it is, it's a sick Britain and its overseas genocidal kin definitely hailing their own!


Author's Note

As per all my previous works.

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Added on May 30, 2023
Last Updated on May 30, 2023
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