Shame on Britain! However, alas huge numbers of white Britons harbour none!

Shame on Britain! However, alas huge numbers of white Britons harbour none!



By Stanley Collymore            

That Black Watch, paratrooper’s          
actions were simply irrefutably          
abominable, and significantly          
considerably so, most disgustingly feral
also, considering by his own rather sick
admission, that he did it all for what he
contemptuously and literally fatuously
describes as banter; naturally, bearing  
in mind the compelling and obviously
toxically degenerate fact naturally on
his evidently stupid but evil part; that
millions of Iraqis were not just killed,  
but distinctly too, tortured; including  
in their numbers not exclusively just  
young men, dreadfully awful as that  
was, but quite irrefutably numerous  
women as well; similarly the elderly  
and undoubtedly multiple numbers          
of children of all ages. But actually          
for whom, clearly no conscionable
accountability whatever, obviously          
has, or will finally ever be ethically          
assumed or clearly willingly taken          
for what unquestionably, crucially          
unjustly, happened to all of them!          
A non-responsive attitude, that is
unquestionably most unarguably          
clearly self-evidently, nauseating.          
Years later and still no apologies,          
or remotely any such thing for          
the atrocities which Britain          
created among these people in tandem
with the collective barbarous genocide  
sycophantically, but similarly callously
co-ordinated with the USA which they
both decidedly fulsomely engaged in.
What a noxious approach, a crucially  
awful shame and quite destructively  
also a horrible absence of humanity          
quite specifically on the part of two
countries, Britain and the USA, that
vaingloriously and very sickeningly          
so, evidently fatuously ridiculously          
to virtually everyone else but quite
obviously effectively uncaringly to
themselves naturally, and actually          
their irrefutably loyally supportive,
nepotistic trusted adjutants rather
seriously, selfishly and arrogantly          
self-servingly, inevitably naturally          
vaingloriously, but also asininely,          
and fittingly for them, like too, to          
brazenly literally globally portray          
themselves characteristically as          
the epitomic shield of humanity.          
(C) Stanley V. Collymore          
17 September 2023.          
Author's Remarks:          
In memoriam and ethical commitment to the millions of Iraqis, Afghan, Libyans, Yemenis and Syrian refugees among others, those who're unfortunately dead and the millions of hapless refugees, internally as well as externally, in relation to their own countries and  who're barely managing to survive.          
Fellow human beings most ironically by the  political administrations, past and present, and their military that have collectively benefitted massively financially at these peoples' barbarous expense through the forcibly expropriation of their exploited valuable resources, but nevertheless see these enforced victims of theirs as sub-humans and consequently so not worthy of any constructive mention, let alone a cordial welcome as deserving refugees into their own, through their inveterate thieving, western countries and societies; with the marked irony quite distinctively lost on these delusional aficionados of white supremacy.          
Too dumb to realize that one of the principal reasons these abhorred refugees are seeking refugee status in the West, and even risking their own lives and those of their children to do so, is simply because of the relative safety for themselves, knowing quite intelligently that countries like the USA and Britain aren't going to bomb their own sovereign territories - basically their own countries - as they would and irrefutably do if it perceivably suits their own acquisitive financial purposes, were these forlorn refugees to seek and even attain sanctuary in comprehensively moral, unlike these Western states, and truly welcoming non-white countries!


Author's Note

As per previous works of mine.

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Added on September 18, 2023
Last Updated on September 18, 2023
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