Repeatedly and stupidly saying the same thing doesn't make it true or worth listening to!

Repeatedly and stupidly saying the same thing doesn't make it true or worth listening to!



By Stanley Collymore

Hi! All you Gammons and racist
karens out there; it absolutely
literally, doesn't matter how
good Meghan looks or what distinctly
she's attired in, since your thoroughly
hateful remarks, inspired and simply
reinforced by staunch and cowardly
inability on your part to accept, and
effectively naturally, unlikely I know
but even possibly so confront your
irrefutably ludicrously inured state
of racism in denial; as obviously it
was unquestionably always going
to be your undoubted response to
anything that Meghan either does
or doesn't do in your very obvious,
puerile and jaundiced view of her!
Frankly, you and your sort need to
honestly look into the reasons for
why that is significantly the case;
or realistically just simply accept
that your intense hatred of her, is
a deep psychological problem of
your own, urgently necessitating
psychiatric action, and obviously
our Meghan is unquestionably, a
true victim of your sick situation.

But to logically embark on any of
my serious suggestions would
obviously undoubtedly open
up to critical observation, and crucially
most specifically within yourself, your
real, but hidden reasons for evidently
and very specifically hating Meghan,
which anyone, with literally even the
merest modicum of basic common
sense or finite intelligence, actually
already, knows the real reason why
you abhor Meghan. But clearly you
won't ever, I sensibly and distinctly
realistically know, even discernibly
out of fitting curiosity, explore any
of these effective suggestions I'm
plausibly making, clearly because
the evilly vile, toxically verminous,
discernibly odious and essentially
noxiously, malevolently egregious
narcissists that you evidently sick
morons undoubtedly are and also
in like circumstances the actually
sickeningly pathetic, ineradicable
cowards that you so patently too
continue to be - you undoubtedly
wouldn't rationally accord to any
of yourselves normally speaking,
and even then, in the flimsiest of
senses any undoubted credibility,
far less so the quite distinctively
exacting responsibility, requisite
to be persons that literally could
or would reliably investigate and
earnestly, realistically search for
answers distinctively relevant to
the evidently pernicious state of
racist denial that you are simply
and rather astonishingly stating
does not realistically exist at all
in your very apparently, deluded
world of operations, but equally
too, the everyday lives you live!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
19 September 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Across the entirety of the English speaking world, quite unquestionably so throughout Britain but similarly and just as egregiously emphatically so in those genocidally acquired, continuously white occupied and overwhelmingly if not exactly already exclusively controlled countries like delusional Terra nullius and convict inured mind-set Australia; likewise New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America, to name the principal culprits, whenever the pernicious issue of racism is honestly, concernedly and quite legitimately raised in earnest, the customary response from most whites, instinctively reinforced by their cynically contrived sighs of studiously disinterested and unconcerned apathy and indifference is: "Blacks again (if they condescendingly deign to be vocally polite about their remarks) with chips on their shoulders!" And if the complainant is a genuinely conscionable white individual, he or she is quite invariably unceremoniously and most vitriolically and malevolently castigated as a "N****r lover!" Ring any bells, or even brings back very pleasurable memories for you? I thought as much!

Racism isn't a game but in reality is an insidious, surreptitious and an inimical human cancer that can and invariably does impact most horrendously on the lives of its unfortunate victims; and likewise not uncommonly quite detrimentally and clearly injuriously on the lives of its hapless and specifically victimized targets.

And who are the usual perpetrators of racism? Customarily those conditioned from birth through their often rather unwarranted privileged circumstances; devotees of the non-meritocratic but entrenched class system which they're an integral part of and whose discriminatory, but so-called values they're deeply and wholeheartedly inured in usually from birth, and in concert with attitudes that they both implicitly as well as explicitly nourish and forcefully carry throughout their entire pathetic lives with them. And unquestionably concomitant with all of the aforementioned are those with decidedly quite empty and thoroughly pointless lives; those with limited intellectual acumen; the entrenched gullible, copious bandwagon jumpers, and those who enviously can't bear to see let alone tolerate others of a different race to their own being naturally far more intelligent, laudably industrious, more hardworking and obviously also, considerably more successful, and self-evidently much happier than these haters are, or in their frame of mind ever will be.

Hating Meghan or others like her who are patently self-confident, literally and most comfortably so, considerably quite explicitly mentally liberated, who can and do rationally think for themselves and don't or wouldn't ever allow others to do their thinking for them, as you haters and obdurate racists instinctively do, isn't or shan't ever in the slightest sense transform for the better your unquestionably pathetic lives, and the only person who can effectively go about doing so in a distinctly positive and transformative manner is yourself. Now just think on that!

Personally, I have my own ways of effectively and remedially dealing with racism, and it carries on working as it has always done throughout a very successful and fulfilling life on my part; that said, my methods, which are all perfectly legal, might not work for others, so it's essentially much better for persons affected by racism to seriously and distinctly determine what their approach should be.

Nobody is or should be above criticism, unless you quite delusionally not only assume but actually believe that you can do whatever you want to, because you unquestionably have the full and also unqualified approbation of God Almighty, assuming whatever God you presumably serve. For myself I often point out, as I've done in previous works of mine that while enforcedly born British and comprehensively steeped in English/British "culture" the cultural impact most successfully and constructively in my life has undoubtedly and will always be Bajan - the affectionate name and terminology that we Barbadians universally apply to ourselves.

And how's this for a Bajan put down when folk like me are fatuously and dishonestly accused of having a chip on our shoulder by ingrained and quite pathetically hardened racists. Having listened attentively to the racist(s) in unequivocal terms we Bajans usually individually respond: "Sorry to disappoint you, but your figure of the number of chips I actually have is off-mark; you're suggesting I have a chip - effectively one in number - on my shoulder. I'm afraid you're wrong! As in actuality it's two chips that I'm carrying; one on each shoulder! That's why this Black Bajan is such an indisputably quite psychologically balanced individual!

Food for thought you white racists and your equally evil Coconut and House N****r Useful Idiots!


Author's Note

As per my prvious works.

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Added on September 19, 2023
Last Updated on September 20, 2023
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