Selfish, stupid and very class-ingrained, British narcissism!

Selfish, stupid and very class-ingrained, British narcissism!



By Stanley Collymore  
I don't love you and nothing is ever
going to change my opinion in
that actual regard relative
to how I honestly, and very specifically
emotionally, feel about you. Distinctly
and quite undeniably I obviously find
you to be simply a really remarkable
man! Someone that unquestionably
sexually evidently undoubtedly and
most assuredly rather reassuringly
I can honestly say, quite fulfillingly
and distinctively truly satisfies my
sexual fantasies as well as totally
my diverse carnal needs, in every
conceivably pleasurably exciting
way! But truthfully although very
crucially unfortunately so, I truly
rather frankly but honestly have
to distinctly make it abundantly
clear to you, that as you're very
irrefutably clearly a commoner
societally: quite self- evidently
that indubitably working class
person precisely, while it's the
Upper Middle Class distinctly,  
to which I definitively belong!
And regrettably were it not for the
action of my birth mother, who
consciously and avidly for
the sake of love she claims, effectively
and clearly purposely, distinctively did
simply, marry beneath her - she's very
obviously, the daughter of an English
Earl whose antecedents and current
relatives were, and very significantly
still are all certified members of the
British Aristocracy and with literally
rather close links to the monarchy;
while her quite ill-chosen husband
and my biological father, although
basically, a generally well thought
of and a likeably, clever university
postgraduate with very fulfillingly
so his own, successful business;
is none the less undeniably from
a literally council flat brought-up
and unmistakably too a working
class family. Really mortifyingly,  
as such, in all of its distinctively
meaningful, but clearly societal
connotations, naturally a rather
dire, personal quandary for me.
And consequently therefore
is a well-kept secret that's  
significantly, vigorously  
safeguarded by me; and were that not
the case could quite easily, and most
unfortunately, exponentially become
very alarmingly much worse for me;
if this literally obsessively well-kept
secret of mine were to mortifyingly
and significantly, truly disastrously
as I see it, become quite manifest.  
So I'm not going to readily, willingly
or rather stupidly forfeit what is
undoubtedly, quite culturally
mine hereditarily, by actually behaving
most inappropriately as my Mum has
done; either by me senselessly daftly
falling in love with you much less so
injudiciously, and basically similarly
inescapably very injuriously for me,
marrying a man, who unmistakably
is massively societally quite vastly
in all respects, truly inferior to me!
(C) Stanley V. Collymore
22 September 2023.

Author's Remarks:
This poem is dedicated to all the English speaking, and purportedly for many of you, Anglophile women across the entirety of Britain, Ireland, convict-inured mind-set, and most asininely delusional Terra nullius Australia; likewise Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America �" which I was logically and responsibly historically led to believe at school was very genuinely a Republic that in 1776 supposedly won its independence from colonialist Britain; but on reflection, and looking at that country now in the 21st Century with apparently all of these rather obviously unquestionably, and most alarmingly evidently, distinctly supposedly, brownnosingly fawning, USA enamoured serfs enthralled by the British monarchy, and who obviously apparently cannot get enough of them - well certainly accordingly to the likes of the Daily Mail; quite discernibly so, my erudite teachers at school, my university lecturers and equally myself through my own independent and astute research clearly got that wrong! (LOL)! Anyway, these citizens or plebeians, call them what you will, whose womenfolk seem to obviously think that whatever their bodies are specifically for, it sure as Hell isn’t conventional, conscionable and also equally acceptable mothering, born of the naturally genuinely true love between two conspicuously, undeniably responsible and caring human beings; with essentially each of them rather distinctively of the opposite sex from the other.
Therefore, to each and every one of you I most sincerely hope that you get in full measure and possibly consider more, what we Bajans say to and about such narcissistically, repulsive persons �" what you actually deserve and more besides! All this as you willingly and most selfishly very eagerly embark up that undeniably deeply, psychologically ingrained and irrefutably characteristic and quite specifically social climbing - even attendant with its stalking propensities �" distinctly pole positioning of yours; which you’re so very avariciously financially, but otherwise totally useless conspicuously at anything else other than rather literally using your bodies whoringly for substantial financial gain and fatuously instilled societal advancement - after!  


Author's Note

As per all my previous works.

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Added on September 22, 2023
Last Updated on September 23, 2023
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