The very obvious and disastrous effects when Corporate elitism morphs into toxic, Neo-feudalism!

The very obvious and disastrous effects when Corporate elitism morphs into toxic, Neo-feudalism!



By Stanley Collymore    
Basically there isn't much fun,    
while realistically there's an    
irrefutably stark situation    
immediately accompanied by the very  
lingering death of Freedom! Honestly,    
isn't being wealthy simply enough for  
some people? And quite additionally    
also, with this Cambridge University  
charade going on, my simple guess    
is, that normally it would be literally    
quite laughable were it not actually    
so, very pathetic. As toxically there    
at Cambridge University, you really    
have aptly, ivory tower, academics    
who very appropriately have never    
basically, actually done an honest    
day's work, in their truly sheltered    
and crucially very pampered lives    
or ever significantly also, created    
any great or superbly meaningful    
wealth either quite vaingloriously    
lecturing, and really pontificating    
to those that know how it's done.

Obviously alright it seems, for the    
elites to think they're above the    
rest of us and therefore have    
the undeniable right to not only tell us    
but significantly also, actually decide    
for us how we should very basically    
go about living our very respective,  
personal lives. No thanks! Literally    
because quite honestly several of    
us are now distinctly wide awake    
to what you're so evidently doing    
and quite naturally, shan't permit    
our lives to be literally controlled    
or quite recklessly be destroyed,    
by people self-evidently like you,    
who clearly, delusionally believe    
that undoubtedly, your personal    
views, opinions, and indubitably    
personal interests really matter    
appreciably more than our own.    
Well they don't! As we naturally    
now effectively have individual    
voices and clearly aren't afraid,    
jointly or singly to utilize them!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
24 September 2023.    
Author's Remarks:    
Quite perfectly OK it seems for British and some other western universities to teach students from super privileged backgrounds to hold on much more aggressively to their inherited but personally unwarrantedly acquired wealth and power, both societally and politically, that goes with such wealth.    
However, in marked contrast, if quite generally working class students or any, specifically from a distinctly non- white and evidently disadvantaged background, were to make it to university and while there are taught about the values and appropriateness of Meritocracy and likewise left wing politics, such an approach would be immediately attacked and dishonestly as well as lyingly trumpeted by the same supporters of the former concept relative to the privileged rich; their highly supportive and like-minded moronic trolls, the intellectually challenged gullible cretins and similarly the equally right wing media rags and malevolently pernicious, inequality organisations - we all know who this scum are - jumping profusely on the same rolled out bandwagon, claiming it  as quite unjustifiable political and societal indoctrination and an obvious unwarranted intrusion of individual rights all round. And moreover brand this target of theirs an abhorrent misuse of trust which the government should legally and immediately put a permanent stop to. What breath-taking hypocrisy, eh?


Author's Note

As per my previous works.

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Added on September 25, 2023
Last Updated on September 25, 2023
Tags: Stupidity, Classism, greed, hypocrisy.



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