Avowedly and pathetically wrong, to love and marry someone of a disparate ethnicity?

Avowedly and pathetically wrong, to love and marry someone of a disparate ethnicity?



By Stanley Collymore  

Just because you are her biological  
mother doesn't in the least sense
unquestionably automatically,  
authoritatively, irrefutably and moreover
exclusively actually give you or anyone
else: including, other family members,  
so-called friends of hers and likewise  
even complete strangers, the literally  
determinant right to clearly unasked  
tell your daughter far less so dictate  
to her who she should, or ought not  
to consciously, and plainly naturally  
fall in love with; and, attendant with  
that basically very conceitedly held
approach of yours ethnically marry.  
Correctly and most accurately you,  
her biological mother, conceived  
her and effectively, as far as it's  
generally known essentially discharged  
both your maternal and clearly parental  
responsibilities truly exceptionally well,  
but all of which sensibly and genuinely  
logically too, markedly quite dually set  
aside, both discernibly and undeniably  
also aptly intelligently doesn't actually  
mean that realistically you essentially  
do own her, or will ever do so - simply  
because she's literally your daughter!  
And consequently therefore in your  
simply twisted, rather noxiously  
racist Karen and, discernibly  
so as well, quite tenaciously held on to  
as virtuously sane but rather evidently  
in stark reality and specifically clearly  
intelligently, similarly in this our 21st  
Century is in marked contrast totally  
and undeniably, actually realistically  
a fixatedly delusional and, evidently  
also, a distinctively unquestionably  
very discernibly outdated concept;  
coupled with a crucially laughably,  
really evilly spurious discernment,  
quite simply and tenaciously held  
on to by people truly like yourself.  
Who vigorously and Intransigently  
in your undeniably, compulsive  
but very irrational delusions  
are energetically clearly fixatedly of the  
view, that your distinctly and evidently  
indisputably, quite mentally liberated  
daughter is being really treacherous  
to her literal white Caucasian origin  
and upbringing: actions, irrefutably  
so obviously senselessly, yet quite  
aptly incomprehensibly embarked  
on by her daughter and which any  
simply loving mother, ecstatically  
and understandably too, crucially  
proud of her daughter's evidently  
very own white Caucasian origin,  
just cannot ignore and therefore  
will indubitably do all she can to  
see that these distinctly racially  
superior characteristics of hers  
are very uninterruptedly carried  
on to future, white generations;  
and decidedly, emphatically so,  
with the untarnished biological  
and correct racial participation  
requisite to her dear daughter!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
26 September 2023.  

Author's Remarks:  
True love naturally instigated and both fortunately and favourably experienced by those who're lucky enough to be fully exposed to it - a distinct realization very absolutely at variance undeniably to the irrefutably sick, actually bogus analysis, routinely proselytized by the coquettish surfeit of fanatically self-serving, rather financially avaricious, quite obsessively social climbing - with clearly penchant and committedly stalking propensities to acquire what they're ruthlessly and singlehandedly after - a state of affairs, which is itself, wholly encapsulated by those crucially, considerably older and aptly so, proficient adulterous w****s that pithily know how to cunningly get around, and also simultaneously have their unchallenged way with obviously cack-handed and obscenely over-privileged, very exceedingly wealthy, hereditary types and heirs - is a crucially marvellously wonderful and exquisite intimacy for those who're personally involved and singularly too those blessed to see it.  
No intelligent person, much less so any actually objective individual, remotely thinks that any human being - obviously regardless of who they either normally, or evidently otherwise, basically, rather delusionally think they are - essentially so, or even in the remotest sense, could have chosen their biological parents or actually had any input into who they effectively are. Similarly too, it’s an identical situation totally relative to the exact race and obvious ethnicity into which every one of us is quite undoubtedly born.    
In short, actualities which evidently no human being has access to or any control of! So why then is there this brazen obsession by some persons  with its distinctively adjacent and rather asinine thinking, that they do actually have this rather exclusive right to either censure or, even unilaterally so, distinctly prevent others from sensibly determining and likewise obviously exercising how such persons should personally, consciously and very intelligently shape their own lives? And this invariably against the backdrop of the majority of these detractors not even knowing or having ever met those whom they're condemning!  Quite ironic really, when significant numbers of these odious detractors quite literally don’t have the foggiest idea of who they quite actually are themselves, biologically. And you don’t have to be a fan or ardent watcher of the successful TV programme: “Long lost Families” to realize the actual probity of what I’m saying. Ludicrous and quite laughable really, were it not so very pathetic and toxic, to have such people not realistically have a solitary notion of who they actually are dictating to others how they should live their lives and moreover preserve future generations of their own “superior” kind. Take that asininely from them to mean white Caucasian.

If someone �" quite regardless of whether that individual who is positing the question is a family member, a close friend, a work colleague; an acquaintance or simply a marriage guidance counsellor in their official capacity �" were to ask you for your honest opinion pertaining to somebody they claim to be in love with and is planning on marrying, it’s your right as the respective responder to either desist from doing so, outlining your actions for that decision, or else to give your honest interpretation of what you perceive as the unvarnished truth. Likewise, it’s for the questioner to accept what has been related to them, essentially for what it’s worth, or to dismiss it altogether.

However, my personal slant on this matter is, if you claim to be in love with someone and genuinely want to marry that individual, yet find it absolutely necessary to get someone else’s opinion �" good bad or indifferently so �" relative to your intimate and personal relationship, quite frankly you shouldn’t be embarking on such a personal and highly intensive relationship in the first place. Since your queries to others clearly indicate �" whether openly admitted or subconsciously hidden �" that you’re either not yet ready for such a meaningful relationship or more significantly that your emotional chemistry isn’t really in line with what you’re opaquely embarking on.


Author's Note

As per my previous works.

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Added on September 27, 2023
Last Updated on September 27, 2023
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