Only white British serfs and their overseas genocidal kin relish feudal titles!

Only white British serfs and their overseas genocidal kin relish feudal titles!



By Stanley Collymore

The rest of us evidently know the  
reality of the world we're in but  
these undeniably pathetically  
gullible very fawning and brownnosing  
c***s rather obviously actually do not  
realize that it is undoubtedly the 21st  
Century and definitely not the bloody  
Middles Ages that we're distinctly in,  
and obviously, accounts for why it is  
that so many of them even crucially  
as essential click bait, for obviously
exploitative and really dubious rags  
like the Daily Mail, risibly do accord  
to themselves rather ludicrous and  
lofty titles. Such toxic morons with
obviously, no virtuous lives of their
own! And yet these are exactly the
distinctly congenital idiots, who’re
instinctively, rather condemnatory
of Meghan, Harry, and specifically
anyone who is sensibly and really
intelligently sympathetic to them.  

Evil-mindedly questioning the  
colour of someone's skin  
and quite specifically  
so distinctively that of an unborn baby  
still obviously and quite discernibly a  
foetus in the womb of its mother: an
African American woman, obviously  
rather distinctively, lawfully married  
to a white Caucasian man and who  
together are unquestionably jointly  
and lawfully the biological parents  
of that undeniably, still developing  
baby, even when that is irrefutably  
done with an unquestionably, very  
passive, but obviously aggressive  
smile significantly and effectively  
on that person's face, is evidently  
in spite of whatever lame excuse  
which in your own vile racial bias  
you might quite assiduously, but  
to any literally, intelligent person  
naturally fail in your attempts at  
trying to attach to all such quite  
odious individuals a discernible  
innocence in their question that  
on their part was truly not there.  
In truth therefore an offensive
action which was basically
uncalled for; and to any
genuinely perceptive mind absolutely
racist both in nature and also intent!  
Quite realistically skin colour ought  
never intelligently to be an obvious  
subject matter of ugly controversy  
to anybody including ourselves as  
none of us ever obviously did, nor  
could we or anyone else logically,  
sensibly, or even simply remotely  
realistically have literally chosen,  
who our biological parents were.  
And rather significantly when as
human beings and for whatever
reason we essentially, do bleed;
the colour unmistakably of that
liquid is undeniably always red!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
29 November 2023.  

Author's Remarks:
Anne Windsor called her lover Peter Cross, her former police bodyguard withdrawn from that official position with her because of their affair, to say she was in labour and being taken for the delivery of her second child, a daughter who we all know now as Zara. Likewise, directly after Zara's birth on the 15 May 1981, a call confirmed by Peter Cross' wife Linda, Anne Windsor again called her lover to inform him of the confirmation of the successful delivery of her second child. Both of these significant calls from Anne were made to her lover Peter Cross prior to Anne's husband Mark Phillip's being informed by his wife of what had taken place prior to as well as subsequent to the birth of Anne's second child.  
Linda Cross also confirmed that regular updates on the progress of Anne's new daughter were quite routinely delivered by phone to her husband Peter at the family home, calls taken by herself as well as her own and Peter's children. I don't know about you, steeped in your vile racism, double standards and rabid hypocrisy as you lowlifes are, but I find it rather curious and likewise irrefutably baffling that any married woman would be giving such detailed accounts about her new-born child and very evidently so on such an obviously routine, distinctly detailed basis when she herself is very much not only still essentially married to her husband but effectively living as man and wife quite significantly under the same roof. In other words not either separated or divorced.  
And let's be perfectly blunt here. Lovers don't ever as a rule take any general far less so any detailed interest in the kids of their mistress, however young or old they are, new-born or otherwise unless they're directly involved in their obvious procreation otherwise they very literally ditch such women as they clearly don't want to become a meal ticket. And very sensible mistresses wanting to hold on to a lover absolutely don't push another man's child down their lovers throat; as affairs are all about sexual pleasure not paternal responsibilities or actual child bonding. Unless....?  
You're perfectly at liberty to draw what conclusions you logically or illogically care to, but for a married woman still living with her husband to detailedly involve her lover in the minutiae of the birth and general circumstances rather pertaining to her new-born daughter and evidently in a manner that excludes her husband does actually raise some very interesting and pertinent questions.  
Like for example, if family members, close friends, intimate acquaintances or even trusted lackeys fully cognizant of Anne's ongoing affair with Peter Cross made the telling remark to Anne along the lines of: "Would you mind if this child of yours followed in Peter's footsteps and became a Metropolitan Police protection officer?" Now were such a pointed comment ever to have been made and it actually got out and became generally known to you white racist vermin, you know the type, the Karens and Gammons, the lot of you would instantly be up in arms openly defending Anne and absolutely calling for any punitive that you could think of to be ferociously meted out to those who made that remark either directly to or about Anne Windsor.  
But Meghan and her then unborn child, still a foetus in Meghan's womb, and who we now know as her and Harry's true biological son Archie are obviously to you odiously racist bigots who don't even have the guts to distinctively and simply too courageously acknowledge your very own racism, rather choosing instead to toxically live like the blatant evil cowards that you patently are, and will always be, in your stinking sewers of noxious prevarication, think nothing of attacking Meghan and Archie, since to you they're obvious fair game. Not so, however, your evidently perceived "royals" even when the "evidence" and not just circumstantial is undoubtedly overwhelming and this is significantly the era of DNA. Clearly outstandingly quite laudable and commendable for literal usage by "Long Lost Families" but not your monarchical family!  
Anne Windsor the clairvoyant and also the expert mind reader who on the day that Harry married Meghan pronounced to those of her likeminded racist ilk that Meghan's personal presence, obviously in that so-called "royal family" basically would have just a short shelf-life. Anne knew this because Harry and Meghan's marriage was sanctioned because her mother Liz was canvassing for Charles to succeed her as the next titular Head of the Commonwealth and how would it look if one of their family members in love with a Black woman was told, just for that reason alone, that he effectively couldn't actually marry her. Therefore, let the marriage go forward, definitely have Charles confirm as her successor and with that achieved begin Operation Meghan Removal. Couldn't sensibly kill Meghan, as it would have been far too obvious and risky after Diana's murder, so instead, essentially engage in what the Windsors and their trusted ilk have been ever since Harry and Meghan got married on the 19 May 2018!  
Just two further examples essentially of several others that I could use, but what's the point of saturating intelligent minds that read my work with the same hypocritical s**t that is unquestionably so obviously quite endemic within your British monarchical family and similarly their plethora of plebeian, serf medieval mindset supporters. So I'll limit myself to just two.  
Marie Christine Anne Agnes Hedwig Ida von Rebnitz, born 15 January 1945, is the daughter of Nazis and is essentially married into the Kent branch of Britain's monarchical family. She herself literally shares the exact same Nazi mindset as her German and other European family members and predictably is an avowed racist, who on a visit to the USA had the sheer audacity to tell a group of clearly Black Americans having a meal literally in the exact same restaurant as herself that they shouldn't be there and went on to question them as to why they did not go back to the colonies where they belonged; wherever in her sick and very delusional mind those fictional places of hers were. She also quite notoriously deliberately wore that clearly infamous blackamoor broach specifically on her very first encounter with Meghan at a palace reception, an act for which her fellow white British racists quite fondly praised her for doing so. Just think on that for a moment; her father was quite a prominent SS officer distinctly rather close to Adolf Hitler and obviously the Third Reich, yet these evidently white British a******s who dearly love going on about the war were praising a Nazi just because she rather openly showed her own, clearly undoubted racism to a Black American woman, notwithstanding that Blacks and not just American ones significantly, actually helped to save the UK's obviously, very pathetic a*s during World War 2. Seriously, who with clearly even only a modicum of common sense would patently, voluntarily want to be a white Briton?  
Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith - I could have used a standard caustic comment re the surname but it'll only be asininely classed as anti-semitic so why actually waste my time and energy - is quite undoubtedly a confirmed drug dealing millionaire is Gary, and even the Daily Mail which periodically uses him to have a go at Meghan has undeniably confirmed that is the case; reporting on Gary being filmed selling hard drugs to an undercover reporter. Essentially the Daily Mail then goes on to say that the husband of Gary's niece, the famed St. Catherine Middleton, or basically Waite Katie, William Windsor, then promptly in view of Gary's actions effectively broke off his personal relationship with Gary - Yeah! And my dearly beloved Barbados has awfully dreadful snow storms from June to September! It's also rumoured that this ongoing drug dealing of Gary Goldsmith did set his sister Carole up in business and similarly actually paid for Kate's public school education at Marlborough College where she very literally actually acquired a reputation for baring her naked backside and one would imagine because of the close proximity of the two her fanny as well from her dormitory window. What a super lass unlike that American trash!  
Now here's my question to you? What do you think the reaction would have been if while Kate's offspring were still in her womb and likewise those of that German Nazi Marie Christine of Kent also were, the proposition of Charlotte being a stripper and George and Louis being illegal drug dealers like great uncle Gary Goldsmith, and Marie Christine's sprogs being born with the archetypal Nazi salute in their principal arm, were speculated on by friends or even family members?  
Quite okay though to racially speculate on the future Archie's skin colour. Have a nice day!


Author's Note

As per all my previous works.

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Added on November 30, 2023
Last Updated on November 30, 2023
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