House N*****s do evidently die but sadly not as fast or often, as one would like!

House N*****s do evidently die but sadly not as fast or often, as one would like!



By Stanley Collymore      
I've never heard anyone discuss      
an unborn baby, and distinctly    
and very essentially literally      
so, a foetus still in its mother's womb      
skin colour; and quite realistically no    
undeniably, and obviously intelligent          
normal person simply actually does,      
because logically clearly the matter      
is undoubtedly obviously irrelevant      
and similarly, totally unimportant to      
the scheme of things, and crucially    
firmly undoubtedly determinant on      
who are that child's own biological      
parents. But quite assuredly in this      
specific matter one thing was very    
irrefutably naturally distinctive and    
categorically too; a significant and      
absolute guarantee and you really      
don't have to be specifically clever      
to obviously fathom out, what that      
is, or was ostentatiously bound to      
be; which obviously simply is that      
in the undoubtedly quite evidently    
unlikely event of this vile, purblind      
and verminous oleaginous House      
N****r Trevor Phillips so much as    
having simply spewed out a quite      
different point of view contrary to      
the one that his white controllers    
automatically expected of him, it      
sure as Hell, wouldn't undeniably      
even have been contemptuously    
considered much less so printed      
in the Daily Mail or applauded by      
those, who usually read that rag.      
And predictably because House      
N****r style Trevor says what      
pleases them, like all House      
N*****s do, these entrenched and even      
casual white racists quite conveniently      
and superficially praise him and his ilk      
to high heavens. Regarding them very      
obviously as the naturally usable and      
and actually, easily disposable, Black      
Useful Idiots that they effectively are,      
and behind whose useful cover, they      
can unquestionably, patently literally      
hide while cravenly and dishonestly      
denying their noxious, malevolently      
egregious racism. Quite absolutely    
simply nothing new, to all mentally      
liberated Black people as crucially      
it has undoubtedly been and quite      
simply still unquestionably clearly      
evilly also does ongoingly remain      
one of our actual onerous travails      
ever since the turbulent, onset of  
the Transatlantic Slave Trade and      
rather annoyingly is still prevalent      
among the likes of odiously, toxic      
scum, still aptly characteristically,  
like Trevor Phillips literally doing  
what evidently verminous House  
N*****s really like Trevor Phillips  
evidently do, in the 21st Century.  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore      
1 December 2023.  

Author's Remarks:      
This discernibly pathetic, but egregious House N****r moron Trevor Philip and white man's gong chaser, something he recently got for his quite obvious and relentless House N****r services, did a few years ago publicly state that Blacks weren't in the least discriminated against in Britain and whatever problems they encountered were undoubtedly and undeniably of their own making,    
He then supported the above statement, did this House N****r Trevor Phillip's, by also ludicrously claiming that the most discriminated persons throughout the entirety of Britain were apparently the white working class, and most specifically so, white working class boys. Please don’t just take my word for any of this, simply go and check the article out for yourself.      
Now, this purblind, House N****r c**t is actually categorically stating that the Windsors are and were always racism free. Really? Which prompts the obvious question among other numerous actions of theirs. Why then, if that is the case, did Liz Windsor in 1965 ardently and successfully canvass the then UK government to exclude herself, the entire Windsor family and their all white staff from the newly created Race Discrimination Act: a state of affairs that's still firmly in situ to this very day. And what about all the racist remarks Liz's own mother made about Black people that many of her own senior staff later confessed they were quite terribly embarrassed by what this old bat customarily and unconcernedly said; and all these staff members were white.      
Equally, not only at the demand of the MoD - the Ministry of Defence - but rather likewise so also Buckingham Palace was behind the move most adamantly. So why were no Blacks allowed into any of the Guards regiments; they could all risk their lives and even die, as many of them did fighting Britain's wars, yet not be considered good enough to be seen anywhere near where these entrenched  Windsor racists and white supremacists lived. Nor could any Black be a member of the so-called royal protection squad. A state of affairs still prevalent in 2023.    
Like I said, check these and other facts out for yourselves, and as I revealed in earlier poems of mine which you can also read the remarks on them if you care to, precisely why Liz Windsor and her family condescendingly and self-servingly allowed Harry to Marry Meghan; compounded by Anne Windsor's remarks on the day of  Harry and Meghan's wedding, when Anne categorically and contemptuously let it be known to those around her and her media lackeys that Meghan's  stay in this so-called royal family would have a short shelf life. Anne who, incidentally, didn't know Meghan on any real personal terms or had any contact with her.
And let me put this to you, why did these Windsor racists and their surfeit of fawning supporters concentrate on Meghan's unborn child's skin colour, asininely trying to equate that with hair colour and not whether this unborn child would be a boy or girl? The answer any intelligent person will come up with is that they all of them considered that any physical appearance of blackness in this so-called monarchical family would be quite literally a contamination of the supposedly pristine and white superior family, and having dark skinned N*****s in it would be an absolute abomination. It's why William who asininely and stupidly allowed himself to be successfully stalked by an obsessive and acquisitive gold-digger, not only tried to get Harry to call off his marriage to Meghan but also fervently sought the help of his maternal uncle, someone who would ironically and asininely make in female terms a w***e look like saint, do the same. Bluntly from my perspective, in all of their minds they didn't want perceived N*****s around and furthermore their offspring who would contaminate their pristine white supremacist, even though incestuously and adulterously so, family. And accounts for the attempt on Archie's life while Meghan and Harry were on an official tour of duty in South Africa. Shortly afterwards Harry and Meghan voluntarily quit the so-called royal family and their duties in it!
And I couldn't resist this. It's generally rumoured that Kate's expensive private school education - if you can call it that - was paid for by her drug baron and millionaire uncle Garry Goldsmith - oh those pogrom names - can I now or some other person speculate as to whether George, Charlotte or Louis will grow up to become illegal drug pushers; knowing how dangerous and destructive illegal drugs are to vulnerable as well as people hooked on them? Just asking!
But all that said, it's undoubtedly House N*****s like Trevor Phillips who are the real bane in every decent Black person's lives. So you can go f**k the Windsor family as far as I'm concerned!


Author's Note

As per all my previous works.

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Added on December 2, 2023
Last Updated on December 2, 2023
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