The Challenge

The Challenge

A Poem by Corey

Will I die knowing I'm right,
or will I one day be proven wrong?
Anyone test it with all your might,
Just try, I promise, It won't take long.

Just step up, and try to love me.
Many have tried, and all left burned.
They stand and claim it's meant to be,
only to leave and never return.

They get sucked in by my subtle nature,
Ignoring the warning they come with perseverance.
Once they're close, they see the real creature,
and they quickly plan for a quicker disappearance.

They enjoy the sound of my gentle voice.
It's light on the ears and they beg for more.
Then comes the thunder, such a loud noise.
Without hesitation they rush out the door.

They deeply admire my strong willed spirit.
Proudly they say, "That Corey is full of bite."
That is until they become the new target,
then they bow out beaten, unable to fight.

They all love what they want me to be.
A presentation that's accepted by the norm.
But sitting still within is the real me,
and nobody can handle that mighty storm.

A mix of chaos and rage, topped with insanity,
for any sane person it's to much to bear.
No one can handle this human calamity,
and at this point I've learned to no longer care.

This cycle continues on time after time.
Different characters in the same old story.
I now proclaim that my heart is all mine,
sharing none of my troubles and none of my glory.

From what I see, I'll die correct,
owning the fact that it'll only be me.
I am what I am, and that's far from perfect,
unlovable and damaged is what I believe.

© 2013 Corey

Author's Note

Thanks for any honest feedback.

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wow. I could see your thoughts clearly in this but I could also see myself. I ended up changing but it took a lot of broken hearts and many a tear cried. Thank you, I think this will stay with me.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback. I'm glad that it touched you. That's always a good thing .. read more

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1 Review
Added on December 9, 2013
Last Updated on December 9, 2013
Tags: challenge, love, unloved, damaged, abandoned