Bright Sons Burn Out

Bright Sons Burn Out

A Story by Kenneth N Boxall

Bright Sons Burn Out

The sun is beautiful today, so bright, so important, so out of reach.

Clink! Marty and Rodriguez are enjoying a beer at the age of 19 and 22 in Bill's Diner. Marty came from an honest fisherman, but he hates fishing. Rodriguez came from a poor car salesmen father and a stay at home Mother. Out loud Marty said, “Aye Rod, You got any plans after the weekend?”
Rodriguez looked away for a minute and leaned forward “Ya Marty, I got plans and these plans be rich dealings”
With a confused face Marty asked, “Oh rich he says?”
Rodriguez leaned back looking impatient “Well fish boy; I got me a life what you got? Nothing!"
After finishing off his beer Marty replied “Look Rod, I was not bustin' your boys. You just don't come off to bright around these parts”
Rodriguez finished his beer and left 4.50 on the table and walked out the door.
Marty came up behind him with his hands in his pocket “Hey stiff what has gotten into you? Walkin out like them there acting more like a date then a bro!”
Rod made an annoying click noise “You never take me serious and for once I make the plan, and you need to blow steam in my face like some cigar tokin grandpa” They continue walking until they end up in front of Marty's old man's apartment building. Marty nudges Rod “Aye Rod, Here is the deal. This time I will follow you but you screws this up on us, and you will get the 1-4!”
Rod looked up “Well Marty. I'll get'er done you listen to me, and we'll buy our old men a new tube'” Marty laughs “I'll buy my old man a tube, and you get your old lady somthin special”
Rod glared at him “Whatevea; I'll have enough to buy'em both somthin now get outta here and bug me tomorroa”.  Marty got inside when he started talking to his old man both had a moderate relationship. Marty just had no use for being a fisherman, he felt it was an old mans trade and Marty had his own future plans to follow. “We eating some more of your home caught sushi old man?” Marty asked sarcastically.
Marty's old man replied “Sushi is not even fish boy, Fish comes with a good side of potatoes and scotch”
Marty walked away thinking out loud on his way toward his room “At least the Nip's can catch fish to cook” Without much delay Marty's old man yelled “Watch your mouth boy; I raised a man not some gobshite piss artist!” Marty lied down ignoring his old man's remarks to get some sleep before Rod starts to bug him again. Rodriguez started up the stairs to his place when he runs into Nola “Hey, Where you off to?”
Rod replied “What's it look like nagging Nola?"
Nola looked at him with disappointment in her eyes “I told you I don't nag! I am just interested in knowing what you are up to."
Rodriguez put his hands in his pockets and pushed his foot up against the wall “You see my motha today?"
Nola smiled “I just passed her; I offered to help with her grocery bags, but she told me not to worry about her." Rod looked concerned and Nola said, “She told me she was fine Rod but your face is easier to read then hers what is wrong?"
Rod pushed away from the wall with his foot and was now irritated and started to walk towards his floor's entrance “Leave it be Nola and don't ask stupid questions."
Rod noticed his mother in the hall trying to get the key in their apartment's lock and jugs up to her and says, “Hey ma, don't stress yourself out give me the bags you unlock the door” His mother smiles and complained “It's always a pain to use this key” Rod replied.
“Don't worry about it just hand me the bag's ma” His mother gets the door open and proceeds to the kitchen as Rod follows to put down the bags of groceries. Rod looks out into the living area and sees his father reading the paper. “Hey old man! If you can read you can unlock and open a door right?” His mother says to Rod “Leave it be Rod, he is busy” His father gets up and says out loud.
“I had a kid for a reason and the best you can pull around here is a few simple insults like some sort of idiot” Rod was not impressed by the response
“Maybe if my old man was a bit more use to me, I might learn a thing or two but that's right he's a worthless car salesman!” Rod walks off with little regard to the wise cracks his father had to say. Rod's father turns towards his mother and says, “He's just like you, disobedient, lazy and lacks any care about this family” Rod's mother without hesitating replies.
“Don't give me your attitude, he is a good kid say what you want to me, but you shut your mouth about him” For the next hour both Rod's parents went back and forth about the family and who is more important. Rod did not care for these arguments even though he sided more with his mother it's not easy arguing about money and worth when your English is not the best and all you do is put your children before yourself. The very next morning both Marty and Rodriguez gather their things but avoid making much contact with their folks. Marty's father was out fishing already and Rod just wanted to avoid that awkward calm after a fight. While Rodriguez was leaving his apartment, he ran into Nola again and signed “Yeah what you want now nag?”.
Nola Replied “I know your up to no-good Rod, I have seen the boys you been talkin to”
Rod leaned against the wall and said to Nola “Look; you might be worried about me, and that is all types of greats but can't you find someone else to be messin with?”
Nola with concern “Hey I'm not kidding around Rod those boys use to have more around, now is not the time to act proud." Rod just turns around and starts to walk away to finish their conversation with.
“I got someone to meet so I can't be standing still with you all day."
Rod made his way to the tavern where he wanted to meet Marty near the old docks and saw that Marty was already waiting Marty looks at him “Never the type to keep a girl waiting but always leaving me guessing you slouch”
Rod replied “Don't give me any of that hot head sass of yours”
Rod directs Marty to where they got to head, and they meet up with Rod's boys.
“Hey Rodriguez who's the hot head with you?” some pea-coat wearing guy yelled.
“This is Mart he's my green don't worry about him; he's with me” This guy looks Marty over and continues to talk in mockery “Green or not he's a limey to me."
Marty looks at him “Limey enough to clean up messes this city can live without."
Rod intervenes “Boys we are here for a reason let's get it done." All the three men walk towards the docks where they seen this fedora Italian, who Rod seemed to have met “Rodriguez you made it, and I see you brought the whole package with you."
Rod replies “Yeahs I got it now when we get paid for the deed” Fedora with his smile
“When you're done delivering it that is when you get paid Rod." Rod, Marty and pea coat made their way to the delivery point when a 37 Bentley Embiricos pulls up with four men getting out asked Rod “You got it?” Rod replied “Yeahs I got it” The third man pulls out a Heer and points it at pea coat “We ain't givin you no cash so hand it over!” Rod and Marty stay silent.
Pea coat looks at the lanky man “You borrow you mothers gun again ace?” He pulls the trigger, and all Marty and Rodriguez can see is a faced down lifeless man. The first man starts yelling at the third one over the noise so Marty nudges Rod, and they make a break for it streams of bullets get fired off, and Marty yells at Rodriguez “Your plan sucks you know that!" After they get past a few buildings they run down the old docks main road and Rod got shot through the side and falls over. Marty stops and Rod say, “Don't stop green just tell someone with a buzzer” Marty with glazed eyes runs off down the road, and Rodriguez rolls over to his back “The sun is beautiful today, so bright, so important, so out of reach...”.

© 2013 Kenneth N Boxall

Author's Note

Kenneth N Boxall
Wrote this for a mark in School.

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Added on May 7, 2013
Last Updated on October 10, 2013
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Kenneth N Boxall
Kenneth N Boxall

Ottawa, Canada