Why do you want to be a hoe?

Why do you want to be a hoe?

A Poem by Crazy Cat Man

A poem about child stars who try to hide to shed their childhood star image to become nasty.

You were once a child star
So you try very hard
To not let your fame
To fade away
So you try hard to stay in the head lines
Some of you started doing cocaine lines
Lindsay Lohan was cute in the Parent trap
Now she gets in carwrecks
Miley Cyrus
It's your party and you can do what you want to do
If you wanna be a hoe
Then that's up to you
Justin Bieber
Was a cute little boy
Now he's trying too hard to be a bad boy
He used to have a bowl hair cut
And is banging all the s***s
Now he has spikes in his hair
He became a d****e who doesn't care
Amanda Bynes
Was a star at 14
Now she writes crazy tweets
And shows off her teets
She loves plastic surgery
But she really needs therapy
Charlotte Church
Was a Christian singer
No one remembers her
She used to be very Catholic
Now she is very blasphemous
In order to still keep being famous
You have to become infamous
And show a little bit of a*s
I'm glad Emma Watson
Still has some class
Is she the last child star left?
To not be a hoe?
I really hope so
I would cry
if she becomes the next Hope Solo
All these child stars
Are really trying to show
If you still want to be famous
You're gonna have to be a hoe

© 2013 Crazy Cat Man

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This is so sad but also so true. Well written.

Posted 6 Years Ago

"the cult of celebrity" sad but true, so much honesty in one piece, well written,

Posted 7 Years Ago

fame is a drug, they are addicted, addicted people lose the sense of reality and are ready to do anything to get what they're addicted to. Sad but true story :(

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Alot of honesty and truth in this i liked this alot

Posted 8 Years Ago

Child stars turn into 20 somethings and get seduced by the same s**t most twenty somethings get seduced by. Fun little poem cat man, It's good to see you around the WC

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Crazy Cat Man

8 Years Ago

sup dude. yeah im barely on this site. Im mostly performing now. Reading these bad boys on stage. I .. read more
Baby Ricochet

8 Years Ago

Working for the man and living off the VA
Crazy Cat Man

8 Years Ago

VA? U live in VA?

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Crazy Cat Man

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