Muse of Evangeline

Muse of Evangeline

A Poem by OctoberDawn

Going through the motions and loves of this life.

In hushed voices he spoke, unsure of himself.
Beneath eyes overlooked, he put love on a shelf.
Till' one eve he beheld her all alone in the night,
Her eyes reflecting beams of lambent moonlight.

And the man felt hope...

In darkness he wrote, with five lines he did dance.
Penning melody and lyrics longing to earn just a glance.
In fever he etched things beyond his own tongue,
with passions unheard of to her he then sung.

And the man felt afraid...

But the girl felt a love of which she'd only heard tale,
She could scarce meet his eyes; full of hope but still frail.
And under the moonlight they shared an embrace,
The stars shined a bit brighter reflecting the love on her face.

And the man felt love...

And together they lay until the moon shone no more,
With hands on their hearts their new love they then swore.
And of this the man was wary, for how  oft' he had dreamed,
With this he awoke to find that things weren't what they seemed.

And the man felt despair...

Whether it was the years full of failure or his lonely seclusion,
He vowed to end this dream of life and to wake from the illusion. 
And with pain in his heart he dashed through the town,
He then climbed the highest tower and threw himself down.

And the man felt nothing anymore...

© 2012 OctoberDawn

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Added on September 7, 2012
Last Updated on September 7, 2012




My name is Criss Hill, I'm 20 and I'm from Colorado. I don't so much consciously write poetry as my heart takes control of my pen and urges me to capture a pale fragment of the beauty and heartbreak o.. more..

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