Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

A Poem by Cyprian Van Dyke



Great White. Gray headed.

Eyes roll into her head

& she looks better in red.

Warm blooded

In a cold world.

Mood, always blue, yet

Keeps swimming thru it.

Always grinning.

Man seldom knows what she’s thinking.

Riding shotgun with thus

White Death woman.

She wears water.

Victoria’s Secret. Psst,

“She locks up her daughter.”

She’s quiet & always hides it

As she’s swimming

& as she listens to the ambiance.

Shaking her tail-featherlessly,

She flies under your feet.

Unless you dare dive to her side

with me. Taking millions of lives

yearly. The apex predator.

The serial killer you didn’t think you’d see

& swimming next to me

Peacefully, presently,

Is a Great White Shark.

A White Pointer.

A Mangō Ururoa.

Nov 4-5, 2023

We r our own worst enemy | Dangerous animals, Great white shark, White  sharks

© 2023 Cyprian Van Dyke

Author's Note

Cyprian Van Dyke
For the male version

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Swimming in the ocean... man, it's more dangerous in some parts than others. And deep water, far, far off the coast... is truly terrifying, even with a boat and support... I'll pass. Sounds like a certain kind of narcissist as well. The malignant narcissist is like a shark in the social waters.

I love your taste in music.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Beautiful poem on predator. Good terrifying poem.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Very true Cyprian. They don't come into our world, terrorising the streets at night, so why we think we should terrorise theirs is beyond me.
And nice job of stating who the real killer in the picture is.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Added on November 5, 2023
Last Updated on November 5, 2023


Cyprian Van Dyke
Cyprian Van Dyke


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