Role Model

Role Model

A Story by DACAC

She walks down the street, her hair falling perfectly down her round face. How can someone be so perfect? Her brunette waves flowing across her blushed red cheeks. She doesn't need the eye shadow, or any makeup for that matter, 'cause she's just naturally beautiful. She walks down the street, with everyone stopping and staring. She's one of those girls that don't care what people say, tweet, or even Facebook about her. She just gets up on the stage and rocks out. She knows her haters are waiting for her to mess up. She even wrote a song directed at her haters.


"You can't stop looking at me, staring at me, Be what I be. You can't stop looking at me, so get up out my face. You can't stop clicking' at me writin' bout me, tweeting bout me"


She may be cocky, but isn't everyone in this world? People judge her because she's different, by wearing her strange, but adorable outfits, but t that's why I love her. She's not the typical teenage pop star, who just writes songs, performs them, and then gets her voice autotuned and changed. Her voice on the radio is exactly how she sounds when she records it. She sends messages through her songs, and they speak to all her fans.


People look up to her because she's always there through her music, to liven our spirits. She knows what girls are thinking, and she knows how to make them feel better about themselves. She helps you realize you're not only one going through the problems or situations you're going through. She is my role model.

© 2016 DACAC

Author's Note

This isn't my best piece, but please review!

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Added on December 15, 2014
Last Updated on March 19, 2016



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