A Poem by D Connolly

What makes a person beautiful


What makes a person beautiful

Is the ability to laugh

To make the ones around them

Happier on their paths

It also in the way their smile

Lights up the very room

Dispels the negativity

And takes away the gloom

What makes a person beautiful

Is their ability to care

To wake up every single day

With love they want to share

Its how they give their everything

Though it may not be returned

The courage to rebuild a bridge

Of trust after its been burned

What makes a person beautiful

Isn't found in their disguise

Its in their heart

Its their very soul

That's where their beauty lies

© 2017 D Connolly

Author's Note

D Connolly
For Beth, who asked me to write a poem for her when she was feeling ugly, unloved and unworthy because some loser boy broke up with her (I disliked him from the start). She has an amazing ability to open her heart to everyone she meets, and gives chance after chance, and unfortunately that makes her vulnerable. But that is a strength. She has a giant heart and a trusting soul and I am so protective of her.

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D Connolly,
As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'
Your poem shows the outward working of a soul. Your line,
"What makes a person beautiful
isn't found in their disguise
it's in their heart
it's their very soul
That's where their beauty lies."
Your friend must have qualities which are focusing up
and out into the world and people around her.
Some people are like that. This poem was a reminder
of where our focus should be not on ourselves but on others.
Live and learn to live in this world of humanity outwardly.
Thanks for this reminder of how to live.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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D Connolly

1 Year Ago

Thanks Kathy


It's a pity you had to pen this Dani.
Our stregnths are also our greatest vulnerabilities.

There are so many good lines here which could each be an inspirational quote.

I doubt the guy needed such affirmations because he sounds so totally self-absorbed but then again karma is a b***h.

Posted 3 Years Ago

D Connolly

3 Years Ago

I was home sick and she was in my office crying and called me and asked me to write her a poem, and .. read more
Tony Jordan

3 Years Ago

That bounce-back-ability is what will light her way to a good person for life.
You're a good .. read more
The poem was "Beautiful" LOL :)
And I agree real beauty is on the inside laughing, cheering other people on, having good intentions on every thing you do. That's beauty well maybe I can't explain it well ........
And as for your friend I'll say just by reading this poem "Honey you are beautiful just the way you are and that boy doesn't deserve someone as beautiful as you ;) and be happy for having such a wonderful friend to write a lovely poem on you"
Thank goodness friendship doesn't have a price cause if it did you would have been the most expensive one :) A very beautiful poem indeed
Send my regards to your friend :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

D Connolly

3 Years Ago

Aw, thank-you! True friendship is priceless in this world
Whoever she is, I would definitely say her "You have a beautiful soul"
I've been there dear...
I know how it feels...
But trust me, you look how you think you do..........
Your thinking depends....
Best example - you are not old until and unless your thoughts are old.....

Nd the poem is mesmerizing in all ways....
so beautifully beautiful...

Posted 3 Years Ago

D Connolly

3 Years Ago

Thank-you Anindita, my friend has such a wonderful heart. Sometimes I think the rest of the world is.. read more
Anindita Janhabee

3 Years Ago

i hope so she does....
and yes, there are many people who are kind and sweet still now......... read more
From what I can see, it is you who has the most beautiful and caring soul. It shines in so much of what you write. What is interesting is that so many people put so much store in what is on the outside, they forget the inside. But that kind of beauty wears thin quickly. It is sad that so many of us look to others for our sense of self worth. This person will find a true partner, one who loves her for who she is. Your friendship is her springboard, and she will get over whatshisface ...

Posted 3 Years Ago

D Connolly

3 Years Ago

yes, whathisface is a loser! Thank-you for your thoughts. Beth is such a tender soul, and she shows .. read more
Truth in every word. Thanks for sharing.
Selfless is the word I was thinking. But it's there.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Chris A Jones

3 Years Ago

BTW, to your friend, yes it makes us vulnerable. But don't change yourself just because it does. I.. read more
D Connolly

3 Years Ago

It's one of the many things I love so much about her, but it is frustrating to watch people take adv.. read more
Chris A Jones

3 Years Ago

You apparently have her back though. So you are as much a friend as you are a beautiful individual... read more

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