Zombie Pandemonium: When the Fecal Matter Impacts the Rotating Aerial Oscillator

Zombie Pandemonium: When the Fecal Matter Impacts the Rotating Aerial Oscillator

A Story by D Allen

Zombie Outbreak Survival Advice; part of an extended series of zombie stories and facts to make you think.


Pandemic Zombie Outbreak Survival

     So when the fecal matter impacts the rotating aerial oscillator and you find yourself right in the middle of a full blown Z-virus outbreak, you need to know what to do. That's what I'll cover in this extended series of zombie stories and out-loud thoughts. Where should I start? Okay, right smack in the middle.

     A Z-virus outbreak will start slow then pick up speed. Here's a scenario: Sally works over at the underfunded and understaffed county Medical Examiner's office where 100s of global flu pandemic bodies, dead bodies are starting to stack up. She comes in contact with fluids one way or another and goes home.

     Now she gets the flu and she stays home with her family. She dies in the night and in the morning her husband wakes up to a reanimated Sally chewing on his arm. He screams. The kids come running into the room.

     Sally is a patient zero. Once she was infected, she had about 24 more hours to live. Once she died, there was about a 2-hour window before she reanimated and became a zombie. Her husband and kids will have similar zombie virus infection symptoms. Within 10 days, 20% of the entire Tri-County region is the walking dead. In 10 more days, 100% of functioning civil services not adversely affected by the flu pandemic will shut down. In 30 more days multiple cities in multiple regions will report full blown zombie pandemonium.

     Keep in mind the pandemic flu already collapsed 30% of all social functions (banks, schools, police, hospitals, stores). Imagine 80% of all businesses closed. Where will you get food, medicine, survival gear, guns and ammo, your mail? After a regional, national, and then global Z-virus outbreak taking just 3 months to start, there will be complete social chaos globally! Human Services will work for containment up to a 30% pandemic rate, beyond that, the most cost effective government response as published by the WHO and the CDC is to let the spreading zombie outbreak first run its course through the earliest Z-virus stages. Stages? Yes. More about that later.

     Z-virus survival rates:  Keep in mind that about 1 in 10,000 are immune. Some military members, police, fire, and hospital workers have about a 75% immunity. There is currently a program at Harvard and Texas A&M where they develop outbreak contingencies and test subjects for Z-virus vaccines and immunities. This is important for re-establishing order which is estimated to take more than 72 months! Are you ready to survive that long during the end of the world--after the world goes to s**t?

     I am!

     Stay with me and I will continue to talk you through and walk you through what you can expect and what you need to do to survive and help your family survive, if... you have any interest in your family surviving. If not, hey, I understand. 

     Stay tuned.


© 2013 D Allen

Author's Note

D Allen
Give me some time to submit additional portions of this series, then tell me what you think. I've working on daily content and a full body of work that really should work in total rather than as separate pieces. Ask me some questions about zombies, my theory, my universe. Tell me if you see holes in my theory, my universe. Challenge me to explain. Suggest other content you think I should read.

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Added on June 6, 2013
Last Updated on June 6, 2013
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D Allen
D Allen


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