Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

A Story by Daiki

After fighting with 3 months of writers block, I sat and composed a list of things to write about.


A group of people (at least three?) that are acquainted, yet all fervently dislike each other, are locked into a room for 2 hours. What happens when the electricity goes out and kills the lights a hour and a half into it? 


Children know things that they forget as they age. These things are the essential tenants of growing up. What are they and why are they forgotten? How is this essential to being a child? 


Every time you do something stupid, a kitten dies. Please, think of the kittens.  


The next greatest invention that will completely change the way that the world functions. Because the iPhone failed in doing so. 


The life of a moth in less than 50 words; A soliloquy.


Write a limerick that begins with the line: It was a hot day late in May (pattern is 8,8,5,5,9) 

 Write a short narrative from the point of a view of a character that despises coffee, yet cannot get away from it. Start with, “It was the purest of love-hate relationships…” 


“The addiction was real. Some people said that it could be overcome by normal methods of detox, but I don’t think they realized that this would happen if you stopped taking it.” 


The train was a fantasy built by children. The cars were connected, yet doubled back on themselves were progression tried and contained oddities that no adult could have ever thought of. What’s more than this was the locations that the train drove through were something of a nightmare.  


“….Please don’t squish it?” Tell me why it shouldn’t have been squished. 


Just an average meeting of the dying houseplant support group. Or so everyone thought. 


Cake isn’t just for breakfast anymore. 


The count was oddly specific, vague, and penned in with slightly faded ink. “Next due: 13 days.” 


Time travel was invented yesterday. But now yesterday is today. 


Come up with some dubstep tag lines that would indeed only qualify as bass-tripping. The bass won’t drop to these. 


I tried flipping through the book, but the teeth were so sharp I gave up. 


Profile a short scene involving a character who is so happy-go-lucky that it makes people want to kill them 


The government that came to throw the animals down my home staircase” 


Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Had they not been so unfortunate, they would have drawn that water from a well.  


You’re getting old; but look at the bright side….. okay there is no bright side, only a bright light, but you’ll want to stay away from that. 


Describe exactly how it is that cuddling can be messed up. Use some elaborate example. 


“I shouldn’t have asked, but my sense of curiosity overcame reason in this case.” 


Write up an infomercial script for some random piece of crap that no one would ever buy. Make it sound like an item you couldn’t live without.  


Come up with the most ridiculous pet/nick name in the history of ever. Now create a character sketch where a person afflicted with that name attends an amusement park where everyone wears a name tag.  


The coroner said he’d never seen anything like it. My brother said he had seen this all too much.  


The irony in why the word verb is often a noun. 


Write a short interaction in which an OC encounters the cast of Black Butler 


The reason why they had to take 6 out of the counting sequence. (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9) 


 Computers of the year 2082 will link directly with your thoughts themselves creating a completely user based OS. People now have the option to link real time thoughts to facebook posts, so that rather than mood update, everyone can see what your thinking. Write about the posts that someone linked with their mind, and tell me why it would be something to regret later.


This is the speech you would write were you to say something to an entire populace of people who wanted to convert to Russianism. 


For the sake of a challenge, take an ordinary wooden pencil, and use no less than 100 words to describe it. 


 I began calligraphy because it allowed me to write without thinking and became my new escape. It wasn’t until I began reading what I wrote that I realized it was a horrid mistake. 


© 2015 Daiki

Author's Note

Let me know if any of these are helpful or if anyone would actually use these =w=

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Added on May 25, 2015
Last Updated on May 25, 2015
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