A Memoir of the 21st Century

A Memoir of the 21st Century

A Poem by Daniel Affsprung

Written from the future, after watching WALL - E. Classic film by the way.

In the disgraceful past of our now wondrous race,
If our history's lines one should care to trace,
Our resources were wasted, without meaning, to
The "Arts" and "Music" to name just a few.

Our forefathers sought the path called "Righteousness"
But the path that is easiest, surely is best.
While their time was squandered on "Philosophy"
We now aim only towards efficiency.

Of these habits, Love was perhaps the least probable.
It was widely practiced, yet highly illogical!
Countless books have been written by every nation,
On this pointless endeavor of infatuation.

When a person discovered another they sought,
They would go quite insane; Whole wars have been fought!
Thankfully reproduction is now automated,
So we can control every life generated.

We eliminate all these bad things just for you,
Just sit back, and live life through RealityView!
Take care! And enjoy your next [estimate years]
And give thanks to your government, [Insert name here]

© 2011 Daniel Affsprung

Author's Note

Daniel Affsprung
Post-script: realityview represents virtual reality, the way life is lived our in this imaginary scenario

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Added on April 25, 2011
Last Updated on April 25, 2011
Tags: Future, commentary, satire, poetry


Daniel Affsprung
Daniel Affsprung

Lewisburg, PA

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