April Rain

April Rain

A Poem by Lydia Jamison

Just a little narrative that I wrote on a rainy day in April...


Eloise sat with her head down
On her porch swing,
Swaying back and forth
With the cold wind
Of a chilly April morning.

A tiny trickle
Slid down her cheek,
Slipping free
And landing on the wood
At her feet.
She watched
As it glistened in the little
Sunlight that shone
Through the clouds.

Again and again,
Eloise heard his voice
Echoing in her mind.

It said,
Oh, Eloise!
How wonderful!
To be married on such a fine day!
The middle of April!
The tenth!
Why, you must come!
The greatest friend of mine,
You are,
And I could not imagine

Getting married
Without having you there.

Today was the tenth.
And Eloise
Had stayed home.

She sat on her porch,
Staring out at the April rain,
Holding back her sobs.
Her love was off getting married
To someone that was not her.
To someone who could never know
Or love him,
The way she did.

Eloise hated herself
For beginning to think;
To think of his beautiful bride,
Her lovely golden locks
And ocean blue eyes,
Her little pixie girl body,
All dressed out in a beautiful
White gown.

And now she was walking down the aisle,
A bouquet of red roses
Held in her dainty hands.
She was looking at him,
A perfect smile across her pink lips.
He was smiling back at her,

Nervously twirling
The silver ring in his fingers.

Eloise then let herself go,
Losing herself as she let
Her tears get the best of her.
She cried with the rain,
As if the world were trying to calm her
With its own lovely tears.

As if it were a dream,
A young man shuffled across the porch
Towards Eloise,
His tennis shoes
Making a faint scuffing noise
As he moved.

He sat with her on the swing
And rocked with her for a while,
Holding her in his arms,
Wiping the tears off her face.
He brushed a strand of auburn hair
Away from her dark eyes,
And kissed her tear stained cheek,

And as he held her,
Eloise's pain began to fade,
And she fell into him.
She felt at home,
Being there in his arms,
And was glad

To forget the wedding,

And the man

She thought she loved.

So the two of them sat alone
On the day of a wedding,
Swinging together
In the lovely
April rain.

© 2010 Lydia Jamison

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Added on April 24, 2010
Last Updated on April 30, 2010
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Lydia Jamison
Lydia Jamison

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