Phenomenal Man

Phenomenal Man

A Poem by Terrell A. Pullen

A spin off to "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelo

Most men in the world see me as a threat
They hide behind their rims
The chains on their necks
All I use is my God given things
My powerful mind
My ears without rings
My manly voice comes out and sings
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Walk in a room
Girls like to stare
Not because of my grill
Or my wavy hair
I don�t spend a lot of money
And my wrist don�t shine
Still every woman in the room is looking hard
They want to be mine
It�s because of the light I hold in me
The love for God in my heart
The power of the Lord that�s with me
They look my way
A true man of God they see
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Ladies sitting
Thinking to themselves
What is it about this guy?
He doesn�t claim to be the king
Doesn�t claim to be fly
They want a man like me
But don�t know why
Cause I don�t ride spinners
And I don�t get high
I say
It�s my manly stance
My responsible soul
My faith and love for God
That�s what makes me a man
The strength of my arms
The power of my mind
The depth of my soul
That�s why they look so hard
Getting next to me is their one true goal
Look deep into my eyes
That�s when they see
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

Now you can see
I don�t have to boast or brag
Tell lies
Or show off the things I have
God made me who I am
And in God�s name I shall stand
God made me man
So a man of God I shall be
I'm a man
Phenomenal man
That is me.

© 2008 Terrell A. Pullen

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This is awesome. I love that poem by Maya Angelou. And you know what? Not all women are looking for anything but what you say you have in this poem. Loved this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

And the prize goes to....YOU! I love that poem. I love Maya. I've attempted to pay tribute to her with a poem of my own but it is kindergarten compared to this piece. Bravo!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 4, 2008


Terrell A. Pullen
Terrell A. Pullen

South Holland, IL

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