It�s a Beautiful Thing, Right?

It�s a Beautiful Thing, Right?

A Poem by Terrell A. Pullen

She said that I...
Beautifully surprised her
My love, my ways
She slowly realized her...
Inside being needed me

Smiling in her slumber
She slowly began dreaming me
Building a rivering ocean
Crying because she awakes not seeing me

Am I still her dream?
Or her realization?
Am I her mirage?
Or her godly creation?

Does she know what she desires?
Am I what she requires?
Are her feelings for me truly a lie?
Or am I truly what her spiritual soul is inspired by?

Loving me, I wonder why she...
Does her things, but never do them again
Says her words, but never say them again
Am I just a game that she only wants to win?
Am I that love she,
Wants to hug over and over, again and again

I lay and listen to her words
Loving to hear her tell me what is perfect for her
Hearing her describe the one who God will send to make her H-A-P-P-Why?
Because as she goes down the list I find
The one she speaks of is he that is the me that you see call I

She said that I...
Beautifully surprised her
Not being me this other guy he
Gets to realize her...
Love, her touch, her everything that makes her be
If he is not I, but he has she
Then how beautiful is the surprise...
If her and I are never we?

© 2008 Terrell A. Pullen

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Added on October 31, 2008


Terrell A. Pullen
Terrell A. Pullen

South Holland, IL

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