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Always for Madeline


The man who is writing this poem wouldn’t be around without you. I owe my rebirth to you. Rebirth is a good word for it because I felt so lifeless before you. Then I simply found you and the world turned once again. I felt again. I was healing from your support and friendship. A friendship that was short because I needed more. I needed love. You hesitated at first but who can blame you. I was the dark figure, the so called monster, the Reaper. But you fall in love with me. I still remember that day you first told me you loved me, that look on your face of fright mixed with nervousness. Then you spoke those words and my life was complete. I love you. I was me again but yet different. Not the same old me, but something better, something I was proud of, all because of you. You made me a better man, person. I look at you with such loving eyes because deep down I know own you my life, a life I will now share with you forever. Everyone should have my eyes to know how truly beautiful you are. You are my present, my future and my everything. No matter what happens, what life throws our way, I will be with you forever.

© 2012 Reaper

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I love this. I do want to ask why you wrote it in no line or stanza? There's no form. It's as if you were writing to the person you loved in a note, however, I can also see where that could be the point. To give it the air or realism. Maybe you did write this to someone. Maybe not. Makes me think, wonder. I also love that you finish the poem with forever. Add's emphasis to the word. I enjoyed reading it. And I look forward to reading more of your work. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on October 21, 2012
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