Chapter For Allan

Chapter For Allan

A Poem by DarkShines

For Faith, I hope this works for you darling :)


The castle lies

Collapsed in on itself

The Princess sits in the ruins

And her Prince has fled

(Oh how fast you ran)

Had to be fixin' to leave

Long before you'd gone

But did you have to go

And destroy everything in your wake?

(The fires still burn)

  You were nothing more than a coward A selfish parasite in your own right

            Taking for granted an angel on earth

 Making her compromise her very soul for you

         (Just smiled and kept on taking)

                   Kept on taking until the well was dry

   And then, well, guess it was time to say goodbye right?

 You weren't able to see the destruction you left behind

       But I'll tell you, it was spectacular

      (Hope the shock wave catches up)

But life still goes on

The structures of hope still stand

And with a little help

Maybe she can trust again

(No one could blame her if she didn't)

Friends lost in the fallout

But not all have gone

Enough to pick up the pieces

And try to put her back together

(A long road to walk, but not a lonely one)

         It's hard to believe how things came to be

              One little string of dominoes falling

        One by one down the trail of love

 The force of misunderstanding carrying them

    (Straight line to a heart-shaped hand grenade)

    A small, unintentional lie

       And the pin was pulled

  Not even a chance to plea

      Before the hammer fell

     (Where was that mercy you'd always been taught?)

She deserves so much more

Than to feel lower than the dirt you spit on

A creature of grace and unmatched kindness

Siting among the castle rubble

(Saying goodbye to a world she never thought she'd leave)

And you go on your own way in spite

And she on her own way in search

Of a path that moves forward

Of a light that shines in her favor

(A reason to forget and forgive, herself or another)

Try as the world might

She hasn't been fully broken

Faith still stands

Bruised but unbeaten

(You couldn't take it all from her)

And each day she gets stronger

Each day a little better

And I hope one day

You'll be there

(And see you don't deserve her)

© 2014 DarkShines

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Thank you so much for the review and thank you even more for pitching and helping her with this project, I really appreciate that! And seriously, I've got half a mind to join you on that endeavor.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Thanks you for writing this for her. I'm going to write one for her too, and this helped. Except, if it's okay with her, mine will be a detailed description of his death. Because if she gives me his address I'll kill him. Anyway, this is really great.

-Faith's friend

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Accidentally reviewed instead of commenting, so look above haha

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