Hounds and Bat's Bad Blood prt.2

Hounds and Bat's Bad Blood prt.2

A Poem by David the writer

If you haven't read the first Hounds and Bats Bad Blood you should, but don't worry the first doesn't have anything that's important enough to make you read it before this one. Hope you enjoy!


Hounds ,and bats

Are everywhere as your trying to survive

Can you make it out alive

They say "you can't make it out of life alive"

Are they right

Are you just surviving to die another day

Death knocking at your door

How do you answer

Do you say come another day

Or do you just slam it, and lock it

Either way it’s coming

Can u prove fate wrong

Are you getting a bite, or are you going to be a snack

The fangs are here, and they thirst for your blood

Can you take the heat, the pressure

Of knowing that your doom is always around the corner

They’re here, and hunger

Can you get away this time

Or shall you flee into your unstoppable death

Can you make it to old age, and die fearful

Or will you be bitten, and be forced to live as a pale monstrosity

You don’t know if you will

You don’t faith, but will, and wits

Can you make it without spirit, but skill

Could your gods listen to your plea

And set the sun permanently

Could they just ignore you

All hope is lost cause you know their not real

Oh cruel fate is so dirty

So filthy, and bloody

Yet that matters none when hounds, and bat are feeding

And you’re one of the only ones alive

And their trying to get you

It’s happened before, and it’s about to happen again

The ancient orders are very merciful

Here come the blood spilling

Here comes the beasts

Here comes the bats

Here comes your fate sealed

And there’s no turning back

They’re here, and looking to feed

And as you can see, they’re looking at you with their hungry eyes, and bloody fangs

You never knew how death was going to feel

They were right your life flashes before your eyes

Your heart racing, and pouncing

Your time is here

And your fate is sealed

Their coming towards you, but your just standing there

Waiting for the moment when you meet death himself

You’ve proofed that your good, but not good enough

Your life ends as their sharp fangs dig into your skin

And the hounds eat your flesh

While the vampires are drinking your blood

Both look bloody, and savage

And your life ends

As their war begins

© 2012 David the writer

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Wow! This was really well done! I love the use of adreniline, questions, and rythm you used. Very awesome, definitly bringing back the reality of a good vampire story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanx!!! this is my second horror poem I ever done :D

11 Years Ago

You should continue in the horror genre, dude, this was amazing.
David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thanx a lot. I did and still am!
another good one
i really like the last line

"And your life ends

As their war begins"

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sirius King

11 Years Ago

sure,,,u set it up
David the writer

11 Years Ago

Mkay, dude i'll message you about the title, n that stuff
Sirius King

11 Years Ago

ok kool

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