Glorified Killer, or Hero prt4

Glorified Killer, or Hero prt4

A Story by David the writer

 Our hero laid in his bed still awake. He had too much to think about for sleep. "Was the vampire really innocent?" he asked himself, "Am I innocent "Is anyone truly innocent?" "And what happened?" "What put me back there?" "Why did I come back, and every vampire was sliced into pieces?" "Am I just a glorified killer, or a true hero to mankind?" He decided to exercise, and meditate. These answers must be down deep inside himself somewhere. He walked by his central room, and decided to turn on the news while he exercised. The news anchor started out the news by saying "Good morning America!" "We got a guest here who claims to have seen a mysterious man killing innocents on the outskirts of town last night ."So you said you saw a man murdering innocents?" "Yes I did, and I want to warn everyone there's a murder on the outskirts of town." said the guest, "He was mercilessly chopping up citizens!" "There was a recent report of a man killing vampires." said the anchor man leading into a question, "Do you think you may have mistaken the vampires for citizens?" "No, I don't think that!" said the guest, "I know he was just chopping up the nearest people." "I can't help, but disagree with you here." said the news anchor, "You have shown no proof, and recent reports have been a man killing what looks like vampires." said the anchor man, "Sorry America, but our segment is out of time." "Here's Ollie Williams with sports!" Our hero turned off the news, and started meditating. He did until it was nearly sun set. He dipped his blades in garlic, and tied his boots. He tied his bandanna around his head, and put his visor on. He left for the outskirts of town. He was there once more awaiting the vampires. This time he heard one voice, and that one voice said "Well well isn't it the big bad human." "You've been a very big part of our culture lately." "Yeah, i'm here to protect mankind, and i'm here to destroy any threat." said our hero "Ohhh mankind's savior, how cliché." said the voice back "I don't care what it is!" our hero yelled back "Someone's a bit tempered." said the voice back, "I like your style human." "Your a worthy meal." The vampire walked out of the shadows. Our hero draws his weapons, and readies himself. The vampire stands still as he looks our hero in the eyes. "May I aks you something, human?" the vampire asked "I'll take it as a last request." answered our hero still locked in is battle stance. "Do you really think your a hero?" asked the vampire, "I say your just a dirty killer given an excuse to kill." "A reasonable question, but I can't answer that yet." answered our hero. The vampire hisses showing his extra sharp, and bloody fangs. The vampire pounces on our hero. The vampire clawed his face. Our hero rolls over, and punches the vampire’s throught. Our hero stabs the vampire's left eye. The vampire yells, and sticks his claws into our hero's chest. Then the vampire throws our hero. The vampire leaped in the air towards our hero. Our hero rolls at the last second dodging the vampire. An old man comes running outside with a gun as our hero picks up the vampire. The old man yells as he shoots aiming for our hero, but our hero uses the vampire as a shield. The vampire absorbing the bullets. He hissed loudly. Our hero throws the vampire to the ground, and disarms the old man. The old man runs off scared, but our hero had other things to worry about at the moment. The vampire got up, and lunged at our hero. Our hero turned around, and ducked. The vampire hit the ground, and shouted with pain. Our hero pounced on the vampire, and slides the vampire's throught. Our hero barely picks himself up, and walks to his home.

© 2012 David the writer

Author's Note

David the writer
Read parts 1-3 before you read this.

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the further down Our hero seems to go on this road or killing vamps and stuff the harder it seems from him to grasp reality. really great so far keep it up

Posted 11 Years Ago

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David the writer
David the writer


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