Glorified Killer, or Hero prt5

Glorified Killer, or Hero prt5

A Story by David the writer

Translations Salvatore- saivor DE HOMINES- DEATH OF MEN


Our hero awoke, and he looked around frantically. He breathed hard as he looked around, but he only found himself in his bed. He got up, and decided to look at himself in the mirror. So he walked into his bathroom.

 He looked at himself. His dark hair was messy, and he had a scratch that stretched from his right side of his forehead to his left cheek. His eyes were a deep blue, and had dark circles under them. His appearance may have been worn, but his inside was well more than torn. It seemed as though all the radio talk show hosts, all over the internet, and all in his head there was a raging question.

 "Am I a hero, or just a glorified killer?" our hero asked himself in the mirror, "Am I just some horrid nightmare of a hero?"

 Our hero punched the glass as hard as he could. He pulled his fist away as he stared at his bloody fist numb to the pain. He looked down, and saw the glass all over the floor. He decided to meditate to solve his inner war.

 He felt the ground fade away. He opened his eyes, and saw darkness. He saw all of the dead bodies he'd ever kill floating around him. He felt all the dread, all of the combat highs, and all the sorrow.

 "You did all of this!" shouted a voice, "You killed all of these people!"

 "I only killed all of them because I had to!" Our hero shouted back

"For justice right?" asked the voice, "The vampire was right you are cliché."

"I made an oath, and I don't like letting oaths go." replied our hero

"We all know why you killed all of those people!" replied the voice, "You kill because you enjoy it!"

 Our hero came back from meditating. He took deep breaths as he noticed he was still in his bed. He walked into his dinning room, and turned on his radio. An announcer started talking.

 "So how about this famous vampire slayer?" he asked "He kills all these people, and say their vampires." "There are people who considers him a hero!" "What are your thoughts America?" "Do you think he's a hero, or do you think he's just a killer?" "Call this number if you want to speak up." "The number is 777-356-2398, call now."

 "I got something to say." said our hero

 "Do you now?" asked the radio talk show host, "Well now's your chance to say it."

 "I'm the vampire slayer." announced our hero

 "How do we know that?" asked the radio talk show host, "What's your name, vampire slayer?" asked the radio talk show host

 "You can call me Salvatore." answered our hero

 "Why don't you tell us your real name, Salvatore?" asked the show host

 "People like me, we don't have names." replied our hero, "Now shut up, and listen!" "I'm not denying i'm a killer, but I am a hero." "I risk my life night after night!" "This is how people view me?!" "As a monster!?" "At least I do something!"

 "Oh yeah, you kill the problem!" shouted the show host

 "That way it never comes back!" shouted our hero

 "Someone get this guy off the line." demanded the show host

 "It would be my pleasure." said our hero as he hung up

 Our hero glanced out the window. It was sun set. So he dipped his blades in garlic. He tied his boots. he tied his dark bandanna around his head, and put his visor over his eyes

 He walked out his door, and headed for the outskirts of town. He had much to think about. He felt as though he wasn't wanted. Yet he was needed.

He was there wondering if he shall meet death. Wondering if he was nearing his last breath. Will he meet his ultimate fate. Did he only prolong it this late?

"WE ARE LEGION!" shouted voices in unison

"Who's legion!?" shouted Salvatore looking around frantically

 "DEATH, AND HATERED TO MANKIND!" shouted the voices

 These vampires came walking from the shadows. They each stood there. One stepped towards with his head down. He looked up at Salvatore.

 Salvatore locked in his battle stance stood there waiting for an attack. One vampire pointed at Salvatore. He raised his fist, and walked back into the shadows. All six vampires ran towards Salvatore.

 One jumped at Salvatore with his claws aimed at Salvatore’s face. Salvatore ducked, and turned to face the vampire laying on the ground. Salvatore pounced on the vampire, and stabbed his eyeball. The thick blood spewed everywhere as Salvatore stabbed the vampire's neck.

 Another one ran toward Salvatore. Salvatore pounced on the vampire. The vampire tried to bite Salvatore’s arm, but Salvatore stabbed the inside of its mouth. Salvatore pulled out his blade out of the vampires mouth, and sliced the vampires neck.

Four circled around Salvatore. They tried to claw in unison, but Salvatore ducked. He stabbed the two vampires in front of him, and sliced them as he stood back up. Salvatore looked around, but he couldn’t find the last two vampires.

 The last two vampires clawed Salvatore in the back pushing Salvatore to the ground. Salvatore jumped back to his feet. The two vampires were turned to face Salvatore as Salvatore lunged at them both with his blades first, and landed with his blades In their necks. He heard laughing as he felt cold wind hit him.

 Salvatore didn’t know where the last vampire was, but the sun was up, and the vampire couldn’t be that hazardous. Although he did wonder where the last vampire went, and who was legion. What he did know was all the vampires were killed. That was enough for him to leave.                              

© 2012 David the writer

Author's Note

David the writer
Please tell me how you thought the different text was good in your reviews.

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i like the next text... it was a little hard to read when the vamps were talking. but other then that your story is developing well:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

It pops an fizzles! I like it! Keep it going!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I thought it was fairly good. A couple of things I would say that could be better would be the meditating inner struggle part and I felt like you might have overused our hero a little bit. If we're not supposed to know his name then you may night have any other options but I did feel it was overused. But the main point, I think you can go so many places with the inner thought part. Have past victims serve as the voices. While he's being challenged he thinks about specific past victims giving more insight into his past and how that led to this current struggle. Perhaps innocents who were killed in collateral. and then once incident or something like that that convinces him that he is doing the right thing. Interesting character and the legion part at the end hinting at a larger plot more than an inner struggle was good as well.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have to help me write like this. You are a true talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Thank you! I learned most from expirence, but I would love to help you. Contact me, and i'll give yo.. read more
So much better!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

Do they accept short stories?

11 Years Ago

Anything goes in any genre. They also do reviews (You might need to read one or two stories now and .. read more
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Good writing but I'm not sure about the text, the last part is very difficult to read. I like that it's different but look at the choice of text. Keep writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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