Running with the beast

Running with the beast

A Poem by David the writer

 Oh no, clear moon, midnight

 Oh hell yeah this is gonna feel so right!

 The howls roar from the woods sounding closer

 It's time to show all them poseurs


 I'm running with the beast

 Enjoying our noctunal feast

 Drinking the blood with a smug grin

 Sorting the bones from the flesh like a gin!


 Some call me dracula others call me the wolf man

 All I care about is the tender flesh

 It tastes so sweet like a flan

 It's so bloody, and fresh!


 I just love running with the beast

 I just can't ignore the snarls

 I don't know how i'd be able to live without this thrill

 I just couldn't live life without these nocturnal fests!


© 2012 David the writer

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This reminds me of a song by Of Monsters and Men

good job, Chuck!

Posted 8 Years Ago

David the writer

8 Years Ago

Thanks dude!

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Added on October 7, 2012
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David the writer
David the writer


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