Hounds and Bats' Bad Blood 3

Hounds and Bats' Bad Blood 3

A Poem by David the writer

This is a continuation, and ending of a series of poetry called Hounds, and Bats Bad Blood.


 Howls, and hisses

 Last breaths, and final kisses

 Fear's time to rule

 It's fear's hour to show it's true color, cruel


 Here comes the bats in the shadows

 Poor families drowning in death's sorrows

 Here comes the hounds in the moon's dark light

 Both delivering humanity's final bite


 Now the day has dawned they rest in caves ploting for war

 Bats using their strategic lore

 Hounds just lusting for blood, and chaos

 Hounds acting on their agressive pathos


 Now the sun sleeps, and the hounds, and bats continue their war

 Bats, and Hounds' fighting in their never ending fest of gore

 Hounds' numbers are going down

 Bats pushing the hounds' population to the ground


 Hounds' can't take their mind off the sweet red blood

 All of the blood covering all like a flood

 Hounds' using brute strength to push back

 But bats using intellegence to push harder than the wolf pack


 War looks grim for hounds

 War looks like a silver lining for bats

 Now the hounds roars never sounds

 Now bats using the stored vats 

© 2012 David the writer

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Added on October 7, 2012
Last Updated on October 7, 2012


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David the writer


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