Who Knows?

Who Knows?

A Poem by Hide From God

I said this awhile ago and it still rings true, She's still a b***h called hope.

One more time
Just one more time

For the past six years
I've seen it all
Death, pain, struggle
Drugs, booze and lost hope
All my friends are gone
Some to drugs and liquor
Others to prison and tombs
It feels like I'm the only one left
Who may still have a chance
To make it out alive

The problem with me
Is that I've given up hope
I lost it a long time ago
Just didn't see the point
To wish for a better life
I'll probably wind up dead
From a self inflicted wound
And join my six dead friends

© 2010 Hide From God

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Added on July 19, 2010
Last Updated on July 19, 2010


Hide From God
Hide From God


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