Don't Let Vader Use His Force Choke

Don't Let Vader Use His Force Choke

A Poem by Hide From God

I've had those feelings,
Those thoughts that cross the mind.
I know what it's like,
I'm just like you.
I've been there before

Were you alone, lost in your mind?
Vacant and distant,
Trapped by those feeling of loneliness.
Because sometimes it seems there is no coming back,
When you are so far down the rabbit hole.

You fell to far in
And there is no way out.
Trapped by the never ending darkness that engulfs your mind.
You know you can't leave,
So you accept your fate.

You always felt different,
Separated from the rest of humanity.
You saw the world as cold and grey,
Instead of the color everyone else saw.
You were one of millions,
But you were still alone.

Where were you on those endless nights by yourself?
At some dead-end job you hate?
In the solitude of your dark room?
Long drives at night with a cigarette?
The darkness of your mind?
It all feels the same.

You watch the people around you laugh,
You just didn't understand it.
You didn't feel that happiness,
All that was there was emptiness.
You wanted to join in with their joy,
Except that you didn't have the courage to.

You realize that the people around you aren't there.
Your friends don't understand,
Your family just can't.
You want them to understand but you don't.
Why share this burden with them?
It will only hurt them in the end.

Ya, I've been there too.

You watched life pass before your eyes
Without trying to catch up.
You've been stuck in that rut for so long,
You decided to make it your home.
You always ended up falling back in anyways.

You were supposed to be the best,
You were supposed to do everything.
The grand plan was laid out in full,
Be successful and happy,
Everyone loves you.

But did everything go as planned?
You were never the popular one,
just the loner and the weirdo.
You were never accepted,
You were different and you knew it.

Every day, every year,
It seemed to get worse.
Something tragic would happen
And you just couldn't cope with it.
It was starting to build up
Like a dam that was ready to burst.

Remember when you finally snapped?
When you decided to just say f**k it,
And throw in the white towel.
You had enough and wanted it to stop.
Why be here any longer?

Was it watching your friends die?
All the people you care about leave?
The unrealized potential you let fade?
Realizing you are such a f**k up,
That you won't be missed?

All you did was cause pain
And ended up hurting everyone around you.
Pushing the people who cared about you away
And hurting the people you loved.
Who would miss you?

You've had the thought in your head for years.
You've been on the brink so many times,
Your footprints are worn in there.
This depression is something you can't cope with
And you know it is finally time.

You plan it out or make it sudden,
Either way it doesn't matter.
No goodbyes, no notes,
Nothing to give any inclination of what you are doing.
The end result will be the same.
You just want the pain to end
And you don't care how.

Ya, I've been there too.

© 2012 Hide From God

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Added on November 15, 2011
Last Updated on January 24, 2012


Hide From God
Hide From God


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