A letter to young generation

A letter to young generation

A Story by Odette Uzamukunda

In this letter there are problems young generation deals with and their solutions .

A letter to young generation

Who am I to turn to, when I see no rescue to my wonder thoughts, where my mind is in control of my life. Been wondering whether what I see  around me is even really, because nowadays fake is everywhere and really is rare. Am I being too hard to myself or do I put a lot of pressure to myself, am I overthinking things or could I be right?

Those thoughts keep hunting me in every step I take, and this makes me wonder whether what I believe in truly exist or are everything I see around me made out of my hallucination?
You can't imagine how I hope I was at the same page with someone then I would be able to believe that maybe something real does exist. Seeing and experiencing things alone is such a burden cause even though there were someone who understands you fully, it will be useless when it comes to explaining your experiences.

This modern world puts us under a pressure of success where everyone is trying to achieve many things at once, it would be nice to tell young generation that life doesn't work like that. I would be happy to make some changes in young generation, but I am somebody whose voice is a no heard.
I would like to tell young people that life is full of good ways to achieve permanent happiness and one of those ways the greatest of all is  patient, but the sad truth is that I also want to hear those words, but everyone is too busy to notice a nobody like me, who seeks only love and little of attention, but then again I am a nobody hoping for some change in this modern society.

The expectations of perfection expected from young generation that reminding them that they have to be beautiful and intelligent, these things stress out the young. And this is the biggest issue that keeps young generation from glowing, shining and being themselves.
But also, I have hope that I am not the only one who see how this is destroying young people. One day things are going to break out.

You young person out there know that you aren't the only one who is dealing with these issues, all it takes is being just being yourself and trust me, the imperfections you see in yourself no one will notice them if you try to embrace them then everyone will love what you love.
Learn to be patient and know that in really world perfection doesn't exist, perfection isn't really. Failing once doesn't mean you're failing all your life.

So now you know that you aren't alone in this journey and now you know that things don't have to be perfect start to love that little imperfect of yours and start to glow and shining by being yourself and loving whatever you have. I have been there, I am speaking from experiences. I am not saying that the problems won't come your in way but at least you will know how to handle them.

© 2020 Odette Uzamukunda

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Odette Uzamukunda

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Added on September 7, 2020
Last Updated on September 7, 2020


Odette Uzamukunda
Odette Uzamukunda

Oulu, NORTH, Finland

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