A Kiss In The Moonlight - Chapter Three

A Kiss In The Moonlight - Chapter Three

A Story by DecemberRein



A Kiss In The Moonlight - Reality Check

2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved

Melanie looked over at her brother, “I’m sorry I had you worried, I walked away for a minute and I kind of got lost and um, Sain, I mean Zack here was kind enough to come and rescue me.”

Viktor moved immediately and stood next to Melanie, “Are you okay? I was kind of worried about you. Stay away from this one, he’s bad news.” As he said that he attempted to pull Melanie away from Zack.

Zack looked at Viktor, “I’m bad news? This coming from the biggest player on this side of the Eastern hemisphere, what a joke.” said Zack blocking Viktor from getting anywhere near Melanie.

Lucas stepped forward and looked at his sister as she stood between the two guys that completely towered over her and folded his arms across his chest watching as everything unfolds.

“Yeah, Melanie, he’s bad news.” said Viktor as he turned towards Melanie and attempted to pull her away again.

“Don’t touch her.” said Zack as he watched Viktor, “Where’s your girlfriend? Is she aware of the sudden interest you’ve taken with Melanie?”

Viktor looked behind him and noticed his girlfriend Angela standing there tapping her foot. He looked at Zack and smirked as he growled in a low voice, “You may have won this round but trust me, this isn’t over.” 

Melanie looked at Viktor and frowned, “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend Viktor, I sure wouldn’t want my boyfriend flirting with other girls when I wasn’t around.” She stepped between the two of them and made her way towards her brother but was stopped as she felt a gentle pull on her arm.

“May I please talk to you?” asked Zack as he looked at Melanie with puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t think now is a good time, tomorrow doesn’t look so good either. Maybe you should go find someone else to toy with.” said Melanie as she folded her arms across her chest and looked up at him.

“Come on just give me two minutes.” Pleaded Zack as he looked over at Melanie with pleading eyes.

Lucas walked over, “Hey, I’m Lucas, thanks for finding my sister for me. I appreciate it.”

“No problem man, just keep her away from that Viktor guy, he’s big on using girls and I don’t want to see that happen to Melanie.”

Lucas looked at Zack and smiled, “Thanks man, I knew there was something about him, just couldn’t place my finger on it.”

Melanie cleared her throat, “If you two are done with that male bonding thing you’ve got going on, I’d like to get back to the party if you don’t mind.”

Lucas turned to his sister, “I agree with Zack, stay away from Viktor, I saw him just a little while ago with that girl Angela and trust me, from where I was standing, things were getting hot and heavy.

Zack watched the expression on Melanie’s face but wasn’t quite able to read it. He moved closer to her as he turned to Lucas, “I just need a minute with your sister, I’ll walk with her once we’re done. I won’t let her out of my sight.”

“Okay, don’t take too long.” said Lucas, he turned to his sister and smiled, “I’ll be right over there if you need me.” He pointed to a group of guys standing around and headed towards them leaving Melanie and Zack alone as requested.

Melanie found something to sit on and made herself comfortable while Zack stood there pacing. He turned towards her and with his rugged good looks, gave her his best smile, “Let me properly introduce myself.” he said with a slight nervousness in his tone, “I’m Zack Peter’s and I have no relation to Saint Peter what-so-ever, I just couldn’t seem to help myself.” He shifted from leg to leg as he slowly pushed his hair back. “Seeing you, um, well, looking the way you did yesterday, made me lose my mind momentarily.”

Melanie stood up, put both hands on either side of her hips and placed her body directly in front of his, “And when you saw me today in the woods? and again not even ten minutes ago? You’re going to stand there and tell me you lost your mind “momentarily”? asked Melanie as she did finger quotes for momentarily. 

Zack smiled at Melanie as he did his best to hold in his laughter, “I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to you. Can we start over? Please?” he moved closer and lifted her face to meet his, “I promise I won’t pretend to be Saint Peter anymore, although you have to admit that was really original on my part.”

Melanie bit her cheeks hard, doing her best to keep from smiling as she pulled her face out of his grasp and turned her head slightly into the darkness. She let out a soft breath and faced Zack, “Oh it was original all right until I heard my cell phone ringing, then your cover was blown.”

Zack did his best not to laugh, he wanted to make this moment with Melanie last as long as he possibly could, “Wait just a cotton picking second, did you just confess that you knew all along that I wasn’t really Saint Peter?” asked Zack as he closed the distance between them and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. “I’m waiting for an answer little one.”

Melanie tried to move away from Zack but he blocked her every time she took a step. Finally with a huff she looked at him folded her arms across her chest and spoke slowly, “Did you really believe that I bought your ridiculous charade?”

Zack shook his head yes and smiled, “So who is really at fault here?”

“Really? Are you seriously standing there asking me that question with a straight face?”

“I am, you played me just as much as I played you, which means now you have to come with me to the movies tomorrow night?”

“Excuse me? No thank you, I’m not interested.” said Melanie.

“I’m not moving until you say yes.”

“That’s just ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous would be you falling for Viktor, smart would be going to the movies with me tomorrow night. Come on Melanie, let me make it up to you, besides, it’ll give me a chance to make things up to you.”

“Since you put it like that, how can I resist?” Snarked Melanie, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I would like to go mingle and meet some of the other people.” She went to move past him but he stopped her again.

“We’re not finished here.” said Zack as he did his best to not just grab her and kiss her perfectly pink, lush lips and instead folded his arms clear across his chest, keeping them locked and avoiding any future problems.

“Now what?”

“Well if I’m taking you out tomorrow night, I need your phone number so I can let you know the exact time the movie is playing.”

“Oh. Okay.” said Melanie as she reluctantly gave Zack her phone number. He immediately called her and took her phone from her and put his name in and handed it back to her. “There, that wasn’t so difficult now was it?”

She smiled at him and just shook her head, “I better get back to the party, can’t spend the entire night with just one person now, that just wouldn’t be right.”

“Look at me Melanie.” said Zack as he felt his heart skip a beat knowing that tomorrow she will be next to him, alone in a movie theater. “I love your adorable southern accent, it makes you even hotter than you already are.”

Melanie blushed, “Why thank you kindly Zack. I am happy you like it.”

Zack breathed her in, “Whatever you’re wearing smells absolutely delicious, I love it.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “Your scent does something to me and I find it difficult to be near you without touching you or holding you, it makes me fight everything that I am. Weird, huh?”

“Are you sure you’re human?”

“If I told you I wasn’t, would that make any difference?”

“Of course it would.” Laughed Melanie as she looked up at Zack.

“Luckily for you I’m one hundred percent human.” said Zack laughing, “Come on, let’s go join the living and have some fun.” As he took Melanie’s hand and held it. She looked up at him and attempted to pull it back but her held on to it firmly. “I promised your brother I would deliver you safely, this is me keeping my promise. Besides, he’s a pretty big guy, I’d hate to get on his bad side.”

Melanie looked up at Zack, “I am confident you can handle yourself if you had too. You clearly aren’t smaller than him, that’s for sure.”

Zack smirked, “Oh, so you noticed.”

Melanie blushed and looked down at the ground as the continued to walk and battled with her thoughts that began running through her mind. As the made their way to the group of teens, her thoughts were cut short when a blond girl practically threw herself at Zack,

“Oh Zack, I’ve missed you so much. When are you going to take me to the movies again?”

Melanie pulled her hand out of his and walked as far away from Zack and the blond as possible. She found her brother and made her way next to him and smiled at the group of guys he was talking too.

“This is my sister, Melanie,” said Lucas, “Melanie, this is Justin, Frankie, Lance, Robert, and George.”

“Wait, seriously dude, this is your sister?” laughed Frankie as he looked from one to the other. “No freaking way, you look nothing alike.”

Lucas frowned, clearly not finding that funny at all, especially since it’s such a touchy subject with Melanie, “Yeah, my sister. My twin sister.”

Justin started choking on his beer, “Shut the [email protected] up, there’s no way man, no way in hell.”

“I assure you I’m his twin sister.” said Melanie as she stood there watching them all laugh. She felt a familiar presence stand behind her, “If you don’t believe us, you can ask my parents.” said Melanie.

Frankie walked next to her and wrapped her arm around her shoulder, “Is that an invitation babe?”

Zack knocked Frankie’s arm off Melanie’s shoulder, “Don’t disrespect my girl, unless you want a problem, then by all means, be my guest.”

Frankie moved away, looked at both Lucas and Melanie, “I apologize, I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

“That’s better, don’t ever let me hear any of you disrespecting my girl or her brother again or we’ll truly have a problem.” said Zack clearly not happy with the way Melanie was just treated. “Come on, there’s something I want to show you.” He took Melanie’s hand and turned towards Lucas, “You too, I think you’ll both appreciate this.”

Zack led them down a dark path and realized that Melanie was having a difficult time with her heels getting stuck in the dirt and slowed his pace, “Thank you. My legs are not as long as either of yours.” As she did her best to remain calm and not flip out on Zack for telling everyone she was his girlfriend. The second they all stopped Melanie put her hands on her hips and faced Zack head on.

Lucas knew that stance all too well and put his hands in the air, “Here it comes.”

“What were you thinking? Have you lost your mind again? Seriously, and you,” said Melanie as she poked her brother in his firm six pack abs, “you just stood there and let him tell those handsome boys that I’m his girlfriend, who does that? I’ll tell you who does that, Dumb and Dumber. Let’s get one thing straight.”

“Wait!” said Zack, “Which one am I? Dumb or Dumber so I know who you happen to be referring to when you go off on a tangent.” He leaned against the tree and watched and listened as Melanie continued.

“Right now you’re Dumb and he’s Dumber.” said Melanie as she continued her little monologue, “Seriously, your girlfriend? I don’t recall agreeing to anything like that at all.”

Zack waited a few seconds before he finally said anything, “Are you finished? I would’t want to speak without permission your Majesty.”

Lucas laughed at that and stopped the second Melanie’s eyes met his and sucked in his cheeks not wanting his sister even more upset with him.

“How did you know Melanie was royalty? She’s my dad’s little Princess and can do no wrong.” snickered Lucas seemingly having fun at his sister’s expense.

Zack smiled over at Melanie and winked, “Of course she’s royalty, any fool would know that! Yes, you’re my girl, I saved your life therefore you’re mine.”

Lucas looked from Zack to Melanie and back between the two again, “I know I’m Dumber, but you saved Melanie’s life? What? All you did was walk up to a group of guys and tell them to back off. What am I missing here?”

Zack smirked as he looked over at Melanie, “Your sister almost drowned yesterday and I rescued her, therefore I’m claiming her as mine.”

Melanie blushed from the tip of her head to the bottom of her feet and felt her heart rate  

accelerate to a speed she wasn’t accustomed to without working out. She took a deep breath and let it out very slowly, “I do not belong to you Zack, that’s just crazy talk.”

“Oh I beg to differ. I saved your life Melanie, therefore, I am responsible for you and as of right now I’m claiming you as mine. It’s a Chinese belief, you can google it.”

Lucas looked over at his sister and bit his cheeks, she looked like a deer in headlights, “The way I see it, it could seriously be worse.”

“Really? Enlighten me with your wisdom.” said Melanie as she moved closer to her brother with her fists at her side.

“It could have been Viktor.” and with that he began laughing like a crazy person.

Zack looked at Melanie with humor in his eyes, “Your brother has a point, I am the lesser of two evils.”

“Oh that just makes it sound even better, but what about your hot little blond chic? Won’t she be upset?” asked Melanie as she stared into Zack’s amber eyes.

“Who are you talking about?” asked Zack looking at Melanie curiously.

Melanie ignored him and stared at her boots, finding them the most interesting things she’s ever seen. After what seemed almost too long, she met Zack’s questioning eyes, “It doesn’t matter, I’m not your girlfriend so please just stop the insanity. It’s plain to see that you’re a player just like Viktor.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I can guarantee you that I’m not a player. Tomorrow night, movies, not hearing another word about it. Now, open up your eyes and take a look around, this place is amazing.”

Melanie and Lucas stood there staring at huge pond with an entire section of all different shapes and sized rocks. The moonlight from above gave an ethereal appearance making the pond appear shallow in some areas and deep in others. The tress that lined the lake zig-zagged in all directions blanketing the entire area in a sea of different colors, shapes and sizes. The stars reflected beautifully off the crystal clear water giving off an other-worldly feel.

“It’s beautiful. I bet this is amazing in the summer.” said Melanie as she started to move closer to get a better look.

“There’s a bunch of different trails and if you follow me over there, you will see mountains in the distance.”

Lucas and Melanie followed Zack and were completely in awe as they took in the beautiful scenery. “It almost looks like a painting, it’s so perfect.” said Lucas as he took out his cell phone and started snapping pictures.

“There’s a lot of places in the area like this. Maybe one of these days I’ll show you them.” said Zack.

“Sounds good to me.” said Lucas as he breathed in the fresh country air.

Melanie’s phone beeped indicating a message. She looked over to her brother, “That’s Viktor, he wants to know what’s keeping us.”

Zack pulled out his phone and began typing away, “Melanie is my girlfriend so stop texting her and stay away from her.” He quickly slipped his phone back in his pocket and walked over to Lucas,

“Hey man, what are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Nothing, I didn’t make any plans yet.” said Lucas as he looked over at Zack.

“I’m taking your sister to the movies, you’re more than welcome to join us if you want.”

“Sure, I’ll play chaperone, unless I meet someone tonight date worthy.” joked Lucas.

Melanie made her way over to Zack and Lucas, “You guys ready to head back to the party now? Or are you two still bonding?”

Zack made his way over to Melanie, “What’s the hurry?”

“I don’t want to miss the fun, besides, I’m thirsty.” said Melanie as she looked up at Zack as he stood there smirking at her.

“Thirsty? Can’t have that now, can we.” said Zack as he led both her and Lucas back to the party. The second they made it over to everyone Viktor walked over,

“There you are, I was beginning to get worried about the two of you.”

“Why’s that?” asked Melanie as she looked at Viktor oddly.

“You’re in a new place, with new people and you disappeared with the town’s worst possible person. Of course I was worried.”

“Don’t worry about my sister. As long as she’s with me, she’ll always be fine.” said Lucas doing his best to keep the peace especially since him and his sister are brand new to the area.

As Melanie walked over to get something to drink when one of the cheerleaders came over to her, “Hey, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to you before, I’m Lily, so nice to meet you. Welcome to our little circle of friends.

Melanie looked over at Lily and smiled, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Melanie.” and as she said that she smiled over at Lily, “Is everyone in this town tall or am I just super short? I fear I will be wearing heels my entire school year.”

Zack happened to walking over to them at that particular moment, “Rumor has it that good things come in small packages.”

Lily laughed, “I have to agree with Zack. You are absolutely beautiful and sweet too.”

Melanie blushed and put her head down.

“Oh lord, her head is going to swell. Don’t tell her things like that, soon her head will be too big to fit through the doorways if you keep gassing her up.” said Lucas as he smiled at Lily. “The names Lucas, keep in mind that I’m the one with the stunning good looks and you’ll do just fine.”

Lily was drinking some soda and began choking from Lucas’ joke. “Lucas, are you trying to kill me?” asked Lily once she caught her breath.

Lucas looked Lily up and down, “No, you’re too pretty for me to do something like that.”

Lily blushed and looked over at Melanie, “Is he always like this?”

“Afraid so.” said Melanie as she looked at her new friend. 

Lucas didn’t want to miss an opportunity, “Why don’t you find out for yourself Lily and come with me to the movies tomorrow night.”

Lily looked up at Lucas, “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Why yes ma’am I am.” said Lucas as he smiled over at Lily with her long, shiny brown hair with auburn highlights, brilliant green, doe shaped eyes, a perfect pug nose and a thick bottom lip. She’s approximately 5’ 6” with an athletic build, long legs, shapely butt, with a small chest.

Lily smiled over at Melanie but before she could say anything Melanie put her hand on her arm, “It’s okay Lily, I’m going to be there too so you don’t have to be frightened of that big goon over there.”

Lily turned to Lucas still blushing, “Sure, I’d love to go see a movie with you.”

Zack scrolled through his cell phone and looked up movies and times, “Okay people, here’s your choices.” said Zack as he showed everyone the movie choices and times. Both Lily and Melanie made a face as there really wasn’t anything worthy playing.

“I have an idea.” said Melanie as she smiled up at everyone.

“I can hardly wait to hear this.” snarked Lucas as he looked over at his sister with a frown.

“Oh, it’s okay brother dear, we’ll just exclude you and find someone else to keep Lily and I company.” said Melanie as she and Lily each took a sip of soda.

“Um, are you forgetting Miss Leighton, I’m the one that asked you to the movies. Can’t exactly kick me to the curb.”

Melanie blushed and shyly smiled over at Zack, “Of course not. I have a bunch of movies at my house and a really cool apartment for us to hang out in. Why don’t you all come to my house tomorrow? We can pick a movie, order in and relax.”

Zack walked over to Melanie and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “Just promise me one thing.”

Melanie looked up at him, “Okay, what?”

“Tomorrow night you sit next to me as if we’re really in a movie theater.” stated Zack as he felt his heart beating right out of his chest in anticipation of her answer. His palms got a little sweaty as it slowly became a little bit difficult to breathe. The anticipation of her response was killing him.

Melanie felt her entire body heat up as her nerves completely took over her body. Her heart was thumping so loud in her chest that hearing herself think was becoming slightly impossible. She managed a shy smile as she her beautiful blue eyes met the deep amber of his, “Okay. No problem, I promise.”

Zack let out the breath he wasn’t aware he was holding, “Good, that makes me happy.”

“It’s settled, now all we need is a time.” said Melanie as she looked everyone. “How does 6:30 pm sound?”

“Fine with me.” said Zack, “The sooner I see you the better.”

Lily laughed at Zack’s remark, “That sounds perfect, just give me your address and I’ll put it in my GPS.”

“Lily, why don’t you come over and spend the day with me tomorrow? If you want I can pick you up and bring you home the following day.”

“Sure, I’d love that, this way my parents can meet you and get your family’s information. Works perfectly.”

Lucas looked over at Zack and figured two can play this game, “Zack, why don’t you come over tomorrow, I’m sure we can spend some time annoying the girls. What do you think?”

Zack looked over at Melanie as a few guys made their way over and started talking to her and Lily. He groaned inwardly as he looked over at Lucas, “Just give me a time and I’m there.”

Lucas watched the guys talking to his sister and Lily as he made his way over and took Lily by the hand and led her back over to a secluded spot, “There, now you and I can talk without interruption.”

Lily smiled at Zack, “Thanks for rescuing me, I’m not one for all that attention. Does that happen a lot with Melanie?”

Lucas shook his head yes, “You have no idea, it’s almost to the point of nauseating. It’s not easy being extremely good looking, if I do say so myself.” As he said that he patted his chest and flexed his muscles.

Lily blushed, “Conceited much?”

Lucas laughed, “No, just having some fun with you, don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

“So Melanie, has anyone told you that you are absolutely beautiful?” asked one of the guys getting extremely close to her.

Melanie took a step back and ended up against a solid surface,“Back off man, can’t you see you’re making Melanie uncomfortable.” growled Zack as he pulled Melanie behind him. “Don’t any of you have any manners? She’s obviously shy and nervous and your not giving her her space.”

Melanie stepped from behind Zack, “It’s okay, I’m fine.” said Melanie nervously.

“Then why are you shaking?” asked Zack as he took off his jacket and wrapped it around Melanie as he rubbed her arms up and down. “You’ll be okay, I’m here now.” said Zack as he moved her away from the crowd of guys and a little closer to her brother.

“You didn’t have to rescue me, I could have handled them on my own.” said Melanie as she looked up at Zack, “But I do appreciate you bailing me out of that jam.”

“Don’t you get it?”

“Get what?” asked Melanie as she nervously shifted her position.

“That I will always rescue you, that’s my goal in life.” He said laughing as he moved a piece of her hair out of her eyes. “But Josh is right, you are beautiful. It’s not their fault that they’re all drawn to you, I’m just as guilty as them.”

Melanie blushed, “At least they didn’t make up something and pretend to be a saint.” and as she said that she took off his jacket and handed it back to him, “Thank you, but I’m positive you are far from a saint and I intend to keep you at a distance.”

Zack shook out his black sweat jacket and as he did he got a whiff of Melanie’s scent. He groaned inwardly as he watched her standing there looking around and taking everything in. He noticed she was running her hands up and down her arms and he pulled her to him and enclosed her in his embrace.

“Why hand me back my jacket if you’re still cold? It doesn’t make sense.” asked Zack as he relished the nearness of her directly in front of him, even though her back was to him, he loved it.

She attempted to move but Zack held her firmly, “You can let go of me. I’m fine.” said Melanie.

“I know you’re fine, let me warm you up.” said Zack as he shifted his body so Melanie leaned into him.

Melanie suddenly felt extremely warm just from the nearness of Zack and his muscular frame. She did her best to relax into him as he helped warm her up. She felt him move slightly as he enveloped her in his embrace and felt him breathing her in and smiled to herself as she asked, “Are you okay? You sound like you’re hyperventilating.”

Zack stood completely still, ‘Sh!t was I that loud? This girl is going to be my undoing.’

“I’m fine, just felt a sneeze coming on.” Was the first thing out of his mouth. ‘What did I just say? Where the hell did that come from? A sneeze? Really? Sh!t.’ He felt his entire body clench as those words came out of his mouth but it was already too late.

Melanie stepped away from him as she folded her arms across her chest and did her best to keep warm, “I certainly hope your not coming down with anything. We can cancel for tomorrow and make it another day if you want.”

“Now why would I want to do that?” He asked as he took his jacket and wrapped it around Melanie’s shoulders and knelt down in front of her zippering her into his jacket, closing her in, hoping to keep her warm. “There, you should be warmed up in no time at all.”

Melanie looked up at Zack as he stood up and placed his hand on her shoulder as he balanced himself, “Thank you.” she said nervously as she did her best to stay calm. The firm touch of his had her blood flowing threw her body at warped speed. “Just let me know when you get cold and I’ll give you back your jacket.”

Zack gave Melanie an intense glare, “I’ll be fine. I’m used to this weather, it’s probably a lot warmer where you come from.”

“Thank you Zack, I really appreciate this.”

“Good.” He took her hand and led her over to a bunch of girls and guys all standing around and the second they walked over, it got quiet. You could honestly hear a pin drop.

Melanie looked at the group of people and felt slightly uncomfortable, “I hope I’m not intruding, I can go join my brother.” As she said that she attempted to move away but one of the guys stopped her in her tracks.

“It’s just that we all can’t believe how beautiful you are, it takes our breath away.” said Matthew, one of Viktor’s friends.

“Don’t believe him Mel, he’s toying with you.” said Zack as he pulled her away from him. “Why can’t you all just be honest here? Tell her it’s because of me, you all stopped talking, don’t make her feel even more uncomfortable than she already is. That’s just wrong.”

Viktor walked over, “I just find it interesting that you keep monopolizing Melanie’s time with us. I invited her, you didn’t.”

Melanie put her head down and felt horrible, “I’m so sorry, I never intended to be rude. I, well, I.” she pushed her hair out of her face and looked over at her brother who was making his way over to her, “Lucas, I think we should get going now.”

Viktor stood directly in front of her blocking her view of her brother, “No one wants you or your brother to leave. It’s him we don’t want here.” said Viktor with anger in his voice as he pointed over at Zack.

Melanie felt her entire being begin to shake as she stood there feeling like she caused this problem between the two of them. She turned to her brother, “Seriously, let’s just go home.”

Lucas looked from Viktor to Zack and knew there was an underlying current flowing between the two of them. This wasn’t something that just happened now, it stemmed deeper than this trivial little party. “I don’t know what the problem is between the two of you, but whatever you do, do not involve Melanie, she is not going to be the bone you two will be gnawing on this evening.”

Zack moved and stood in front of Melanie doing his best to give her a sense of security, “Lucas is right, leave Melanie out of it.”

“I will when you leave her alone. I invited her, not you.” growled Viktor as he pulled Melanie closer to him.

Lucas stood between the two snarling guys as he pulled his sister completely away from them both, “Listen, thanks for inviting us but I think it’s time for us to go.”

Zack instantly looked over at Lucas and Melanie, “Is that what your goal was Viktor, to make Melanie as uncomfortable as possible? She’ll probably never want to come to another party again. Great job.” said Zack.

Lily walked over and took Melanie by the hand, “I think Zack’s right, could you have been just a little more rude?”

Viktor looked at Melanie, “I’m sorry, I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable, there’s just so much you don’t know about Zack. Stay away from him, he’s bad news.”

Lily looked at Viktor, disgusted, “Really? Says who? You?”

“Yeah, me.” said Viktor as he stared at Lily for an extra few seconds and slowly turned back to Melanie, “Did you know that Zack has a reputation for making a girl fall in love with him and the second he gets what he wants he leaves her. I don’t think thats something you would want.”

Lucas pulled Lily over to him and listened to Viktor talking about the guy that was clearly interested in his sister as he stood there with his hands folded across his chest.

Melanie finally found her voice, “Viktor, I’m sorry that I didn’t spend as much time with you as originally planned but I was under the impression you were here with your girlfriend Angela, and I didn’t want to come between the two of you. I was just giving you and her your space.” She put her head down for added effect, “I apologize if I somehow upset you, it truly wasn’t my intention.”

Viktor felt like a heel as he watched Melanie, “I guess I didn’t look at it that way.” As he said that Angela walked over to Melanie and smiled, “Thank you Melanie, sometimes Viktor can really be an a$$, he and I have been together for a while now but the second something new and attractive comes around he forgets all about me.”

Viktor tuned to Angela, “I can never forget about you, you’re my beautiful girlfriend.”

Zack looked at Viktor with utter disgust, “Really? Why were you so concerned about Melanie’s whereabouts all night long? Or did you happen to forget about your ‘beautiful girlfriend’?”

Melanie looked from one to the other, “Enough! This going back and forth is insane. I apologize for causing either of you any problems and will not be joining you at any other parties in the future if this is what’s going to go on.” As she said that she folded her hands across her chest and stared at both of them until each of them backed down.

Angela walked over to Melanie, “I like your style, I hope we can be friends.” As she said that there was something slightly sinister in the way she said it.

Melanie smiled over at Angela, “I like your style too.”

Lily and a bunch of the other cheerleaders walked over to Melanie and warned her to be careful of Angela, her and Viktor are cut from the same mold. Zack stood there listening and knew that Angela was going to be a problem. He pulled Lily to the side once Melanie was distracted,

“I need you to keep an eye on Melanie when I’m not around. I don’t trust that Angela chic as far as I can throw her and that’s not very far.” said Zack as he made sure Melanie was nowhere within hearing distance.

Lily looked at Zack, “Of course, we all know that I’m not a fan of Angela and have had my own problems with her, she’s just a typical jealous biatch. She should really smarten up, making an enemy of Melanie who obviously has Viktor’s undivided attention isn’t so bright either. I may have to give Melanie some pointers to make Angela extremely insecure.”

Zack looked at Lily with a puzzled expression, “Don’t you think that will backfire on everyone? I for one don’t want Melanie flirting, talking, or even acknowledging Viktor’s existence. I plan on being her one and only man.”

Melanie was talking to the girls on the cheerleading squad and told them about all the competitions her and her team won and let them know that she would happily choreograph dance moves even if she didn’t make the team.

Lily made her way over to the girls, “We are so lucky to have you Melanie. I can’t wait to teach you all the cheers and see what you add to them.”

Just as Lily said that Angela walked over, “Do yourself a favor, stay away from Viktor, he’s mine.”

Zack happened to hear that and immediately walked over, “Really? Melanie doesn’t want anything to do with Viktor, tell him to stay away from her. Melanie’s my girlfriend and for the record, I don’t do well sharing, am extremely jealous, and am quite possessive of what’s mine.”

Angela looked at Melanie and completely changed her tune, “I apologize, I really do. I didn’t know that you and Zack are an item.”

Lily walked next to Melanie, “Yes, they are. Just to be clear, Melanie doesn’t want anything to do with Viktor, she is with Zack.”

Zack bent down and kissed Melanie on the cheek, “I am so lucky that she agreed to be mine. I want everyone to understand that Melanie is off the market and so am I. So sorry to disappoint all of you but I just couldn’t resist her sweet, delicate, country charm.”

Melanie felt her entire face heat up from embarrassment but Lily stood by her side supporting her and whispered, “Kiss him back.”

Melanie turned towards Zack, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him gently on his cheek. Angela looked at the two of them and squinted her eyes together, “Surely you can do better than that.”

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