For Beautiful You.

For Beautiful You.

A Poem by Summer D.

A poem to the girl who I hope I have the pleasure of befriending! For you Missy!


For Beautiful You

Pardon the intrusion from a passing stranger, a spirited writer, a saucy orator. 

But I couldn’t help but notice you. 

Struggling uphill, out of breath" A lone figure crouched down alongside the river. 

Barely visible but sure enough, there she was, the rustic angel.

Her lips were moving and her eyes were shut. 

A fervent prayer? 

Or maybe not. 


Pardon my boldness but I noticed you here, all alone, talking to yourself.

You smiled a bit and then it fell.

What woe fell upon you, this beautiful, rustic angel? 

Your gestured to your wings that had been so crudely clipped.

You gestured to your scars along your back, black and blue, from a rough touch. 

You gestured to your smile" Flickering. 

Was it really there?

I sat in silence and watched you finish.

Stardust collected at the corner of my eyes. 

And they filled with such a sadness.

I could feel your golden aura slowly fading. 


I grabbed your wrist and out came words.

Confused, rushed, and hurried.

But sincere.

You foolish angel. 

You sweet child. 

Let your existence be the very defiance of their hatred. 


This life of ours is a road.

There are thorns.

There are distractions.

Your feet will bleed, tear, and scar. 

After running so hard and long you start to loose feeling. 

Just when your pace slows you stumble upon the soft underbelly of Mother Earth. 

A blissful feeling after such a journey. 

You curl your feet and stifle a yawn.

You are protected here. 

It is times like these that truly make life worth living. 


You think of your friends and you are left warring.

You’re convinced you won’t ever heal.

This life just wont appeal. 

You’ve reached the end of the rope and all is fraying.


You’re a little bit scared and a little bit tired.

You’ve been struggling for so long.

It’s redundant. 

It’s no wonder you’ve grown so strong.

My rustic angel. 


Pardon my rudeness.

 I’m rather shrewd. 

But for just this one moment, I’ve a demand to make of you. 

Grit your teeth and dig your heel in deeper. 

This is not your exit. 

And don't you believe it. 


You’ve tried so hard.

You’ve fought so valiantly.

Forgive me please for my selfish demand.

But try even harder.

There’s the warmth of the sun that fills every being. 

The love of your friends that rustles every feeling. 

And the forgiving future that has yet to pass.

Don’t throw away the beauty that you possess. 

Life is worth living. 

Rustic Angel.

Don’t look so confused.

Dry your tears.

And listen closely.

This is letter is for you.

The beautiful you. 


Grant a stranger her one request. 

Let me wake up in the morning.



by the knowledge of your beautiful existence. 

Cheers, To Beautiful You. 

Summer D.

Also Known As: Aisha_U

© 2012 Summer D.

Author's Note

Summer D.
Smile once more. Smile once more.

You look better that way.

I promise.

I have to hurry offline because I have karate and schoolwork but.
I noticed a status post and a review from one of my friends, Owlgirl.
I'm rushing and I hope this isn't too messy... It's kind of crappy, urgh, so I apologize.

I haven't been blessed with the chance of getting to know you Missy!
But here's my heart and the truest of feelings.
Cheers, To Beautiful You.

Yours Truly,


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Fittingly beautiful.

It sounds as if this poem could be a persuasion against death for a suicidal person...
Instant favorite; if I ever feel down...I might read this. What a poet you are.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Looking pastward (might I add, with blurred vision), comparing your previous pieces to those of now; I'd say you have improved drastically.
Enough about ghostly phantoms though; shall we move on to present?
In this piece, the nature of a dream comes to mind. The battered angel is me, and the one trying to convince the angel to be okay is me as well. In a way, my conscience is battling for which side dominates, whether it be sorrow or optimism. Fine job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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