Confronting Andrew

Confronting Andrew

A Story by Nyssa Nyx

Stella leaves to go speak with the leader of a cult that lives on the edge of town....



From the outside, it didn’t look like the dwelling of a freaky cult to her, just another disconnected part of Novavonia. There weren’t even walls barring the way or anything, so anyone could waltz in and out as they pleased, which she found a bit strange all things considered. As she stepped through the streets, she noticed that the area around the outskirts seemed to be almost completely empty and unsettlingly silent. Further up ahead however, she could hear a commotion in what seemed to be a town square. The closer she got, crowds of people gathered together came into view, cheering loudly and drowning out someone’s now barely audible pleading cries. Ignoring a couple foul glances she received, she pushed past them to see what was going on.

And of course...she was greeted by a sickening display. The blonde gazed in horror as an angel screamed for mercy, engulfed in crimson flames and slowly, painfully, burned alive. “Oh dear, what a pity that an angel must be cleansed.” The voice of a young boy reached her ears. Only a few feet ahead of her, he turned straight to her direction, meeting her eyes without a hint of remorse in his own, “Don’t be alarmed, he was just receiving a cleansing.”

“Why would you “cleanse” an angel...or anyone in such a cruel manner?” Stella’s eyes narrowed from terror to disgust as the boy took a step towards her, “What could he have possibly done to deserve this?” She was near-shouting as she took her own firm step forward.

He laughed, amused by her attempt to act as if she could possibly be anything frightening to him, “My dear, he has sinned. All sinners must be cleansed. I only gave him the righteous punishment he deserved.” The fire died down beside him finally, and what were obviously his followers carried the charred body away. “That is the way we do things in Noah’s ARC, though you’ll get used to the weekly cleansings eventually, I promise.” He grinned, and Stella could see a wicked glint hidden in his jade eyes.

Does this God-complex freak really believe he’s doing the right thing?’ she thought to herself. Though she answered her own question as she glanced over and really took in his attire. A priest’s ensemble, complete with a black cassock, a tab collar, and a stole wrapped loosely around his neck. Sitting proudly on his chest was an ornamental silver cross, reaching down to the bottom of his chest. Though despite the clean appearance and upright posture, he had his orange hair haphazardly styled.

“It seems you do not wish to join our numbers. Are you shy...or are you afraid to confess your sins?” The boy took another few steps in Stella’s direction, which earned him a fierce scowl until the sound of rattling metal from within a small tent interrupted them. “Goodness me, it seems you have disturbed the slumber of the Gods.”

Stella leaned to the side to peer at the source around the cloth. There was a young woman locked in a small black cage. “How sick are you b******s?” She spat, sprinting to the cage bars.

The boy stepped swiftly to the side, allowing her to pass him more easily, muttering, “Oh my, such language.” with the same arrogant grin.

Now standing before the cage, Stella knelt down to the woman only to find one of the most powerful and precious goddesses, Lady Gaia, inside. Except, she looked to no longer be the goddess that people spoke of and worshipped. Her hair was matted and filthy, her teeth were horrifically jagged, and her nails were extended into grotesque, sharpened claws. Her halos, which are supposed to be lush and lively with grass and flowers, held rotted plants that were a sickening brownish-gray. Looking into her eyes, she had unnaturally slit pupils, and Stella could see an emptiness within the former goddess, as if she had been devoid of emotion for some time now. She had probably been locked in this cage for several years. Though somewhere deep down, Stella could find a spark of loneliness within Lady Gaia, a hint of pain, a deep-rooted utter despair at what she had become that at the very least was an indicator that she wasn’t completely gone yet.

Stella hesitantly reached a hand for the goddess, preparing to call out for her, but was cut short as the woman lashed out at her from behind the bars. The blonde jumped back up to her feet as a clawed hand swiped after her, followed by rabid gnarling and a futile attempt to break the bars open. Stella just stared into her eyes, and when Lady Gaia finally paused long enough to do the same, tears suddenly poured down her face. “H-....a-....” She croaked quietly.

Mortified, Stella clenched her fists, “What the hell have you done to her?!” She spun on her heels and shot him a livid glare.

“Well, we locked her in a cage, that’s one thing.” He replied calmly, snickering. He took a moment to examine the irked woman before him and sighed, “Relax, we have done nothing. We would do no harm to our sacred Gods.” A few of the people nearby nodded eagerly, “It is you who has done this. You who have disrespected our world, and those above and below whom started this war. You are the ones who have corrupted our gracious Lady Gaia. May the Lord have mercy on our noble goddess of the earth…” He and several others pressed their hands together in prayer, staring upwards towards the sky.

Stella raised an eyebrow, not caring to pause to let them have a moment, “Who are you?” her fists clenched tighter.

The boy’s wicked grin grew, and he spread his arms wide as if he desired, and expected, praise, “My name is Andrew, the reincarnated first Apostle of Jesus Christ.”

Stella was too dumbfounded to find a proper response. “No way...that’s a lie.” She stated firmly when she finally found the words again. Reincarnation of who now? Just how crazy was this kid? Is that what makes him think he can burn people whenever he wants for what he thinks is “righteousness”?

Andrew chuckled darkly, “My dear, it is no lie.” He began a slow pace in a half-circle around her, slowly relaxing his arms behind his back once more, “‘For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.’ John 3:17.”


“Goodness me, have you never once read the Holy Testament before?” He turned and traced back his path, “I suppose I can forgive the innocuous ignorance of an innocent traveler such as yourself for this first offense.” More chuckles reached Stella’s ears, and Andrew turned his head to watch her from the corner of his eye.

Without realizing it, Stella’s eyes widened, but narrowed as she spoke, “What are you implying?” She felt a hint of fear slowly crawling up her spine.

The young boy hesitated, stopping to face her. He peered down at his feet for a moment, searching for words impatiently, then looked up at her again, “Tell me, my dear, where exactly did you come from?”

She swallowed. If he knew anything about where she really originated then that’d be fantastic, but somehow she figured that he wasn’t quite that omniscient, “From...a village Southeast of here.” She lied, hoping none of the townspeople would suddenly attack her.

But she was met with a knowing grin, “Ah ah ah, I do not believe you speak the truth. Lying is a sin you know.” He smirked, and Stella knew he could finally see fear within her eyes, “You are allied with Engel, are you not?”

She hesitated, lip quivering for a brief second. With everyone’s inescapable gaze locked on her, she finally answered, “...Yes, I am.” The surrounding crowd gasped, knowing now that they’ve been infiltrated by their enemy. A panic suddenly shook the town, and an uproar sprouted from their anxiety and animosity.

“An intruder! Cleanse her!”

“Cleanse her! Cleanse her of evil!!”

Andrew remained calm, however, holding up his right hand to cease the hateful shouting from the crowds. They fell into silence without objection. “That is no way to treat a guest. Let us listen to her words before jumping to any conclusions.” A hum of uncooperative protests started up again, to which Andrew added, “Remember Matthew 12:36. ‘But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgement.’” The noise in the square vanished, with everyone having quieted down as their leader spoke to listen intently, then they backed down in faithful devotion. Andrew then returned his attention to Stella, “Please, inform us of your...abrupt visitation.” He gestured towards her with one hand.

She straightened her back to mimic his stance, clearing her throat, “I’ve come to speak with you about peace. Of an armistice of sorts.”

That smile finally cracked and fell into concern, “....Go on….”

“We’re all fed up with this fighting, and the recent raid you pulled has all of us grasping for supplies desperately. We’re exhausted, we’re starving, and we’re sick of having to bury our own so often. Surely you understand that feeling? We want to end this conflict between our organizations.” She sighed, and looked past her own frustration long enough to clasp her hands together, “Please, we beg of you.” She felt pathetic but she did mean it in some ways, and maybe a bit of groveling would convince him to consider.

He closed his eyes, running various options through his mind. The crowd waited for his answer with bated breath. “...Alright.” Stella nearly fell over, not at all expecting him to agree so easily. “We will agree on a short-term truce and hold a temporary ceasefire. With the time you are given, we will allow you all to rest and refurbish your supplies.” He turned away suddenly, taking his leave from the square, “It would be unfair if you are all eliminated before the commencement of our restoration.”


He froze, and it took a few moments until his head tilted to the side slightly, “...Yes?” A distasteful frown now adorned his face.

“I’m not finished.” Stella took a step towards him.

Andrew’s body shifted as if he struggled to hold in a sigh, then his former smile appeared, “...I see. In that case, let us speak in private as to allow the citizens to return to their daily lives.” He waved for her to follow him, “Come.”

She did so after giving a small nod, ignoring the many scowls boring into her as the two of them took their leave. Slowly, the townspeople went back to their own business.

Andrew led her all the way to a massive church that was a short distance away from the rest of the settlement, though it looked to be more heavily guarded by walls than the settlement itself. The structure was covered in beautiful mosaic windows and had a notably tall spire protruding from the roof with a sharp cross erected on the end. Overall, it was in much better condition than the regular buildings in the area. The thought of ‘Geez, they really are pretty devoted huh?’ crossed Stella’s mind briefly.

The young priest opened the door and waited for Stella to enter the building first. She stepped in warily, though she was greeted merely by two columns of rotted wood benches and a grand podium on the opposite end of the room. “Take a seat, my dear. Any seat you desire.” Andrew shut the door and made his way to the front podium. After some inspection, Stella chose a spot on the third bench on the right from the front.

Now on his platform, Andrew noticed Stella’s choice in seating and he chuckled a small bit. His ego seemed to be unconcerned by the fact that he had to use a step stool just to be able to rest against the podium’s flat top, “So, you have something you wish to speak about with me?”

Stella nodded, “Yes, it’s about Yara.”

“...Yara, you say?” His eyebrow twitched slightly, as if uttering the name was a personal attack against him, “What about your...spirited leader?”

The blonde pursed her lips at the emphasis on Andrew’s chosen adjective for her leader, “What is it about Yara that you dislike so much? It’s obvious you’ve told your people to keep her away from you, even though she’s only come here lately for peace talks.”

He hid a frown behind intertwined fingers, taking a moment to carefully select an answer. He then pushed himself upright and stepped back down to the floor, “...What’s not to like?” He began a steady pace back and forth across the platform, a more forced smile making its way onto his face, “She is...exuberant...valiant...personable. A hard-working and admirable young woman.” He faced away for a few minutes, lost in thought. Eventually he came to a stop, facing Stella slowly, and she could see his exasperation, “I have not given my followers such a request. What makes you believe that I have?”

“Really?” She asked, not at all hiding her irritation, “Because she’s reported to us that every visit ends with problems with your people, despite informing them all that she comes in peace. She doesn’t even come armed. You gave them some kind of order.”

“...I will admit that speaking with her on the occasion can be a touch...vexing,” His pacing continued, “but I am not so perverse as to deny her all communication with me.” Stella huffed in response. ‘Bullshit.’ she thought venomously. “...What is your own opinion of Yara? As your superior, how do you...revere her?” He added with a hint of distaste, gesturing with his left hand.

“...I see her as a great leader, working hard for the well-being of our group. She never stops trying to make sure we’re safe and happy. She’s the most model leader I could ask for.” He wanted the truth so badly? Stella can deliver, and the two traded tense glances.

“I see...” Andrew turned his back to his opponent with a vexed tone to his voice, peering up at the window that overlooked his podium, “...Are you not aware of Yara’s true disposition?” He resumed his pacing trail.

Stella cocked an eyebrow, “...I’m not sure what you’re implying.”

“I have known Yara for quite some time now. She is adept in the fabrication of delusional fantasy.”

You’re one to talk.’”...Fantasy of what?”

“...Ambitions...miracles...anything she can preach that will continue to deceive those who follow her. You are one of her prime victims.”

Stella scoffed, “What does that-”

“What has she promised you?” He interrupted with a more sincere grin.

She watched him for a moment, “...Promised?”

He took a deep breath, “How has she kept you convinced to blindly take part in her schemes? Promises of wealth? Fame? Perhaps a method to end all war and create a universal peace? Or perhaps...your lost memories?” Stella’s teeth grit suddenly. How could he possibly know about that...? “You seem surprised, my dear. Curious as to how I came to know your personal information?” He had finally found another reason to chuckle, knowing he had an edge over the woman before him, “I have an...inside source to keep my eye on your people. Rumors have circulated back to me of a certain blonde young woman that has recently become a significant threat to our organization. One who bares the emblem of Engel’s protector.”

Stella felt her hand reach up and touch the red gem fastened to her cape, and she wondered what rat may be amongst them that’s been telling these freaks about all their inside information. Andrew’s eyes shifted to the door as he continued speaking, “I inquired my source to research this detrimental individual. She, along with her partner, an artificially-created angel that had fallen, were on a mission for a method to cease the cataclysmic war. You claim to have arrived today to discuss peaceful matters with me, and yet you’ve brought your dangerous companion with you today, waiting on the outskirts of the settlement with a woman we’ve never seen before. A sister, perhaps? I was not made aware of her existence before today.”

Too stunned to speak, Stella returned her hand to her lap, shifting uncomfortably. Who the hell had the ability to get all this info to him so quickly? “H-...Who did you-”

“Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.” He interrupted her, swinging back around into his pacing trail with a confident stride.

© 2018 Nyssa Nyx

Author's Note

Nyssa Nyx
So this is a random portion of Demortellis that I wrote exclusively for the character intro of Andrew, because despite being an ass I really love him as a character, lol.

Though I did change it up a lot. There was another version I had made for this, but I wasn't too fond of it so I rewrote it because the old one was so bad. I'm still not sure how I feel about this one, but I like it better. For one, I changed the PoV from first person to third limited to allow me to go a little further outside of Stella's PoV than first person would allow me to. The second thing was that Stella originally faked being an innocent and weak traveler in the first ver., but she steps up her attitude immediately in this version, which I feel like reflects her character better. Third is that I changed the name of her leader to "Yara", and the name of their organization to "Engel".

Though it's not mentioned too much here, fourth is that Melantha, instead of solely being a member of Noah's ARC, is now a spy in Engel that reports back to Andrew when she can get away from them without looking suspicious. (As a result, I'm changing her "Black Rabbit" disguise a bit.)(btw this is who Andrew is referring to when he's looking at the door, lol.)

And then some other general changes to Demortellis that weren't mentioned on this site in particular, I changed the setting of the area to fit in the setting of my other story "Steam Train", so rather than Engel and Noah's ARC being in separate towns, they are both a part of the human settlement, Novavonia. So, now their fights are a little closer to gang wars than...whatever the heck it was before, lol. Ferona and the gang would probably also make appearances in the story at some point too, especially since Stella and her partner's new roles would be something along the lines of bounty hunters like Ferona. (Though the Steam Train verse would be slightly AU compared to how it will be in Demortellis, since some of the characters [notably Athena] act differently and the timelines for when the war fell to Earth don't match up.)

//Sorry for the info dump I'm exhausted so I'm just spilling out a bunch of stuff, lol.

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