Sweet Death

Sweet Death

A Poem by Elle M.

We will meet again in the next life.... <3


Oh sweet death take me in your arms and lead me into the next life

I grow weary of the old and grow ready for the new

I know I shall be missed but know that I am loved

And when its time for me to take your hand 

I'll follow your path willingly 


You are not dark or cold

And I'm not scared to admit I've sinned

But please let me say my final good byes to those I love


I feel no pain when you come to meet me

But greet you with open arms

You wear a familiar face one I know I can trust

So I give you a smile and walk next to you


The place you will take me 

Does not scare me so

For it is sweet and filled with those I've missed for so long

I know the ones I love who I've left behind will soon join us

And together we will spend eternity together


I hope they make memories and tell stories of their own

And remind generations about me and the stories that I told

Love will always follow and although you bring sadness and grief

Oh sweet death make sure that we will always meet again




© 2012 Elle M.

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My Grandfather died the day I wrote this, we were close and I felt like these words that came to mind reminded me of him. Enjoy please!

Posted 10 Years Ago

You actually published something and it is great. Why don't you keep working on more poems and stuff since you showed so much emotion in this one...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Elle M.

10 Years Ago

I was crying last night so it was emotional!!!! TT-TT

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Added on September 9, 2012
Last Updated on September 9, 2012


Elle M.
Elle M.

Seattle, WA

Name: my real name will never be place on my profile! Elle is my alias! Age: 256 years old! Jk between 10 and 30 Apearance: short... Location: a small homestead in the middle of NOWHERE! Race: who.. more..

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